Will B vitamins help in hair care?

Will B vitamins help in hair care?

From old to small, everyone is watching their appearance.80% of our attention is occupied by the hair. We "scoff" at them as soon as the soul desires: we make new haircuts, paint in other colors, curl, straighten, dry the hair dryer, grind, lay, cover with various cosmetic substances, etc.and when the hair gets tired and exhausted, then we remember that they need attention and care.

With proper hair care, do not forget to regularly enrich them with vitamins. Especially worth paying attention in the autumn and winter, when the diet reduces the amount of vitamin and the body is very weak.

Vitamins make our hair:

  • durable and soft;
  • appears healthy shine;
  • no longer ends.

About each separately. ..

Vitamin B1 is thiamine. He is responsible for the shine and saturation of the hair color. Strengthens the structure of the hair. Protects against harmful external factors.

Vitamin B6 is pyridoxine. Promotes skin hydration, reduces itching, eliminates dandruff. If suddenly there was dandruff or itching, it is a sign that there is not enough vitamin B6 in the body.

Vitamin B12 - cyanocobalamin - is the best assistant in the regeneration of the scalp. Constant periodic itching and sudden hair loss is a warning sign "lack of vitamin B12".

B group vitamins in hair care

There are also many useful vitamins that can safely be considered the best allies of hair healing.

And so, B7 - biotin - the main fighter with alopecia. Doctors-cosmetologists with abundant hair loss recommend the use of this vitamin in masks.

It is very difficult to receive a full volume of vitamin of this group every day, so the rhythm of our modern world does not always allow you to eat right. The lack of vitamin always affects the appearance and the work of the internal organs.

Consider what foods for which vitamin is rich.

  • Thiamine is found in meat products, in the liver, legumes and brewer's yeast. For the normal functioning of the body you need to consume 1.5 mg of vitamin.
  • pyridoxine is a part of potato, banana, cereals, fish, chicken and pork meat, nuts and vegetables.
  • cyanocobalamin is a component of many products, but only of animal origin and seafood.

For the best result of hair healing it is better to use vitamins B1, B6 and B12 simultaneously.

There are a lot of folk recipes and beautiful hair masks with their addition. Here are a couple of examples from them.

Mask strengthening

This mask is a great way to strengthen hair. For its preparation you need ampoules of vitamin B1, B6 and B12, sea buckthorn oil and egg.

Beat the egg until foam forms. Add 20 drops of oil and the contents of the ampoules. Mix thoroughly. Apply to a slightly damp hair mask. Wrap the film and wrap it with a towel, wash it off after an hour.

Vitamin mask

This mask is best used regularly, it contains vitamins B6 and B12, burdock oil, lemon juice and honey.

Mask of Vitamin

Honey melt on a water bath and add burdock oil. Add the remaining ingredients and mix. Apply to hair. Wash off after 30 minutes. Frequency of application - once in ten days.

Mask Herbal

This mask gives shine to the hair, making them silky and soft. For cooking, you need infusion of chamomile, vitamins B1 and B12 and yolk of one egg. Apply the mask to the scalp and the entire length of the hair. Leave for an hour, collecting hair in the biloba. After washing off.

Mask - growth stimulator


  • vitamins B6, B12;
  • yolk;
  • shampoo.

Take three ampoules of vitamin B6 and three ampoules of vitamin B12, mix them. We add yolk and one tablespoon of shampoo. To put on hair, to wrap up a towel, in one and a half hour to wash off.
This mask with regular use, stimulates hair growth, strengthens the bulbs, gives a healthy shine and a rich color.

Cosmetology does not stand still and creates many universal ways of using vitamins:

  • in tablet and capsules;
  • in liquid form in ampoules;
  • in shampoos;
  • in masks;
  • in sera.

B group vitamins in hair care

For ease of use, you can just buy a shampoo with supplements or drink vitamins.
Do not forget about precaution. Before using any mask or shampoo, take an allergy test. If an allergic reaction occurs, stop using this cosmetic remedy and consult a doctor.


Svetlana, 35 years old. "Hello everyone! I share my success! I had problems with hair: very much sleep. I was already in despair, and then my friend advised to add to the shampoo vitamins of group B. The result did not take long to wait, after a month of constant use, the hair became like the cover of a model magazine. Try it, and you will succeed! "

Danil, 28 years old. "Kind time of the day! I have got bald patches, for my age - it's very early. I decided to try a mask - stimulating hair growth. The result is weak, but I think it's my fault, because I forgot to do it regularly. And the rest of the hair became less electrified and the dandruff disappeared. I recommend everyone to try! »

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