Why my beard does not grow: reasons

Why my beard does not grow: reasons for

All members of the stronger sex have vegetation on their face. In some, it is dense and beautiful, while in others it is rare and thin. And given that the beard is in fashion today, many men, including very young, are trying to grow it. And most of them do not get it done and they often wonder: "Why does not my beard grow?".And to answer this question, it is necessary to disassemble all the causes of poor vegetation on the face.


The main causes of

Poor growth of the beard is often caused by a young age. The thing is that the dense vegetation on the face begins to appear at the age of 23-25 ​​years. Before that, young people have a so-called fluff on their face.while it can grow unevenly and even with scraps.
If you are still young and can not grow a beard, do not despair, wait a bit. As soon as your body "grows up", you will certainly have a thick stubble.

In addition, a very important role is played by the nationality of a person. It is noted that the people of the Caucasian nationality vegetation is much thicker than that of the male Slavs.

Internal causes of

If your beard is bad and unevenly growing for a long time, you should consult a doctor and undergo a complete examination. The point is that any pathological processes can affect the growth of hairs throughout the body, including on the face.

Circulatory disturbance, slow metabolism, abnormalities in the cardiovascular system - all this can be the cause of poor hair growth.

Internal causes

In addition, the growth of a beard can also be influenced by a factor such as a deficiency of vitamins and minerals in the body. Therefore, when this problem arises, buy yourself a special vitamin complex for men in any pharmacy. It will help to replenish micronutrient stocks in the body and your beard will become much thicker and will start to grow well.

It is also worth noting that genetic and hereditary factors are very important here. And also constant stresses and psychological disorders.

Dermatological diseases( dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema, etc.) can affect the growth of the beard. In these cases, restore the vegetation on the face is very difficult and almost impossible, since to begin with it is necessary to eliminate the disease itself.

External factors

Beard - these are the same hair that grow on the head, only they are more rigid and dense. Improper care of the beard can also affect its growth and appearance. It must be constantly washed with shampoos and balms, cut and combed.

If you use ordinary soap during washing, the hairs become too stiff and begin to break off, the skin under them becomes dry and the hair follicles stop getting proper nutrition. As a result, the beard begins to break off and grow poorly.
In addition, in order to make the beard thick and long, it is necessary to regularly make different masks. In principle, for this you can use the same masks as for the growth of hair on the head.

Also, external factors, for example, cold and hot air, direct sunlight, etc., can influence the growth of the beard. Therefore, if you are forced to stay outdoors in winter or summer for a long time, do not forget about the use of nutrients and moisturizing masks.

External factors

What if the beard grows badly?

Many men wonder: "What if the beard does not grow?".For a start, you need to see a doctor and go through the examination for pathology. If they are available, then a full course of treatment is required, after which the vegetation on the face will be restored.

If there are no pathologies, but the beard still grows poorly, then you need to make every effort to correct this situation. First, you need to eat right to provide the body with all the necessary nutrients. Secondly, it is required to abandon bad habits( alcohol and smoking), as they also have a negative effect on hair growth. Thirdly, it is necessary to start taking vitamin complexes, and fourthly, it is required to carry out proper care for the beard.


In addition, you can purchase in the pharmacy means for growing a beard. Today they are available in the form of a spray, ointments and gels. They should also be used regularly, according to the attached instructions.

If, after all these actions, the growth of the beard is not observed for 2-3 months, then only the trichologist can help you. He will conduct a series of examinations and prescribe to you drugs that will help to "awaken" sleeping follicles, after which the growth of the beard will significantly accelerate and you will be able to join the club "bearded"!

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