How quickly to grow a bang?

How quickly to grow a bang?

Unfortunately, experiments with the exterior are not always successful. Sometimes even a banal haircut of a bang brings disappointment and, naturally, there is a desire to quickly return everything to its "places".There remains only one question: how quickly to grow a bang?

In order to grow a bang in a short time, it will take a lot of effort. The shorter the bangs, the more time you will need to ensure that it has reached the desired length.
In fact, to grow a bang does not offer any difficulty, for this you just need to wait a few months. The problem here is how to stack it? After bangs will interfere with the extent of growth and climb into the eyes.

Quite often, women do not stand this stage and again take up scissors. However, if they knew how to lay bangs in this period, they would surely achieve their goal.

How to style a bang?

It is worth noting that if you have a too short bang, then you have a long and hard way, because you need to wait for the moment, the code it will reach at least seven centimeters in length. After that, it can be at least somehow put.

How to style a bang?

But the bangs of medium length can already be stacked differently. Quite often, women comb it back and fix it with a varnish or a hair clip. By the way, on this bang very nice looks neat. But here it is important to know the measure, so it's better to first contact the master to show how to do it correctly.

A bang that has a length of more than 10 cm can be laid either side, or with the rest of the hair, by making a middle part. As an option, such a bang can also be combed back and fixed at the crown of a beautiful hairpin.

How long does it take to grow a bang?

In order for a bang to grow, about 5 centimeters to 5 centimeters, then you will need an average of 3-5 months, since the hair on the human body grows by 1-1.5 cm in one month. But, if you make an effort, you can accelerate this process to 4-5 cm per month.

Thus, having a great desire, you can even the shortest hair grow in a short period of time.

Many girls are wondering how quickly to grow a bang in the home? You can do this only if you use various cosmetics to stimulate hair growth or perform massages using a special technique. You can also use folk beauty recipes. They are less expensive, but at the same time as effective.

However, remember that excessive application of various cosmetics to the hair can lead to their weighting. They will not look aesthetic, as they will quickly become dirty. Therefore, it is better to choose one method and apply it until the goal is achieved.

Massage to accelerate the growth of the bang

If you are tormented by the question of how quickly to grow a bang in the home, then you probably need to know about a massage that stimulates hair growth and helps to strengthen the follicles.

Massage to accelerate the growth of the bangs

You can do the massage both during the washing of the head and in front of it. To conduct it, you can use any essential oil that you have at home, or sea salt. Only it before application it is necessary to dilute with usual water 1: 1.

Begin with light circular motions, then lightly sip your hair( but not too much, otherwise you will pull them out), then start pressing your hair with your palm, moderately pressing on them.
If you are doing a massage before washing your hair, then it is recommended that you let your hair rest 10 minutes, and only then start the water procedures.

How quickly to grow a bang: cosmetics

If you decide to use cosmetics, then remember that the visible result you can only give high-quality cosmetics. It is worth acquiring the products of well-known manufacturers who have already proved themselves in the world market.

You do not need to buy cheap cosmetics from dubious producers, because you can not only not see a positive result from their use, but also badly damage your hair. Therefore, you should be more careful here.

In addition, it is recommended that specialists use only those cosmetics that contain more than 50% of natural ingredients and very few different flavors, fragrances and preservatives. After all, all these substances negatively affect the hair itself, even though at first they can give positive results.

Therefore, almost all specialists are for women to use home masks. They are prepared only from natural ingredients, and contain more vitamins and minerals necessary for normal hair growth.

How fast to grow a bang: folk remedies

The most effective folk remedies for hair growth are mustard, pepper and onion masks. They are prepared very easily and financially accessible to everyone.
To make a mustard mask you need dry mustard, water and some cosmetic oil( it is better to take castor, it stimulates hair growth well).Dilute 2 tablespoons.mustard in chilled boiled water. You should have a creamy mixture. It should be added a tablespoon of oil and mix well.

How quickly to grow a bang: folk remedies

After that, you need to take a little more oil and treat them hair, retreating from the roots a few centimeters. This is necessary in order to prevent their overdrying, since mustard can burn them heavily.

Next, a mustard mixture is taken and applied to the scalp by massaging movements, after which a thermal cover is put on. With a mask on the hair should go no more than 20 minutes. To wash off in the usual way - warm water with application of shampoo and balm.

To prepare a pepper mask, you will need a tincture of red pepper. If you can not make it yourself, you can buy it at the pharmacy. It is not expensive.
The principle of application of this mask is the same as in the previous case. Mix the tincture with cosmetic oil in a ratio of 1: 1 and treat the resulting mixture with scalp. Do not forget about the fact that the hair should also be smeared with oil.

But with the preparation of the onion mask you have to tinker. It is necessary to peel a large onion from the peel, grind it and squeeze the juice from it. After that, this juice must be mixed with castor oil( 1-2 tablespoons) and applied to the scalp.

It is worth noting immediately, while holding this mask on the hair can be watery eyes. But the result is worth it. Onion mask is one of the few that allows you to achieve such results - hair growth increases to 5 cm per month!

It's true that it's difficult to get rid of the smell of a mask. But many argue that if you rinse them with lemon water, the unpleasant odor disappears immediately.

Basically, if you want to quickly grow only a bang, then the mask does not necessarily apply to all hair. You can simply process them only the necessary area, that is, the bangs.
Now you know how to quickly grow a bang. We hope that our advice will help you achieve your goal in a short time.

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