How to quickly cure snails in the corners of the mouth or on the lips

Zaeda( angular stomatitis) Zaeda or angular stomatitis( angulitis) is not only a cosmetic defect. First of all, the appearance of zaed clearly indicates the presence of infection in the body. If you do not treat such a pathology, then on the skin around the mouth, crusts and bleeding ulcers can form, causing quite unpleasant sensations. The fight against this problem is not always simple, and it strongly depends on the reasons that caused it.


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Reasons for

Zaedy can cause such reasons:

  1. Avitaminosis when the body lacks vitamin B2.In this case, peeling and crusting occur in the corners of the mouth, on the wings of the nose. Burning, weakness and lack of appetite accompany the appearance of the pathology
  2. Wrong bite, in which the skin of the corners of the mouth is maximally in contact with saliva
  3. Diseases of teeth and gums
  4. Excessive consumption of acidic, spicy food
  5. Wrong care of the denture, its incorrect dimensions
  6. The habit of licking lips and takingin the mouth various objects
  7. Microtrauma, dry skin
  8. Overheating and hypothermia
  9. Reception of antibiotics and hormonal drugs
  10. HIV infection
  11. Sugar
diabetes often can be confused with Zayed formations on the skin of the lips caused by the herpes virus. But it will be wrong. It is characterized by a rash in the form of watery blisters on any part of the lips or near them on the face, and angular stomatitis is a sore that appears in the corners of the mouth.
Comparison of herpes on the lips and angular stomatitis

Difference between herpes and seizures


You can quickly cure snails in the corners of the mouth if the cause of their appearance is accurately established. During treatment it should be:

  1. Use the simplest hygienic lipstick( to combat the dryness of the skin around the mouth)
  2. Stop licking lips
  3. Remove all spicy, sour, salted
  4. from the diet. The menu should contain foods rich in vitamin B2 and iron. These include: cabbage, liver, meat, dairy products, potatoes, nuts
  5. Use vitamin complex
  6. Refuse from smoking and alcohol

Treat the disease medically( generally and locally), with the help of vitamin therapy, as well as folk remedies.

What to buy in a pharmacy for treatment of seizures

Means for treatment of zaed in the pharmacy For the treatment of zaed in any pharmacy you can buy a solution of fucocine. This drug has not only antimicrobial, but also antifungal action. Use it 2-3 times a day, spreading the problem areas of the skin.

This drug is used if the angulitis is not of infectious origin.

Streptococcal spidings respond well to antibiotic ointments that selectively kill pathogens. But an expert should prescribe such a remedy, based on laboratory tests. As a rule, for the treatment of angulitis, liniment synthomycin and erythromycin ointment are used in this case.

If zaedy are caused by candida fungi, then you can use nystatin, levorinovuyu ointment. Or for a stronger therapeutic effect - sernosalitsilovuyu ointment, which should be used together with nystatin or levorin inside.

The course of treatment of angular stomatitis must be supplemented with vitamin preparations that contain a large number of vitamins of the group PP, B, A, C. Such a multivitamin should be drunk for 30 days.

For rapid healing of wounds and cracks, you can carefully lubricate them with vitamin oils, but not in the acute period of the disease.

In many cases, quickly cure zaedy in the corners of the mouth, on the lips can help Vivshnevsky ointment. When using, make sure that it does not get on the mucous membrane of the mouth.

Treatment of zaed in children

The reason for zaed in children is usually a microbial factor. Call them capable of allergies or pathological processes in the child's body.

On the surface of the skin of children live fungi and streptococci, which, with a decrease in immunity, can cause dryness, cracks and sores in the corners of the mouth and lips.

The child can be cured of jumping by approaching the problem in a complex way. In doing so, do not forget that it is necessary to treat not the symptoms, but the cause of the ailment.

Before applying the medication on the skin, it should be washed with warm water and blotted with blotting. The procedure is best performed 2-3 times a day after meals.

When the cause of the seizures is unknown, some remedies should be combined. The treatment of angulitis in children is as follows:

  1. Fukorcin, green, potassium permanganate solution
  2. Tetracycline ointment
  3. Synthomycin ointment
  4. Antifungal creams( clotrimazole, lamicil)
  5. Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory drugs( hyoxysone, trimistin)
  6. Antibacterial and wound healing drugs( levosil, methyluracil)

To strengthen the therapeutic effect, both adults and children are prescribed funds to strengthen immunity, multivitamin complexes.

The best ointment is only able to get rid of angulitis for a short time, if you do not observe the basic rules of hygiene and do not eat fully.

Folk methods of treatment

There are many folk remedies that help get rid of the problem. The most famous is the use of earwax. In addition, it helps to apply juices from leaves of aloe, calanchoe, celandine, plantain, garlic.

To relieve the condition during the day, it is necessary to lubricate the skin around the mouth with olive oil. Also healing wounds and cracks Vaseline, which should be applied overnight.

Lubricating seizures with essential oils, such as tea tree oil or rose oil, can quickly get rid of the ailment. The tampon soaked in the product should be applied more often to problem areas.

Decoction of the bark of oak has an astringent and disinfectant effect. Lotions facilitate the condition of wounds, relieve inflammation. Well proven Honey, which is desirable to lubricate the affected areas of the skin at night.

Any folk remedy is not recommended for use in the acute period of the course of the disease.