Thick hair for the shortest possible time - it's real!

Thick hair for the shortest possible time - it's real!

If you have a desire to grow long and thick hair, then you must understand that you will have to make a lot of effort. After all, our locks do not grow by several centimeters a day. That they are grown by 2-3 cm will take a month!

Therefore, grow thick, beautiful hair becomes very difficult. But really, most importantly, have patience. If proper hair care is done, hair growth can be accelerated up to 5 cm per month. And these are very good results. So, let's begin.

Head massage

To grow dense and beautiful hair for the shortest possible time, it is worthwhile to make it a rule to do a head massage before every wash. It is better to use various essential oils, which not only nourish and moisturize the hair, but also give them a healthy appearance.

Head massage is best done with a brush comb made of natural materials( wood or plastic).It should be applied a couple of drops of essential oil( you can take whatever you have at home), after which you can start combing your hair. This should be done smoothly, first to one side, then to the other.

After the massage, give the locks a little rest( about 15-20 minutes), after which you can start washing your head.

Head wash

However strange it may sound, most women wash their hair incorrectly. That's why many can not grow long and thick hair.

Washing head

Do not use cold or hot water while washing your head. It should be the optimum temperature of 36C-38C.Shampoo should be selected only by the type of hair.
Apply it with neat massaging movements. In no case should you pull hair, knead or twist. They are damaged from this.

After applying the shampoo, you must use a hair conditioner. It will provide them with extra softness that will prevent their fragility, and beautiful appearance. It is also recommended after washing your hair to rinse your hair with herbal infusions. They not only soften the curls, but also have a therapeutic effect on them. As a result, they begin to grow better.

After washing your hair, do not blow dry your hair. It promotes the opening of scales on the surface of the curls, making them porous and brittle. It is best to let hair dry naturally. So they manage to absorb the necessary amount of moisture.

Application of cosmetic products

When it comes to how to grow thick hair, we can not say about the use of cosmetics. You can use both means of industrial production, and home cooking. However, experts still recommend giving their preferences to cosmetics made at home.

It does not contain any fragrances and concentrates, therefore it is much more useful than store means. But, if you do not want to do their cooking, then you can fully use the cosmetics of industrial production.

Just remember that buying industrial cosmetics follows only well-known manufacturers. In this case, the more they contain natural ingredients, the better for your hair.

If you use cheap cosmetics, which is produced by dubious producers, then you risk damaging your hair.

If you still give your preference to makeup at home, then you should know that it should only be prepared from fresh ingredients. Do not store it in the refrigerator for more than a day, as it loses all its useful properties.

If you are determined to grow long and thick hair, then you should use more cosmetic oils. They moisturize and nourish curls, normalize metabolic processes in the follicles and accelerate the growth of hair.

The use of cosmetics

In addition, we should not avoid the use of mustard and tincture of red pepper, even though they overdry the curls. But they very well warm the scalp, thus awakening the "sleeping" follicles, and making the hair even thicker. And to prevent its overdrying, curls should be pre-treated with some kind of cosmetic oil.

And to achieve the best result, the oil should be heated in a water bath before application. Thus, it will increase its therapeutic actions and will be able to restore even deep injuries.

How much quickly grow thick hair, it says a lot. However, you should not expect that you are asleep today with short hair, and tomorrow with long hair. After all, the curls grow very slowly, so everything in your power, it's a little quicken this process. So be patient and wait until your hair has reached the desired length. The main thing is to take care of them properly and you have to get it right.

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