Tar soap for hair: benefit and harm

Tar soap for hair: benefit and harm

It turns out that tar soap is a generous gift of nature, it miraculously acts on hair follicles, restores follicles at the cellular level. The remedy is widely used nowadays, easy and simple to prepare at home, available for sale to all comers.

Use of tar soap for hair

Soap is able to cope with a number of problems with hair care, it:

  • eliminates the itching of the skin and removes the increased greasiness;
  • eliminates eczema, seborrhea and other skin diseases;
  • strengthens the hair follicles, especially during vitamin deficiencies;
  • promotes the growth of new hair;
  • stimulates blood circulation and provides nutrition of cells with useful microelements;
  • eliminates hair loss, restores the structure of damaged strands.

To the hair after the tar soap, the "strengths" have accumulated and become strong and healthy you need to know how to properly wash hair with tar soap.

Features of use of soap

  1. To wash hair it is necessary exclusively foam, not allowing a bar to adjoin to locks.
  2. To beat it, you can use a gauze bag, grind soap on a grater, dissolve the shavings in warm water and squeeze foam out of cheesecloth into a basin with warm water.
  3. The procedure for washing the head should last up to 10 minutes, after - use a rinse aid on a natural basis, for example, a decoction of chamomile or nettle.
  4. The course of treatment with tar soap should not exceed one month, so as not to burn the ends of the hair.
  5. Immediately after washing, the strands can be tough and sticky, this is the normal reaction of the hair, eventually everything will be straightened.
  6. At first you can use a quality balm to improve the structure of the hair.
  7. While washing your head, you need to massage your hair, paying attention to the basal base.
  8. If the result you do not like, then the action must be repeated, until the hair is washed completely.

Features of using soap

Positive result for scalp

Tar soap for washing hair is great for treating problems of dandruff, itching and redness of the skin. It has a drying effect, it perfectly fights excessive fat, helps to strengthen hair at the cellular level, feeds the follicles and prevents loss.

Hair must be washed with warm water, not hot, so that the product can positively affect the hair. To rub it it is necessary in roots of locks, doing massing movements on all head.

Tar has long been used to fight nits and lice, although treatment is very long. To do this, use soap in a liquid consistency, carefully soaping the ends of the hair and the entire head, after washing it is necessary to comb the strands with a comb with small teeth.

Tar soap for hair - harm

If this remedy is used correctly, then there will be no harm. But if you wash your head with tar soap very often for a long time, more than one month, you can break the work of the sebaceous glands, cause dry skin, after which the hair will be brittle and damaged.

How to effectively apply tar tar soap for hair?

  1. Dissolve colorless henna with water until creamy consistency, add crushed soap on the grater. This mass is distributed throughout the head and leave 15 strands on strands. Then rinse with water or herbal decoction and wipe with a towel. Dry hair is desirable in a natural way, using natural lotions, oil for dry tips.
  2. If the hair falls out strongly, then you can use the following recipe: one teaspoon of sea-buckthorn, egg yolk, a tablespoon of crushed tar soap. To eliminate the smell, you can add a teaspoon of lemon juice or a drop of citrus oil. Apply abundantly on hair and rinse after 20 minutes.
  3. To accelerate the growth of hair suitable high-performance tar mask: 40 g of soap grind on a grater and dissolve in 0.5 liters.cold water. Insist for three days, after filter to use the composition for the intended purpose.
  4. Get rid of dandruff can be as follows: foaming soap add one part of glycerin and apply to the hair, after 15 minutes rinse with water. Use until dandruff completely disappears.

If tar soap is used to accelerate hair growth or to prevent skin diseases, then the head should be washed only once a week. To protect the tips, you can apply peach or olive oil on them.

How to effectively apply tar tar soap for hair?

What do experts say about using tar soap to eliminate hair problems?

Valentina Petrovna, leading trichologist notes : "Birch tar, which is a part of soap, has a number of positive properties, copes with a variety of cosmetic problems. It has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, healing properties, but it must be used carefully, so as not to allow the drying of strands and scalp.

There is no such tool that would be so affordable and highly efficient to use. Take care of your hair and be healthy! »

Hair washing with tar soap - user reviews

Tatiana, 30 years old.
"I regularly use tar tar soap to eliminate dandruff in the hair, the result is always on top. I advise everyone! "

Katerina, 45 years old.
"My hair is very thick, and therefore wash with tar soap simply does not work. I tried many times, but there was no positive effect. But my friend uses this tool and can not get enough. Here is a tar soap - a gift for hair beauty from Mother Nature! »

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