Mask for rapid hair growth at home

Mask for rapid hair growth at home

Any mask for hair growth at home from natural ingredients works. In the great business of caring for hair and growing hair, the main thing is the consistency of effort. Do the masks before each wash, do not forget to apply quality shampoos and conditioners, and stick to a full-fledged diet so that the hair grows really fast. The speed of their growth is programmed genetically, and most people are quite optimal. Another thing is that a bad diet and poor-quality hair care do not allow them to fully realize their potential. Concerning "internal" nutrition, it is extremely important to consume omega-three fats from food and supplements. But the power of hair masks can be varied.

How does the home hair growth mask work?

It is sometimes said that only substances containing steroid hormones work for hair growth. It is not right. Hair can grow naturally, without hormonal stimulation, if you feed the bulbs properly.

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Accelerating the action of masks all activities that improve the nutrition of the scalp by increasing the intensity of blood circulation:

  • rejection of tight headgear and hairstyles such as "hard knot";
  • is a fairly frequent intertwining of afrokos or brad if you wear them;
  • scalp massage with finger pads before each combing, morning and evening;
  • contrast shower for the skin after each mask and wash;
  • periodic warm-up during the day, especially if you work at a computer;
  • Self-massage of the base of the neck with your fingers, several times during the day.

How to make homemade masks for hair growth?

A good home hair mask does not tolerate fuss. Plan for the whole event together with washing for about an hour and a half. It is advisable to make a mask, for example, on Saturday morning, and take time "sitting with the composition on your head" by simple household tasks.

How to make homemade masks for hair growth?

Before applying the mask, you should:

  • comb your hair as usual with a soft massage brush;
  • tilt your head down and stand for a few seconds;
  • perform several circular motions to the right and to the left.

All this will help the mask to better assimilate, because the speed of blood circulation will increase, and nutrients will quickly fall where necessary.

Masks for rapid hair growth are first rubbed into the roots of the hair, and then distributed along the entire length. To heat them or not by dressing the cap is a matter of personal preference. It's hard for someone to spend an hour in a hat, someone seems to be normal. Focus on your own feelings and try not to overdo the mask.

Warning! Ingredients such as a decoction of chamomile, marigolds, black strong tea, a decoction of young walnuts, and walnut shells, as well as henna and basma henna have a coloring effect. It is necessary to avoid their use after dyeing hair with pre-clarification, melioration, coloring and ombre. The result can be not so much overgrown hair, as a change in color. On newly dyed hair, use whey, oily and egg masks.

Any, even the most useless natural ingredients can cause allergies. This is especially true for citrus juices, essential oils, any natural oils applied to the hair. If you use the mask for the first time and doubt, prepare a small amount of it, apply to the skin, and leave it for a few hours. If the itching and reddening did not appear, you can use the composition. It is not recommended to make masks for those who have food allergy to one of the components of the composition.

All masks belong to the heritage of folk medicine, but are intended for a healthy person. If the hair grows slowly, due to a decrease in thyroid function, or diabetes mellitus, the solution to the problem will be the treatment of the underlying disease, and not just the masculine course.

In addition to allergies, contraindication for the course of masks are any tumors, inflammatory diseases in the stage of exacerbation and reduced immunity due to illness. Is it possible to make masks pregnant? Unequivocal answer to this question in absentia can not be given. The general recommendation is not to make warming masks for hair growth, prefer soft options with milk whey, egg, kefir.

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Mask for rapid hair growth at home: how to cook?

It is best to purchase the most natural products for home masks. All components must be at room temperature before mixing. Eggs, milk and whey should be heated in natural conditions, get out of the refrigerator in advance.

To wash off the mask is better herbal decoction, suitable for the color and type of hair:

  • for light natural - marigolds or chamomile;
  • for dark natural - decoction of a nutshell, black tea, or a weak broth of Iranian henna;
  • for dark stained - apple cider vinegar, tablespoon for 5 liters of water;
  • for light colored - juice of half a lemon per liter of water.

For the preparation of masks it is necessary to use only ceramic utensils and wooden "mixers".

