Onion onions against asthma

Onion onions against asthma Although there are many medical ways that help in the treatment of asthma and make it easier to breathe, but experts recommend that they be combined with some natural home remedies. These drugs are able to act as bronchodilators( agents that dilate the bronchi) and have an anti-inflammatory effect.

Among such folk remedies, the popularity of onions has become very popular, for many it is better known by the popular name "poke" or sowing onions. In this article, we will try to understand how effective it is and why it has gained particular popularity.

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  • 1 What is a bow onion?
  • 2 Why is onion useful for asthma
  • 3 Why onion onions instead of the usual onions?
  • 4 Vangi's recipe: the use of onion seed for the treatment of asthma

What is onion sowing?

Although many know, well, there are those who will be interested. In fact, this is the same common onion that we eat in our dishes, and someone likes to use it and raw with soup or borsch. But he did not grow up to such large sizes that we see in the store or in the market.

The fact is that in our latitudes, where there is a cold season, the onion from the seeds does not have time to grow so large by the onset of cold weather. Therefore, most often one year from the seeds( the so-called black onions) grow onions and collect it, and the next - again, they plant it and get the usual for us onions, or use greens from it.

Bow onion, as well as the onion( which is the same), can be of different varieties. Which we are accustomed to recognize behind the color - yellow, purple and white. Although there are many more.

How useful onions for asthma

Onions have anti-inflammatory properties. Studies have shown that these properties can reduce the narrowing of the airways in the presence of asthma attacks.

Crude onion, as a rule, on the contrary can act as an irritant and aggravate asthma. Using already cooked onions can help prevent this. There are people who suffer from asthma, who have to leave the kitchen while preparing the onions.

Council can be cutting this vegetable only with a wet knife( soaked under a flow tap) and placing it immediately in a pot of water. This will not allow the substance, called lacrimator, to spread, which causes irritation.

Although on many asthmatics, it, like some other products with a pungent odor, can act positively and release breathing.

Regular use of onions can help in the treatment of asthma. This is because this plant contains a number of components that fight inflammatory processes. One of them is the type of flavonoids( food antioxidants) called quercetin. Studies of quercetin, which was conducted in vitro, showed that it inhibits( slows) the release of inflammatory substances from mast cells participating in allergic reactions. Some medications against asthma are acting on the same principle. Onions also contain mustard oils( isothiocyanates), which are most likely to resist inflammation in asthma, at least in laboratory animals. Acute products such as onions, peppers and mustard also trigger the release of a watery liquid that helps to liquefy the mucus produced by the body during asthma.

But do not forget about the warning above that a small percentage of people with asthma, the onions can cause seizures.

Why onion onions, not the usual onions?

In fact, as mentioned above, this is the same plant, only of different ages. They have the same composition, properties, taste, and also irritate the mucous membranes of the body during cooking.

But why then is onion pollen more known for asthma? This is traditional medicine, and it is often based not on scientific facts, but on observations. Although this does not mean that it is not right, it can often use effective means for treatment, the benefit of which has not yet been confirmed by scientists.

Another reason why it is onion nets treats asthma - there is a recipe for Vanga to use this plant for this purpose. It's hard to say how reliable the information is that Vanga personally made it, but so many domestic Internet resources claim. In any case, it is given a little lower.

In many other countries( no less than four have been taken for analysis), the use of onions for the treatment of asthma and symptom relief is confirmed. But there is no emphasis on the onion, but the use of onions in general is considered, along with other products useful for this.

Vanga's recipe: the use of onion for the treatment of asthma

Cooking 40 peeled onion heads in the water until softened. Drain the water, and after pour to cooked onion 0.5 liters of olive oil and knead until transformed into a relatively homogeneous porridge.

Take the received product 1 tablespoon 2 times a day on an empty stomach( before eating).

The onion variety in the recipe is not specified, it is probably possible to use any.

According to foreign information from the Internet, there is no limit to using onions as a remedy for asthma. Also it is necessary to include it as much as possible in your diet.

Useful tip: Quercetin( an important component for controlling asthma) from onion husks, where it is contained in the highest concentration, can be extracted. To do this, simply add onion husk in a saucepan with soup, while it is boiling. Quercetin will fall into the broth. But this will give a different color to the soup, which can be regarded as a minor side effect.

The main thing do not forget to catch it before there is soup 🙂.