Which oils accelerate hair growth?

Which oils accelerate hair growth?

Having a huge desire to grow a long and thick head of hair, women begin to think about the use of natural ingredients, for example, cosmetic oils. After all, the fact that they are very useful for hair is an indisputable fact. But which ones help to accelerate the growth of curls? Let's try to figure it out now.

Oils for Accelerating Hair Growth

Which oil accelerates hair growth? This question is asked by every woman who has decided to grow herself beautiful and long hair. And to give a specific answer to this question is very difficult, because almost all of them with regular use contribute to the acceleration of hair growth.

It's all about the fact that cosmetic oils contain a lot of nutrients, which, penetrating the inside of the hair, ensure its restoration and strengthening. In addition, cosmetic oils have a good effect on the condition of the skin of the head. They are good at dandruff, psoriasis and other skin diseases, the development of which leads to a slowing of hair growth.

Despite the fact that to accelerate the growth of hair you can use all the cosmetic oils, experts still distinguish among them:

  • burdock;
  • Castor;
  • is olive;
  • coconut;
  • almond;
  • linen;Mustard
  • ;
  • sea buckthorn.

Oils for accelerating hair growth

It is the application of these oils, as practice shows, gives good results, if they are used regularly( 1-2 times a week).

How to apply oils to accelerate hair growth

Oils that accelerate hair growth can be applied in many ways. They can be used both in the pure form, and as part of home cosmetic masks.

Oils can be mixed together in equal proportions, and can be used separately. The main thing is to warm them up before using them. After all, in a warm state they work much better.
But you do not have to go too far. Heating oil should be up to 50C, not more. Otherwise, many useful substances will evaporate from them and their use will become useless.

Apply cosmetic oils not only to the hair, but also to the scalp, while it is recommended to massage. It will improve local blood circulation and accelerate the supply of nutrients to the hair follicles. And this will bring even greater benefit to the curls from the procedure, which will certainly contribute to the acceleration of their growth.

Masks based on cosmetic oils also have a good effect on hair growth. Here are a few recipes for preparing home cosmetics that you can use at home before every head wash.

Mask from castor oil

To prepare this mask, you will need to take a few tablespoons of castor oil and warm it up in a water bath to 50C.Then add to it one ampoule of oily vitamin B12 and a teaspoon of Dimexide.

All these ingredients should be well mixed, and while the mixture has not cooled to put on the hair. Over the head should wear a protective cap. This mask should be kept on the locks for about 40-50 minutes.

Mask from olive oil

Olive oil has been used in cosmetology for many years. It has excellent softening and regenerating properties. Prevents fragility of hair and their cross-section. Therefore, if you want to grow a long and thick head of hair, then you should not neglect the use of this oil.

Mask of olive oil

Prepare a mask from it as follows:

  • heat on a water bath 2 tbsp.oil;
  • add one egg yolk and 1 tablespoon to it.banana puree;
  • if desired, you can add a few drops of essential oil of rosemary or jojoba;
  • mixture should be thoroughly mixed and applied to the hair for about an hour;
  • wash in the usual way.

Sea-buckthorn oil mask

Sea-buckthorn oil is the best in terms of hair acceleration. However, it has an orange color that scares most blond beauties. And not in vain, because sea buckthorn oil can really lead to a discoloration of the curls.

To prepare a mask based on this oil, you will need:

  • 2 tbsp.sea ​​buckthorn oil;
  • 1 tbsp.fatty sour cream;
  • 1 tbsp.lemon juice;
  • 1 tsp.juice of aloe.

All these ingredients need to be mixed together, not forgetting that the oil should be preheated. Then the resulting mixture should be evenly distributed over the hair and leave it on them for 30-40 minutes. After rinse with warm water with a cleaning shampoo.

Cosmetic oils have a very good effect on the condition and growth of hair, so they should be used regularly. After 1-2 months of application, you will notice how your curls will shine with health and begin to grow faster, become beautiful, soft and silky. They will necessarily become your dignity and the envy of others.

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