Symptoms of inguinal hernia in men

Inguinal hernia in men Inguinal hernia develops slowly, and its symptoms increase with time. The first symptoms of a hernia can be a little confusing, but as it grows, they become quite clear.

Although this is not very noticeable, but this problem is relatively common. In men inguinal hernia can occur under the influence of injury or too much physical exertion. Ventral walls weak or damaged. There is a protrusion of the peritoneum, which together with part of the intestine extends beyond the abdominal cavity in the groin area. This is the inguinal hernia.


  • 1 Symptoms of inguinal hernia in men
    • 1.1 Primary symptoms
    • 1.2 The symptoms of the second stage
    • 1.3 Late symptoms
    • 1.4 Additional signs and symptoms of an inguinal hernia
  • 2 Symptoms of strangulated inguinal hernia in men

Symptoms of inguinal hernia in men

Some inguinal herniaslong run almost without symptoms and for the first time are detected only during a scheduled physical examination. But most often, at a certain stage a person notices a bulge, which is a hernia. As a rule, it is most noticeable, in a vertical standing position, especially during coughing or tension of the abdominal muscles.

Below pathology is divided into conditional stages with a description of their signs.

Primary symptoms of

First, temporary pains in the groin area appear. They arise during exercise, laughter and coughing. There may also be a feeling of heaviness in the lower abdomen. Constipation is observed. These are the first signs, but usually they do not pay attention to

Symptoms of the second stage

As this unpleasant pathology develops, a soft lump begins to appear in the groin area, which extends and disappears. At first it is not visible from the outside, but you can feel it with your fingers.

Late symptoms of

In the late stage, the soft lump is already clearly visible, but it can be squeezed back into the abdominal cavity. In most cases, it's easiest to push the hernia back into the abdomen in a supine position. If this can not be done gently and easily, then you can try to attach a packet of ice. This will reduce swelling so much that the bulge will go down easily. Raising the pelvis above the head( in a lying position) can also help.

Additional signs and symptoms of inguinal hernia

  • convexity on either side of the pubic bone( in front, conditionally at the junction of the foot with the trunk);
  • burning, aching feeling and gurgling in the place of bulge;
  • pain, discomfort in the groin, which is especially evident with coughing, violent laughter, tilt and lifting of the trunk;
  • severity or movement of something foreign in the groin area;
  • feeling of weakness or tension in the groin of a man;
  • sometimes causes pain and swelling in the scrotum, when the protruding part of the intestine descends there, the protruding part of the intestine descends into it.

If the part of the intestine that extends outward in the groin area can not be placed back into the abdominal cavity itself, then this is a symptom of an inguinal inguinal hernia. In this case, the soft cone in the groin is constantly visible and it is, most likely, restrained.
Symptoms of inguinal hernia - photo

Symptoms of infringement of inguinal hernia in men

If there is no possibility to move the hernia back inside, this may indicate that the omentum( part of the peritoneum) and part of the intestine are trapped - are entangled by the abdominal wall. Injured hernia can lead to a violation of blood circulation in the pinched part of the intestine. To prevent this, surgery is necessary.

Symptoms and symptoms of strangulated hernia include :

  • nausea, vomiting possible
  • fever;
  • acceleration of the heart rate;
  • sudden pain in the formation of hernia and lower abdomen, which is rapidly increasing;
  • convexity( hernia) hardens and darkens( becomes red or purple);
Strangulated hernia is life-threatening

When a lump falling from the abdominal cavity becomes hard and painful, and the skin around it is warm and red, nausea, vomiting, there is no way to go to the toilet( constipation) - the situation requires immediate medical intervention. After all, these are signs of infringement of the inguinal hernia and can lead to necrosis of part of the intestine, which is pinched.

Operation required.