Hemorrhoids - treatment with traditional and folk remedies

Hemorrhoids is a very common non-infectious disease. Almost every person is predisposed to it at the expense of even the fact that it is upright. Many of them simply suffer without asking for help. Not just this word is used in modern vocabulary, as a very difficult and tedious business.

The disease was widespread and well-known even in ancient times. In Egypt and Greece, he was actively treated with various herbs and poultices. A surgical method of treatment was also popular, which gave relatively positive results. This disease in the works was mentioned by famous healers: Avicenna, Hippocrates. Proctologists are engaged in treatment of this disease in the modern world and have all the prerequisites to successfully fight it. The main thing is not afraid to turn in time to the doctor.

Treatment of hemorrhoids does not differ in men and women, but according to statistics, the strong sex suffers from the disease three times more often.


  • 1 Treatment of hemorrhoids at home
    • 1.1 Recommendations for the treatment and prevention of hemorrhoids at home
    • 1.2 Treatment of hemorrhoids by traditional means
    • 1.3 Folk remedies for the treatment of
  • 2 Modern methods - the ability to get rid of hemorrhoids once and for all

Treatment of hemorrhoids in domesticconditions

The choice of method of treatment strongly depends on the degree of neglect of the disease. At home, you can apply the measures only in the early stages and after the appointment of a doctor. But very often people start to pay attention to the problem only with time, as they can immediately just not notice it or not take it seriously.

In a number of cases, this disease has no symptoms at all, especially at the initial stages. There are four stages in the development of the disease. And each stage is characterized by certain signs. However, the course of hemorrhoids is irreversible, it is unlikely to go away without proper treatment.

At the first stage the disease can be asymptomatic, a person does not even guess that he has this problem. At this stage, there is a so-called internal hemorrhoids. Diagnosis of this disease at this stage is mostly completely random. The proctologist can reveal it on examination.

The second stage proceeds with noticeable complications. There may be signs such as anal itching and a burning sensation in the anal area. When defecating, blood appears( usually without pain).A person needs conservative treatment - with the help of ointments, suppositories, trays, etc. More effective and costly methods such as sclerotherapy, ligation, cryodestruction, etc. can also be used. Do not self-medicate.

It is necessary to visit a doctor, as delay can lead to the development of the problem so that surgery may already be required. Also, similar symptoms may indicate a more serious problem.

Curing hemorrhoids forever at home is difficult even in the early stages. But using drugs prescribed by the proctologist and adhering to his recommendations, it is possible to achieve the elimination of the problem for a long time.

Hemorrhoids in the 3rd stage The third stage of the development of this disease is called external hemorrhoids. In this case, the hemorrhoidal nodes are already falling out. First it occurs with strong physical exertion, but over time even with a slight strain, coughing. Nodes can be touched with fingers, they are easy to identify. But they can not fall out, but be inside, and it will be difficult to notice them. In this version, treatment at home is almost useless, you can only try to fight with unpleasant symptoms. But in the end, a prolonged delay with the appeal to a specialist will only make it worse.

There is still the last stage, which is called acute hemorrhoids. At this stage, the hemorrhoidal nodes no longer fit into place, are constantly outside and cause a lot of unpleasant sensations.

Recommendations for the treatment and prevention of hemorrhoids at home

One of the first things to look out for is not candles and ointments, which are only auxiliary tools. A very important role is played by lifestyle and nutrition. No matter how the disease is treated, without observing the main recommendations, the problem will return.

