Hair restoration: tips, folk remedies, best masks recipes


  • Damaged hair: what to do?
  • Hair Regenerating Mask: What is it?
  • Recipes for restoring hair masks

Nature ordered that a thin and seemingly fragile human hair is actually stronger than copper, lead, platinum and other metals. In this capacity, steel can compete with him. With a thickness of 0.05 mm, the hair withstands a hundred-gram weight, which implies a border of its strength of 5,000 kg per centimeter2.Such strength was rewarded by our mother nature strands. But the man decided everything differently.

Unique chemical and synthetic formulas for shampoos and paints, hair dryers with a capacity of almost 2,000 Watts, chlorinated water in pools, ubiquitous food with hamburgers and sodas - all this reduces the strength of the hair to zero. It is thinner, it breaks, breaks down and eventually falls out.

It's time to think that most of us, before again taking on an ironing or going to carving in a hairdresser, needs to restore hair at home, which will heal the damage and return the precious locks to life.

Damaged hair: what to do?

The fact that the hair is damaged and they need to be urgently restored, you'll find out right away. The tips begin to be very severely cut, and their monthly trimming loses its effectiveness. Curls themselves become dry and brittle: with sharp movements of a comb or hand, they can break off somewhere in the middle of the strand.

The appearance of damaged hair leaves much to be desired: dull, hanging with lifeless tufts of icicles, which do not fit into the hair - looking at all this, I want to breathe life into them urgently. The complex of hair restoration measures is not only the right care for them, but first of all - a change in their own way of life.

  1. To begin repairing damaged, weakened hair is necessary with an analysis of the factors that could have caused their morbid condition. Reconsider the lifestyle that you lead: perhaps you are abusing cigarettes recently, or maybe you are not eating well, or every week you are repainted in different colors. Check the body for internal diseases: sometimes they become the root cause of hair damage. Until you figure out and eliminate this factor, all other tips and cosmetics will be useless.
  2. Try to eat more fresh fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, drink plain water, milk and juices, and not carbonated drinks.
  3. If you want to restore damaged hair quickly and accurately, you will have to abandon all thermal and electrical tools to care for them and styling. Tongs, hair dryer, curlers, curling irons, ironing - all this will have to be put in the back box until better times.
  4. About the hairdresser with her chemoshavkami, seductive carving and staining, too, will have to forget for a while, because all this improves the appearance of the hair only due to damage to their inner frame. Loss from the outside quickly passes, and there will be damage, which will have to be treated long enough. The only thing for which it is possible to visit the master is to cut the ends of the hair once a month, and then only by the hot method.
  5. Keep aside the line of hair care products that you normally use. It will be necessary to select completely different means, not in the nearest shopping center, but in the pharmacy .Yes, for certified cosmetic products for hair restoration, prices are just cosmic. However, these are the drugs that will restore the curls from the inside. You will need only shampoo and balm from this series, as you can cook masks from natural products at home.
  6. The comb also needs to be replaced. It should be made of natural materials and perfectly clean ( for this you need to wash it weekly).Trichologists recommend changing it every six months. Plastic and metal tools can be discarded, as they damage the strands even more.
  7. Twice a week at home make restoring hair masks, the recipes of which will be given below.

At first glance, this recovery package seems unrealistic to perform at home. In fact, it is only necessary to begin - and it will be impossible to stop. A week after two external signs of recovery of damaged hair will be evident. Secant ends will be smaller, the strands will cease to break, become more moistened and shiny.

In addition, a healthy lifestyle will positively affect your health and appearance not only of hair, but also of nails and skin.

And do not forget to regularly make restoring hair masks.

The miracle mask of aloe will help with hair loss and dandruff: http: //beautiface.net/lechenie/volosy/ recepty-s-aloe.html

Too much hair loss? Learn about the causes and methods of recovery at home. Go to the & gt; & gt;

Hair repair masks: what is it?

Hair repair masks that can be easily prepared at home include ingredients with active substances that promote cell regeneration. Applying them regularly, you can heal the split ends, protect the strands from further fragility, nourish them with strength and energy, and moisten as much as possible.

A distinctive feature of these funds from the rest of these masks is the restoration of hair from the inside, and not just the guidance of the outer gloss.

Learn how to use them all the time - and you can forget about damaged, sick, weakened hair for a long time.

