Menstrual cycle after childbirth - how should it be normal?

Menstrual cycle after childbirth After the birth of a child, each mother thinks about the resumption of the usual "women's days," the regularity of which clearly indicates the absence of gynecological problems. Therefore, women often wonder: when will menstruation begin after labor? Many are frightened that the months after the birth began and disappeared.

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When do menstruation begin after giving birth?

The resumption of menstruation after childbirth depends on whether the woman is breastfeeding or not. Therefore, it is impossible to say exactly when this will happen. If there is no natural feeding process, then the monthly can be expected to be expected 1-2 months after such an important event in life as the birth of an infant.

It is known that with a good breastfeeding in the body of a woman stands out a hormone called prolactin. He also controls the process of lactation. This substance is able to suppress the function of the ovaries, which does not contribute to the appearance of menstruation.

Feeding naturally, which lasts a long time, can lead to the resumption of menstruation after 1 year after childbirth. If the lure of the baby starts too late, then prolactin is synthesized in large numbers, which leads to the absence of ovulation.

Modern mothers, as a rule, feed children in a mixed way and early introduce lure. In this case, you can expect that menstruation will occur 6 months after the appearance of the child.

During breastfeeding, the woman's hormonal system works in a special way. This is related to:

  1. ecology
  2. way of life
  3. power supply

To say that this is pathology - it is impossible. But it is extremely difficult to accurately determine the time when ordinary women's days will appear during lactation.

Individual characteristics of the female body in no small degree affect the monthly after delivery. Irregular discharge during breastfeeding is not a disease.

How many months do you normally have after childbirth?

For the duration of menstruation and the period of its appearance after delivery, such factors are influenced by:

  1. age of woman, her nutrition
  2. presence of postpartum pathologies
  3. mental state
  4. possibility or absence of rest

It is normal if after giving birth the menstruation of the mother lasts 3-5 days. Too short, in 1-2 days, or a long period of menstruation indicates the presence of any female diseases. It can be a myoma of the uterus, and endometriosis. In this case, you need to find time to visit the gynecologist.

Symptoms of

The cause for concern are such symptoms of menstruation:

  1. Prolonged lubricated discharge. Often indicate the presence of diseases such as endometriosis, endometritis.
  2. Painful menstruation. They can cause psychological problems, inflammatory diseases. A doctor's consultation is mandatory if the pain syndrome accompanies a woman all the days of the month, if it is impossible to do without anelhetics if the habitual life is violated with her joys from the birth of a new person.
  3. Abundant discharge with an uncharacteristic odor. Clearly speak about an exacerbation of chronic inflammations.
  4. PMS, which is accompanied by a headache, edema, joint pain, allergy, insomnia requires consultation of a gynecologist.
  5. Delayed menstruation with alternating abundant discharge. It occurs, as a rule, after complicated birth and indicates hormonal changes in the body, the development of ovaries in the ovaries. At such displays it is necessary to address for the help to the expert.

Many women believe that they have menstruation started 2 weeks after the birth. But do not confuse lochia - postpartum discharge with the onset of menstruation. This phenomenon speaks only of the normal process of healing the uterus. It's not monthly. They just can not start so early.

The shortest period for the onset of menstruation is 1 month after childbirth. The most recent is 4 years. In this matter, much depends on the woman's health, her individual characteristics, and lactation.

Some tips

Lean or painful periods after giving birth cause stress on the endocrine and nervous system of a woman. Therefore, for normal hormone production, it is necessary to eat properly, take multivitamin complexes, designed specifically for nursing.

In addition, the mother should find time for a full night's sleep and a short rest during the day. This regime has a beneficial effect on the nervous system and, accordingly, on the formation of regular menstruation.

In the presence of chronic diseases a woman after childbirth should visit a specialist who can help in the treatment of the underlying disease, which will be able to solve the problem of menstruation after childbirth.