All about preparations for eyelash growth

All about preparations for the growth of eyelashes

Eyelashes are the hair on the eyelids of a person who, unfortunately, receive the least attention and proper care for them. The duration of their presence in the eyes takes about 200 days, while they perform a protective function for the eyes and are one of the factors of female beauty. Thanks to the eyelashes, the female look seems compelling and mysterious.

Lash care takes very little time, so it's not so difficult to do it simultaneously with facial and hair procedures.


You can provide active growth of eyelashes with a variety of means. These include not only known folk remedies, but also drugs presented in pharmacies. They can be selected for each client, depending on the price and the required composition.

One of the most common is castor oil. It is not very expensive, but quite effective. It can be mixed with other oils, and with useful vitamins. It is best to apply castor oil on the eyelashes, using a carefully washed brush from under the carcass.

You can also buy a ready-made solution consisting of vitamins A and E, the name of which is Aevit. On sale it is presented as a preparation for the growth of eyelashes in gelatin capsules.


Gently cut off the tip, you need to drop the liquid on the tip of the finger, and hold them along the line of growth of the eyelashes. It is allowed to mix Aevit with castor oil in a clean tube and apply on the eyelashes with a brush.

Effective drugs that improve hair growth

Nutritional gels for eyelashes are very popular, actively protecting them from the negative impact of the environment. Good gels usually contain hops extract. It acts on the metabolic processes at the base of the hairs-bulb, which improves the growth of the eyelash. The use of the drug is recommended not more than three weeks, after which the result is already noticeable.

Another tool for active growth of eyelashes is serum, which can restore the structure of the hairs on the eyelids. Serum production involves the use of about two dozen different essential oils: from mint and lavender, to yarrow and other substances. All components are collected in environmentally friendly places. It is important that the composition of the serum does not include harmful preservatives and hormones, which can lead to complications on the eyes.

Quite well known today is the Revitalash eyelash preparation, which includes vitamins B and C. It is presented in the form of eyeliner, which makes application to the eyelashes as easy and convenient as possible. Contraindication for use is pregnancy and lactation period, infectious diseases of the eyes.

Caregrove for eyelash growth

The solution of the drug includes bimatoprost, distilled water and other additives. Applying on eyelids and eyelashes is better to do before bedtime. To do this, carefully prepare:

  • remove the lens, if any;
  • completely remove the makeup from the face, so they are not absorbed with the drug.

Kareprom for eyelash growth

Complete with Karepost sold a special applicator, which is placed a drop of the drug and applied immediately to the eyelashes. It is important to remember that it is used only for upper eyelashes, and only from the inner corner of the eye towards the outside. Movement should be smooth and clear.

As in any work relating to the eyes, everything must be sterile clean, so do not touch the applicator with your hands or other objects. The eyelid and facial skin should remain dry during the procedure, so that there is no excess hair afterwards. In this case, accidental contact with the eyes has no consequences.

A greater number of drops of the drug or frequency of application than indicated in the instructions will not accelerate the growth of eyelashes. Even if one session is missed, it is not necessary to replenish it at another time.

The treatment course for Caregroz is about 12 weeks. After the eyelashes grow to the desired level, you can repeat the procedures twice a week as preventive measures. There are no special contraindications to such a drug, the exception is the individual intolerance of the components.

Proper care and eyelash nutrition always produce a positive effect, which even the most famous Hollywood stars can envy. And you do not fall behind, be in the trend of the latest novelties that improve hair growth!

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