How to remove lead from the body

How to Lead Lead Lead is one of the most dangerous metals that enter the human body. The daily dose of lead that enters the body is equivalent to 45 μg. Lead enters the body with food and water. A large amount of lead is retained in the body - this is approximately 40%.After the lead enters the body, the substance is distributed between the bone tissues to 90 percent, the rest falls into the hair, nails, kidneys and liver.

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Lead can be removed from the body in several ways. One of them is available to everyone - this is the right diet. The main component of products that can help in the extraction of heavy metals is fruit. Pectin, contained in fresh raw fruits, is able to remove some of the lead from the body. But after heat treatment, fruits lose their properties and can no longer function so effectively.

An excellent way to remove lead from the body is the daily intake of fermented milk products. It can be sour cream or kefir, fermented biscuit or bio-yogurt. All these products help the body cope with heavy metal poisoning.

From more tasty means of struggle with excess amount of lead it is possible to allocate jams on a natural basis, jujube, especially with apple taste, pastille. These products contain in their composition a sufficient amount of pectin to fight excess lead. Some doctors argue that with the prevention of excess lead, oat flakes well soaked in milk are doing great.

Accumulation of lead in human bones leads to loss of strength, so at the age of over 40 years, the bones are more slowly overgrown and break more often. For enhanced prophylaxis, specialized biologically active additives designed to combat excess heavy metals are added to the food.

How to remove lead from bones?

When lead poisoning is applied, medicinal methods of removing lead from the body, including bone. For this treatment, special complexing agents are used. The action of these agents affects the content of lead in the bones, they form substances that attach lead to them and in the complex are perfectly excreted in the urine. The course of this treatment is 5 days. During treatment with urine, a rather large amount of lead can leave. After 1-2 weeks, the blood sample for lead content is taken again, if the increase in the amount of this element in the blood began again, then the treatment is repeated once more.

Independently lead can be found in bones for more than 20 years, the period of self-excretion of lead depends on preventive measures, and the daily amount of lead that enters the body. With proper nutrition and sufficient amount of calcium absorbed in the human body, lead accumulates in small proportions and may not be reminiscent of itself for a long time.