How to recover the lost libido

Loss of libido is a loss of feelings of sexual desire, desire to make love. In a mentally healthy person, libido is part of the instinct of reproduction and manifests itself in relation to the opposite sex. In some cases, it can weaken or even disappear, both in men and in women. Most of the reasons that lead to this can affect a person regardless of gender.

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  • 1 Common causes of loss of libido for women and men
    • 1.1 Stress
    • 1.2 Relationship problems
    • 1.3 Alcohol
    • 1.4 Sleep Disadvantage
    • 1.5 Presence of young children
    • 1.6 Taking medications
    • 1.7 Dissatisfaction with own body
    • 1.8 Obesity
    • 1.9 Depression
  • 2 Causes of poor libido, possible only in men
    • 2.1 Erection problems
    • 2.2 Low testosterone level
    • 2.3 Diseases prremains
  • 3 Causes of poor libido, possible only in women
    • 3.1 Menopause

Common causes of loss of libido for women and men


Stress Some people are constantly concerned about something and are busy with various things that without stress leads to stress. The desire to make love is not what a person puts on the first place, solving his problems. A stressful condition due to work, home problems or personal relationships can manifest themselves in everyone.

A healthy lifestyle( especially sports) can help a lot in this case. High chances to cope with stress yourself, but a doctor's consultation can also help.

Relationship problems

Problems in relations A bad relationship with a partner is one with the main causes of loss of libido. Especially for women, a sense of intimacy is the main part of sexual attraction. Although even regardless of gender, the consequences of quarrel, disagreement, a sense of deception or other problems with confidence play an important role in the couple's intimate life. If it is difficult to independently return to the right joint path, it is better to contact a psychotherapist who specializes in this.


Alcohol Alcoholic beverage can make you feel more intimate. But too much alcohol, and especially its frequent use, has the opposite effect. In addition, the drunken state of one of the partners can strongly repel the other. If you have problems with cravings for alcohol, you should seek professional help.

Lack of sleep

Regular lack of sleep Constant lack of sleep has now become a way of life for many of us. Lack of sleep strongly affects the hormonal balance and is therefore a very likely cause of impaired libido. The reasons for lack of sleep are many, some of them depend on us, while others are difficult to fix independently. The main ones are: non-compliance( late bed and early getting up), insomnia, apnea and other sleep disorders. Fatigue after a spoiled night's rest strongly affects the libido. The first thing you can do is try to establish the right mode of rest. But if the problem is in sleep disorders, then it is worthwhile to see a doctor, since constant shortages threaten not only the loss of libido.

Presence of small children

Small children A person does not lose the craving for making love, as soon as he becomes a parent. However, with young children a lot of time is spent on caring for them, which often pushes the intimate life to the background.

You can try sometimes to use the services of a nanny for a while, or give the child to parents. And if it is too small, it remains to try to arrange an intimate life during his sleep.

Taking medications

Reception of medicines and libido Some medical products may adversely affect the libido. This includes the following types of medicines:

  • antidepressants;
  • preparations for the regulation of blood pressure;
  • birth control pills( some studies show a link, but others do not);
  • chemotherapy;
  • anti-HIV drugs;
  • finasteride.

Replacing drugs or adjusting their dosage can help. But you should ask your doctor for permission to do this, and you should never stop taking any medication yourself. It is worth informing the doctor if the libido is noticeably gone after taking medication.

Dissatisfaction with your own body

Dissatisfaction with your body Feeling of emancipation is stronger when you like your appearance. Therefore, it is necessary to work on the physical form, although laziness most often prevents it.

If a person feels insecure, this can be bad for his libido. Therefore, if the partner has an understated self-esteem, you should tell him that he looks good.


Excess weight With excess weight or obesity, sexual desire often dims. This can be caused by the fact that a person does not enjoy the intimate life, because he can not physically afford to do what he wants, or is held back because of low self-esteem.

Work with a therapist and measures taken to reduce excess weight can help.


Depression Depressive state can turn off the pleasure of many things, including intimate life. Some people may underestimate this state of their partner, being skeptical and considering it a way to get away from work. But it is necessary to distinguish between depressive and simply bad mood. Depression is one of many reasons that requires outside help.
If depression medication is medication, then the doctor should be informed of the deterioration of the libido, as some( but not all) antidepressants reduce sexual desire.

Causes of poor libido, possible only in men

Problems with erectile dysfunction

Erection problems Men with erectile dysfunction( ED) often worry about how the sexual intercourse will pass, and persistent such experiences badly affect libido.

In most cases, all manifestations of ED are treated, but in addition, couples can also work to ensure that this problem does not affect their relationship. A lot, depending on how the woman manifests herself.

Low testosterone level

Lack of testosterone The testosterone hormone is a fuel for the libido of the stronger sex. With age in men, his level may gradually fall. Not everyone is losing the desire to make love, but this is manifested in some.

Many people mistakenly believe that the loss of libido in them is caused by a decrease in testosterone, but not always the reason lies precisely in this. But in any case, you can raise this hormone even naturally.

Diseases of the prostate

The most common among them are chronic prostatitis and adenoma. Immediate and strong influence such diseases on libido usually do not have. But they can be accompanied by other symptoms( pain, accelerated ejaculation, with feeling sensations ), which can reduce the craving for intimate life, but this is more the psychological consequences due to the manifestation of erectile dysfunction.

Even symptomatic treatment can play a positive role.

Causes of poor libido, possible only in women


Menopause For many women, sexual attraction fades ever closer to menopause. This is partly due to symptoms such as dryness of the intimate area and pain during intercourse.

Learn how to increase the level of estrogen to partially avoid this.

But every woman is unique, and you can have an excellent sex life after menopause, the main thing is to maintain a sense of self-worth and health in general.

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