Irrigator of the oral cavity and its right choice

Thorough tooth cleaning with toothpaste and brush, may be insufficient for perfect oral hygiene. To achieve this goal, many dentists recommend using an irrigator.

Irrigator of the mouth is a special device that allows not only to remove plaque from the enamel and food residues in the interdental spaces. With its help, processing dentogingival pockets, massage the tissues of periodontal and mucous membranes of the oral cavity. In addition, it is possible to effectively wash the nasal sinuses in diseases of the upper respiratory tract.

The principle of the irrigator of the oral cavity

Principle of operation of the oral cavity irrigator

All devices can be divided into 2 types: stationary or family and portable irrigator. The first one has more possibilities and works at maximum. The second type is versatile and accessible. For example, it can be used for long trips or business trips. In addition, portable devices are able to work not from the mains, but from ordinary finger batteries.


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      • 2.1 Treatment and prevention of periodontal disease
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      • 2.3 Orthopedic structure care
      • 2.4 Nasal congestion
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Choice irrigator

This instrument has its characteristics, requires special care and preventive maintenance. It is used, observing some elementary rules of safety and strictly according to the doctor's recommendations based on certain diseases.

To purchase the irrigator pleased its owner long enough, it is worth paying attention when choosing a device for some nuances:

  1. Feature of the

water jet. In older models it is fed on the principle of a monostructure. This is when the water under pressure comes out of the irrigator with one thin continuous stream. This method has lost its effectiveness against the background of other methods of filing.

In modern models, pulsating technology is more often used. The pulses are very short and inconspicuous during the procedure. This method more thoroughly eliminates plaque and food residues. The so-called micro-hydraulic shocks make it possible to provide excellent tissue massage, especially for periodontal diseases.

Another modern way of water supply is microbubble technology. It provides not only effective removal of food and soft plaque, but an additional antibacterial effect due to the saturation of microbubbles with oxygen. This method is indicated in the treatment of periodontal pockets, especially when purulent exudate and dental deposits accumulate in them.

  1. The presence of several types of interchangeable nozzles

This system allows the use of special attachments for certain diseases. This ensures the most reliable cleaning of problem areas. Usually they produce nozzles for cleaning gingival pockets, orthodontic structures, tongue and directly teeth.

The best option is the availability of color indicators. Usually, color marks universal attachments, so that each member of the family uses the one that is intended for him.

  1. Adjusting the water pressure

This is the most important function of this unit. The same problems of the oral cavity are eliminated in different modes of operation. In addition, individual sensitivity of the patient and the scale of the disease must be taken into account.

  1. Service of the

Unfortunately not all companies that produce irrigators have representative offices in small towns and villages. If the device was purchased through an online store, and it turned out to be defective or its failure occurred, you will also have to send it by mail to the service center. All costs in this case will fall on the buyer. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that the service center was at least in the nearest large city.

Indications for use

Certainly, the irrigator contributes to the improvement of oral hygiene and the elimination of many serious problems. However, like all methods there are certain indications and contraindications to the use of this device.

The main indications for using the irrigator are:

  1. Treatment and prevention of periodontal diseases

When using the device to clean teeth from plaque, there is a kind of hydromassage of the gums. This allows you to strengthen the walls of blood vessels and provide the best trophic of all soft tissues. Removal of plaque will be the primary prevention of periodontal disease, since it is the root cause of the problem.

With the formation of dentogingival pockets, the irrigator will be indispensable for their rinsing. Only with its help can it be possible to effectively eliminate all food residues and formed exudate.

However, it should not be used for severe bleeding gums, acute inflammation, the presence of deep wounds and manifestations caused by infections in the oral cavity. With such symptoms, the use of the irrigator can only worsen the condition.

  1. Decrease in porcine factors

Modern toothbrushes and pastes are quite capable of removing plaque from the surface of the enamel. But often this is difficult to do in the molar region and between the teeth. Most people do not use dental floss, which could help in this. A powerful jet of water from the irrigator can remove everything that has accumulated in these hard-to-digest places. Frequent use allows grinding the surface of the teeth, making it smooth and unsuitable for accumulation of plaque.

Contraindication to the use of the device in this case is hyperesthesia of the enamel of the teeth, abundant dental deposits in the form of stones, teeth in the stage of eruption and after the bleaching procedure.

