Where to take energy to fight fatigue

how to recharge

Every person has his own "power source", like portable electrical appliances. Depends on the person himself, he can be different. At someone, conditionally we name, "type of a power source №1".These people have enough strength for a long time to work, without being distracted by trifles. Forced breaks only hinder, knocking them off the rhythm, after the
days off, it is very difficult for them to get back into the heart of the matter, they need a long vacation. This can be understood: a long and deep concentration requires complete relaxation and total idleness. People with "type of food number 1" should be recharged to the maximum mark in order to gradually and consecutively spend a stock of physical and emotional strength until the next vacation.

But people with a "type of power supply number 2" are able to switch from one case to another in a matter of seconds, and a minute later they can forget about everything. For normal life and to fight fatigue, they need frequent recharging: call a friend, drink coffee, flip through the magazine. For them, diversity in business is important. Annual vacation they do not mind to divide into two or three unlike small pieces. One to spend on the beach, the second to devote to winter walks, the third to weed beds. On the first day after such a short vacation, such a person with a "type of food number 2" is cheerful and cheerful, and already somewhere in a week again falls from fatigue and begins to dream and plan a new mini-vacation. How to deal with emerging fatigue?


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    • 1.4 Movement for recharging the "power source" inside a person
    • 1.5 Joy recharges the power source of a person

How to charge your "power source"

To "power supply" a person served for a long time, you must follow the rules of its operation. Do not distract to recharge without the need of people with a "type of food number 1" and not bring to complete exhaustion of people with "type of food number 2".

Choosing the wrong approach to energy recovery only leads to its exhaustion. Meanwhile, ordinary things will help to overcome the energy recession. How to recharge energy without resorting to caffeine and energy drinks, and how to deal with constant fatigue, see below.

food for fighting fatigue Which food helps fight fatigue

And so, what is there to recharge your energy. If you eat a bite of yoghurt, cheese, grain bread in the morning - tired by the afternoon. Not enough time to have breakfast - bring your fruit with you. Being hungry, we hopelessly "plant" our "battery".Once potatoes, bread, pasta, rice were mercilessly struck from the list of health-giving products, especially for those who are overweight. But they give the person energy. In addition, starch promotes the formation in the body of tryptophan - an amino acid, necessary for mental equilibrium. With a lack of tryptophan, unmotivated flashes of irritation, uncontrolled appetite, terrible apathy are observed.

What should I do? Eat oatmeal porridge. Ideally, if it adds berries, apples, nuts. Now such a ready-made mixture can be purchased without problems in the store. Also, you need to eat fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin A( apricots, carrots, spinach) and vitamin C( oranges and tomatoes) daily.

What to drink to overcome the fatigue

Drinking to combat fatigue And so what to drink to recharge and how much. Lethargy, fatigue can be the reason for dehydration of the body. It is necessary to drink more - up to eight glasses a day. Mineral and simply filtered water, juices, green tea, decoctions of healthy herbs.

Many resort to raising energy to coffee or energy drinks with caffeine in the composition."Cheer up" and "drink coffee" for them are almost synonymous. Indeed, caffeine stimulates brain activity, helps to concentrate and tune in to work, increases clarity of perception and improves motor functions. But its action is short-lived. This is more a surge of energy than a rise. He does not give this energy himself, but simply causes your "battery" to give away more energy at the same time, exhausting it faster at the same time. Therefore, fatigue returns again - even faster than before. In addition, caffeine also dehydrates the body, which also leads to fatigue.

What should I do? Allow yourself to drink coffee as rarely as possible. Use an alternative to coffee, for example, green tea, herbal teas, juices. For more information on possible juice substitutions and their advantages, read this article: Coffee: To drink or not to drink? What is the alternative to coffee?

sleep to fight fatigue How much sleep to be charged with energy

Sleep, mood, memory, cell regeneration, and testosterone levels in men depend on sleep. Today, most of humanity is seriously suffering from a sleep disorder, which, of course, affects working capacity. How to return it? Listening to yourself, you can understand how much sleep to have enough energy. If you want to sleep, then if possible, it is worth lying down and sleeping off. Family and household chores will wait. If you can not fall asleep, do not torture yourself. You can read, take a breath of fresh air, watch a movie.

What should I do? Take a warm bath. There is a recommendation, add about 8 drops of aromatic lavender oil, but read the contraindications( not possible with pregnancy, with low blood pressure).It promotes the flow of blood from the brain to the skin and successfully replaces sleeping pills. According to some sources, it is harmful to the brain, in particular for long-term memory, but it was not possible to find official confirmation. It is possible to relax add to the bath sea salt, which also relaxes.

Movement to combat fatigue Movement for recharging the "power source" inside the person

When you are tired, you want to sleep, and do not run about your business. However, even if physical exercises are given so hard, they are very useful, because they improve blood circulation, give the brain and muscles additional oxygen supply. In addition, after physical exertion, sleep is better and stronger, which also saves fatigue.

What should I do? Daily walk 20-30 minutes. Start small - walk before going to bed, walk a few bus stops. Try not to use the elevator.

Joy for charging a human power source Joy recharges human power source

Stress, especially strong, acts destructively on any "rechargeable batteries".Therefore, it is so important to disconnect from situations that we are not in a position to change. Try to spend time with pleasant people, more often on the nature. Of course, it is difficult to say "no" to unpleasant communication, meaningless work or the whims of loved ones. Difficult, but necessary.

What should I do? Deep breathing. Mentally count to five, slowly and deeply inhale through the nose, then as slowly exhale through the mouth. To repeat it is necessary within two minutes. Such deep, rhythmic breathing helps to relax, enriches the body with oxygen, that is, maintains its energy level.

If even knowing how to deal with fatigue and how to recharge your "power source" with energy, the causes of drowsiness and fatigue cause you suspicion, then it will be important to read this article: How to overcome drowsiness and constant fatigue.