  1. Restoring hair masks should not have skin irritating ingredients: mustard, pepper tincture, ginger, cinnamon, etc. They are good for hair growth, but not for repairing damage. Here are eggs, dairy products, honey, pharmacy vitamins, herbs, oils - it's all an ideal base for regeneration and cell renewal.
  2. Even if all the products listed in the recipe for a hair mask are safe to eat, it does not mean that they will not cause skin allergies when applied externally. Therefore, using this or that home remedy, necessarily test it preliminary for the presence of allergens .This can be done on the wrist.
  3. Honey, kefir, all vegetable and cosmetic oils in masks are recommended to be heated on a water bath, as heat accelerates regeneration processes at the cellular level. However, the heating temperature should not exceed 40 ° C if the mask contains eggs( they can curd up) or essential oils( they often lose their useful properties at high temperatures).
  4. The repair mask should be moderately dense so that its particles do not get stuck in the strands after rinsing or combing.
  5. Apply these funds to the entire scalp: roots, strands, tips.
  6. A warming cellophane hood is mandatory, as is the turban of a terry towel. Heat, as already mentioned, contributes to an accelerated process of regeneration.
  7. The duration of the restoring masks - from 20 minutes to two hours, and even for the whole night.
  8. If the repair mask contains cosmetic oils, they can be easily rinsed off by foaming the shampoo directly over an oily mask without water.
  9. Frequency of use - 2-3 times a week, depending on the degree of damage to the hair.
  10. The course of treatment of patient ringlets should be at least 15 procedures. Then take a break in a month and again be treated, if necessary.

Taking into account these tips and recommendations, you can, without asking for help from professionals, expensive procedures and tools, restore hair in a short period of time. Adhering to this scheme, thinking about preventive measures, you can become the owner of luxurious curls, not only in dreams, but in reality. The course of restoring masks can not be thrown on the road, noticing the first changes in the state of their strands.

In order for them to revive, grow stronger and blossom finally, you need to address the masks from time to time, and regularly.

There should not be any difficulties with the choice of recipes, since there were a lot of people's remedies for hair restoration for years.

Recipes for restoring hair masks

For those who prefer to use honey, eggs and milk( the most popular products in the kitchen) in the old fashion, the majority of home restoring masks, based on these same products, will taste to the liking of weakened hair.

There are recipes for those who like to use cosmetic oils: they are considered to be one of the most effective means available at home, to restore the sick, weakened, split ends. Adherents of herbal medicine will be happy to restore masks from herbs. Recipes are for every taste: if only they came up to the type of hair and did not cause individual intolerance.

  • Vitamins + kefir + castor and olive oil

In one container, preheat lightly on a water bath kefir( about 100 ml, half a cup).In a separate container, mix olive oil with natural cold pressed oil( two tablespoons) and castor oil( one tablespoon), also warm up to a warm state in a water bath. All the ingredients are mixed after this. Directly before applying to the head, add the pharmacy vitamins in ampoules( one each): thiamin( B1), pyridoxine( B6), cyanocobalamin( B12).

  • Eggs + castor oil

Two raw( preferably home, as they are more quality, they are more useful for hair substances), whip the eggs with a whisk. In a water bath, lightly heat castor oil( one tablespoon), mix thoroughly with beaten eggs.

  • Herbs + bread

Fresh / dry leaves of plantain, sage, nettle and oregano to grind( by incomplete teaspoon of each herb), stir among themselves, crumble to them crumb without crust of rusty rye bread( 200 grams), pour a glass of boiling water. Cover it with something, leave it at room temperature in a dark place for an hour.

  • Kefir + olive oil + esters

Warm up fresh kefir( 200 g) in a water bath. In a separate container, do the same with natural extra virgin olive oil( two tablespoons).Combine both heated mixtures, mix. Before application add a couple drops of esters of rosemary and lavender.

  • Avocado + honey + olive oil

Pulp the avocado pulp, mix it( two tablespoons) with natural extra virgin olive oil( two tablespoons), preheated in a water bath. In a separate container, also for a couple of warm natural honey( one tablespoon), add to the total cosmetic mass.

  • Lemon + egg + honey

Honey( two tablespoons) warm in a water bath. Mix it with two raw, pre-whipped home eggs, add one teaspoon of concentrated lemon juice. A mask is obtained, which is ideal for restoring damaged hair of a fatty type.

  • White clay + milk + sea-buckthorn

Pour white cosmetic clay( 15 g) with milk at room temperature( 50 g), knead until a semi-liquid gruel is formed. Seabuckthorn berries turn into a puree, mix it( two tablespoons) with the bulk.

  • Lemon + castor oil + burdock oil

In one container in a water bath warm up burdock cosmetic oil and castor oil( two tablespoons each), add fresh lemon juice.

Now you know how to restore hair at home yourself, so that they justify their unique property of the most durable material, which they endowed mother nature.

Burn them, break them, take away their life-giving power in modern conditions very easily: tools for killing propylene glycols in shampoos before powerful hair dryers are offered mass. And you can save your precious locks from these temptations and injuries, restore and hit everyone with your luxurious, radiant cascade of strong, strong, strong and healthy hair.

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