  1. Care for Orthopedic Structures

Irrigator is effective when braces are used. These products provoke the accumulation of plaque and disrupt the usual oral hygiene. In order for care to be of high quality and there were no problems with wearing braces, it is recommended to use the irrigator at least 2 times a day, after meals.

The device is used with caution when setting sapphire and ceramic braces. In any case, consultation with the orthodontist is necessary.

  1. Nasal congestion

This option is not available for all instruments. Just not many are provided with special extra attachments. In addition, the apparatus must have a special operating mode for this irrigation.

The choice of the irrigator by the manufacturer's brand in our market

Currently, the most popular devices are several brands:

  • Donfeel OR-820M

Irrigator of oral cavity Donfeel OR-820M This is a Russian-made device. It is covered by warranty service for one year. It has microbubble irrigation technology, 4 power levels and as many additional attachments. Irrigator is quite suitable for repair even after the end of the warranty period. Its price usually does not exceed 5 thousand rubles.

  • Oral-b OxyJet

Oral-b Oral-b OxyJet Oral Irrigator Combines the water supply feature in the form of a monostrusion and microbubble technology. Its power has 5 degrees of regulation. Also in the set includes 4 nozzles. The device can be repaired in a fairly wide service network in Russia. In addition, a 2-year warranty is given. Its cost starts from 8700 rubles.

  • Waterpik WP-100

Irrigator of oral cavity Waterpik WP-100 The price of the device is about 6500 rubles. Produced in the US, has 10 levels of power control and 7 nozzles. This is a good combination of price and quality. However, the device is not serviced at the end of the warranty, as well as buying up the base of repair centers. Usually, to repair an irrigator, he is sent by mail at his own expense.

The best irrigators with Ebay.com

Most know that Ebay.com is an international American marketplace, on which not only the Americans themselves have been trading for a long time already. Here you can order goods with delivery to almost any country and it will come by mail. In contrast to the well-known Aliexpress.com, on Ebey you can buy better brands. Often they are not even certified in the CIS countries, so it will be difficult to find them in ordinary stores. But also, unfortunately, usually on it is expensive delivery. It is more accessible for Russia and less for Ukraine. Although ordering not very cheap goods is always more profitable than buying it in your country.

Overview of the top five irrigators as of March 2016 available from abroad:

Waterpik Aquarius Water Flosser( WP-660C) * Philips Sonicare Airfloss Rechargeable Electric Flosser Professional Rechargeable Oral Irrigator with High Capacity Water Tank byToiletTree Products Panasonic Dental Water Flosser EW-Dj10-A Profloss 4190 Waterflosser
Photo Irrigator of oral cavity WP-660C Irrigator of the mouth Philips Sonicare Irrigator of the oral cavity professional improved Irrigator of oral cavity Panasonic Dental Irrigator of oral cavity Profloss 4190
Price From 60 USD. From 35 dollars. From 43 dollars.

Improved( Updated) costs up to $ 50.

From 38 dollars. 15-30 dollars.
Pros The scale goes from the point of view of efficiency. Has the function of massage gums, 10 modes for water pressure, high capacity. Compact, user-friendly design. Quiet, enlarged water tank, works on both lithium-ion battery and 110-240V network. Has a ripple option. Affordable price. Easy to use. Does not require a battery, because it works from the network.
Cons Requires a network connection. The warranty does not extend beyond the United States. Small water tank. Small tank, there are problems with charging. Has only 2 speeds. It is not desirable to work from the battery. Sometimes users are not satisfied with the power of the jet. Not suitable for all cranes, so an adapter may be required.
The result of One of the most functional and quality on the market. A stylish and effective irrigator for the oral cavity, which can require several refills during the procedure. A popular model, but relatively inexpensive among portable. Simple portable and inexpensive varinut. Affordable, no-frills irrigato, which has more positive feedback than negative.

* - all model names are specified without translation, so that it's convenient to find them on Ebay.com. Just copy and type in the search, to view the shipping cost and other nuances.

Modern technology facilitates human life and effectively protects its health. Irrigators for the oral cavity are necessary and indispensable devices for many dental problems. But their choice, acquisition and application should not be uncontrolled and unauthorized. On such issues, it is necessary to consult a doctor.