Mask for rapid hair growth at home prescription

Mask for rapid hair growth at home prescription

The most effective for hair growth is considered onion masks.masks with mustard, and masks with vitamin C:

  • to prepare an onion mask, one must take 1 tsp.juice of onion, 1-2 yolks, 1 tablespoon of cognac, mix well, rub into hair, keep no more than an hour. To avoid the smell of onions, it is recommended to add to the makeup of the mask essential oil of magnolia vine, or rosemary;
  • vitamin C can be obtained from more decent-smelling sources. Widely known mask for hair growth with broth of rose hips. To make it, you need to take 200 g of wild rose berries, brew half a liter of boiling water, leave for 2-3 hours. Then the broth is filtered, 2-3 eggs are implanted in it, and first applied to the roots, and then to the tips of the hair;
  • well "grows hair" mask from sesame seed. It contains phytoestrogens, very useful for the female body. It is necessary to take 4 tablespoons of seeds, grind in a mortar to form an oily liquid and dissolve in a glass of milk. The mixture is moistened by the scalp, then allowed to dry, again moistened, and comb it on the hair. After the expiration of an hour, it is necessary to rinse the head well, so that the fractions of the seeds disappear;
  • is rich in vitamin C and a mask with orange juice - take a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice, and 2-4 tablespoons of almond flour. Should come out the product of the consistency of sour cream;
  • is widely spread and mask with coconut flour. Take cream for dry skin, or whey for oily, mix in a liquid 1-4 tablespoons of coconut flour. In addition to the nutritional effect, the mask also has a moisturizing effect;
  • helps hair growth and a Chinese mask with green tea. You should take 2 tablespoons of rice flour, 2 eggs, and 100-200 ml of strong green tea. Mix, apply on roots, comb. This mask still absorbs sebum well, after it is easy to achieve a sense of purity of hair "to the creak"
  • classic mustard mask with sesame oil, too, helps to grow hair.2 tablespoons of mustard powder, a little sugar( the dose is selected individually, the amount depends on the tolerance of heat, the more sugar, the more heat), 2 tablespoons of sesame oil, it can be replaced with black cumin oil, if not. Stir, apply on roots, comb. This mask is very "bake", so you can not wrap your head.

Mask for rapid hair growth at home, отзывы:

Svetlana, 32 years old
I began to make homemade masks for hair growth after unsuccessful haircuts. I always make a short "bean", but with a small graduation, so that the strands are "sharp", and then I was shaved, sorry, under the pot. My hairdresser was not in town, well, I experimented."Pot" had to grow at least 5 cm to return to the usual style. I began to make a mask with green tea, since my hair is very greasy, get dirty literally after a morning wash in the evening. I will not say what I did right every day, about three times a week I repeated this mask. I can say that it smells nice, but it flows pretty much. Hair has grown up to the necessary limit for 1, 5 months. By the way, this mask does not affect the staining. At me "blond" platinum, all was fixed, was kept and any green strands with which me were frightened was not.

Ira, 17 years old
I grew my hair for a reason, and after removing dreadlocks. Well, as withdrawals - cut off at the root simply and everything went to a serious university, there was not welcomed any rasta. After cutting it turned out such a chicken fuzz, not a stylish haircut. I had 3 months. I tried everything! And with mustard, and with eggs, and with butter. And just soap-rinsed hair with serum shampoo. In the end, she was already doing a short decent haircut, and she gave her first session with a stylish square. In general, the masks work, the only negative, sometimes so reluctant to disturb them all, that horror. But the purchased masks that I used did not work at all. So I'm for naturprodukt, grandmother's recipes will not let you down!

Lizaveta, 26 years old
Anything can happen. I cut my hair impulsively, saw the picture beautiful and decided to copy the style. But then I became pregnant and recovered, a hamster turned out. Sitting in the decree, I decided not only to lose weight, but also to grow hair. What I can say is the most effective mask with onion juice, hair grows fast from it, but it is also the most complex. Yes, the onion smell I could not bring out anything, I tried everything from alcohol with lemon peels, to a rosemary oil. Nothing helped. Hair industry, but it seems to me that sometimes it still smells like onions. Of the odorless with cognac and eggs a good mask, I now do it to support the hair.

Video with prescription for home hair mask

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