Why dandruff occurs: the causes and methods of treatment

Why dandruff occurs: the causes and methods of treatment

From the TV screens, only "the new remedy for dandruff!" Is heard. These funds fill the shelves of cosmetic shops. People rake out these funds, without hesitation whether it is suitable or not. Can I wash my head with this? Many even forget to consider the type of hair, personal tolerance and so on. To properly get rid of dandruff is to begin to understand what it is and where it comes from?

Why does dandruff appear on the head?

Dandruff - this is a nuisance, which faced everything from small to large. This problem is more of a medical nature than a cosmetic one. In the language of terms, dandruff is a skin fungus. It appears due to a disruption in the regeneration of the scalp.

This fungus lives constantly on the scalp, but in a minimal amount. If the balance is broken and under the influence of certain factors on the body, it can begin to develop at a very high rate. The development of yeast-like fungi on the upper layer of the scalp is called dermatology and dandruff.

Doctors believe that the fungus begins to develop because of:

  • stress;
  • malnutrition;
  • of bad habits;
  • overwork;
  • improper hair care;
  • improper selection of cosmetics;
  • disorders of the endocrine system;
  • weakening of the immune system;
  • changes in hormonal background;
  • is another.

Dandruff does not choose from whom to appear, but who does not. It can be like a baby, or an adult. Most often, girls and women suffer, the male half is less. This is due to the fact that men are less experimenting on their hair.

Why does dandruff appear on the head?

Dandruff appears as a result of improper nutrition, stress and bad habits.
Improper diet, or unbalanced, as it is customary to call it in the modern world, always brings harm, not good. It leads to a large release of free carbohydrates, which are actively converted into subcutaneous fat, which eventually passes through the sebaceous glands to the upper balls of the scalp. Horny cells do not have time to peel off and glue together with this fat. After that, dandruff appears. Bad habits and stresses change the work of the body. The consequence of these changes is the disruption of the body at all levels of life.

Wrong selection of cosmetic products

The most basic is the wrong choice of shampoo or balm. It is worth a couple of times popolzovatsya with normal hair shampoo for oily hair and immediately goes to the drying of the skin. That entails the appearance of a nasty itch and dandruff. It is worth to carefully consider the choice of shampoos and balms. They should ideally be suitable for the type of hair, not be alkaline.

Wrong hair care

It is always worth knowing what is easier to maintain and strengthen, then what is there than to build a new one. Making a new styling, using a foam, sper ultra fixation or varnish, do not forget to wash it off immediately. And wash off very, very carefully cleansing the scalp. Poorly cleaned scalp from styling agents can lead to the appearance of fungus and hair loss. This is so: the scalp is covered with a thin film, which provokes a large release of fats from the sebaceous glands, which leads to the fastest contamination. Through this film to the bulbs of the hairs, oxygen does not flow - this leads to a loss, and pollution to the appearance of the fungus.

Disorders of endocrine, immune and hormonal system

These causes of dandruff are more serious than previous ones. With problems in the endocrine system, one should immediately consult a doctor, and not engage in self-medication. In such situations, dermatitis, fungi and other diseases often develop, of which no one thinks about.

A weakened immune system can cause dandruff to appear even in a teenager. This is due to the fact that the skin does not have time to update the epidermis in time, and this process is accelerated and dandruff appears.

Disorders of the endocrine, immune and hormonal system

Changes in the hormonal background is a natural process in the life of every person. In such periods of life, the appearance of dandruff is quite a typical process that should be expected. In such situations, the fungus usually passes by itself, without additional interventions.

In order to determine the correct cause, which served as a stimulus for the development of fungus, it is recommended to consult specialists, doctors dermatologists and trichologists. Having passed the necessary examination and having passed certain tests, the doctor will accurately determine the cause of dandruff and prescribe the right treatment.

How to prevent dandruff?

You can prevent dandruff. There is a specific technique for preventing dandruff.

The very first rule of is to follow a diet, or to observe proper nutrition. Revise your diet and as much as possible eliminate fatty, smoked and salty foods. Sweet can be substituted for fruit, and conservation for fresh vegetable salads. It is absolutely necessary to refrain from drinking alcohol and carbonated drinks.

The second rule of is to forget about bad habits. They did not bring anyone to good.

The third rule of is personal hygiene. Learn to properly care for your hair and scalp. Use only your toilet facilities and keep them clean. Properly choose your own shampoos and other cosmetics.

The fourth rule of is well-being. It is necessary to give the body a rest. Drink regular vitamins. Try to avoid stress.

Do not forget that in the body everything is very closely related, as in the chain. It will be great that one, the whole chain will be intact. Improve your health and your hair will be grateful!

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