  1. To consume foods rich in fiber .This is primarily vegetable food, especially vegetables. Thanks to this diet, you can avoid constipation and improve the digestive system. But to adhere to the appropriate diet you need at least a month, but it is better to always give preference to plant foods. But with a sharp transition to such food, there may be minor problems with digestion( bloating, gases).
  2. Replenish the body with the flonoids .These are powerful phytochemicals that contribute to the health of veins. The most accessible source is oranges. Also they contain a lot in coconut oil.
  3. Drink plenty of clean water .Indicator of a sufficient number of it can be considered the color of urine. It should be light yellow. If the color is dark, then the liquid is not enough, and too bright yellow color can indicate an excess of vitamin B12, which can be observed with the use of juices. Water is very important for softening the stool.
  4. Control the stress and negative emotions of .Experiences also contribute to constipation, and painful symptoms of hemorrhoids.
  5. Observe the correct position of the body .It should be less uninterrupted in a sitting position. It most of all leads to stagnation of blood in the pelvic organs and promotes hemorrhoids. In this case, the horizontal position of the body can be considered most useful, since even the vertical position contributes to a certain extent to hemorrhoids. When you visit the toilet, sit on the toilet with a flat back, and the legs should be on a small stand - this pose reduces the burden on the rectum during defecation.
  6. Moderate physical activity .Frequent lifting of a large weight provokes the development of the disease. When moving even packages or buckets, you should try to distribute the load evenly in both hands. You do not need to lift the weight from the slope, but sit down a bit.
The famous scandalous habit of the American president to lay his feet on the table, Russian media explain how the consequences of hemorrhoids. But there is an opinion that this is just an effective method of prevention. The benefit is confirmed by specialists.

Treatment of hemorrhoids with traditional means

Hemorrhoids successfully treated in the early stages of development. Do not bring the disease to a sharp form. It is necessary to consult a doctor in a timely manner so that he appoints suppositories( suppositories) that will ease the pain and relieve inflammation from the anus. Most of these drugs are designed to relieve inflammation, and they may contain substances that can help not to experience acute pain. Basically, an anesthetic component is benzocaine. Against itching, drugs that contain hydrocortisone sulfate are used. The composition of ointments usually include the same substances as candles, so the effect is similar. Choose what is more convenient for application.

It should be remembered that the proctologist is engaged in the treatment of this disease. Therefore, he should make appointments. Do not just buy those drugs that are most advertised and promise to get rid of hemorrhoids forever.

For example, there is a heparin ointment that can remove inflammation in the hemorrhoids. It should be used constantly to achieve good efficiency. This ointment is inexpensive, does not flash in advertising, but is popular. On the basis of heparin, candles are made. Curing hemorrhoids is possible, but only at an early stage.

Folk remedies for the treatment of

Some advise to treat hemorrhoids with fresh cucumber or homemade candles and ointments. However, these methods are actually quite amateurish. This method is almost impossible to get rid of the disease. Now there are many different preparations in the form of candles, in which natural herbal extracts are added( with sea buckthorn oil, belladonna extract, etc.).They are quite popular and effective. They are able to restore connective tissue and alleviate symptoms. Therefore, it is better to choose them than homemade drugs. Such candles are sold at a relatively affordable price.

However, it is not recommended to abuse folk remedies. Do not also engage in self-medication.

To combat this disease, rectal suppositories with belladonna extract can be used. This plant is also called the belladonna. It is quite poisonous and spread in the south. From this plant, an alkaloid is released, which is used to create drugs effective against pain and inflammation. Also, the drug is used to treat anal fissures, which often accompany hemorrhoids.

Candles with sea buckthorn oil stimulate the healing of wounds, while providing a tonic and protective effect against the mucous membranes.

In any case, trying to cure folk remedies hemorrhoids can only be at an early stage. But it's better not to risk getting complications, but to see a doctor.

Modern methods - the ability to get rid of hemorrhoids once and for all

The proctologist with a pronounced disease, which is in the third and fourth stages of development, can recommend more radical methods. The most popular tool today is the ligation of latex rings. A special device has been developed, thanks to which a ring made of latex is thrown onto the hemorrhoidal knot. Gradually, the flow of blood to the node is suspended, and the tissues are dying and disappear. In the early stages, this method is not used, since the nodes are not yet strongly pronounced. This operation is performed on the gynecological chair in a few minutes, the cost of one ring is about 20-30 dollars.

Infrared coagulation or laser destruction is also used, during which the tissues of the site are destroyed and die. Still there is a variant of freezing of knots with application of liquid nitrogen( cryodestruction).When the node thaws, it simply dies off, the wound is then treated with special ointments. The cost of such treatment is 100-300 dollars.

It should be noted that you need to turn in time to the doctor and prevent the development of the disease, when you have to constantly adjust the hemorrhoidal nodes. Currently, this disease is successfully treated, many methods for this have been developed. There is also conservative therapy( ointments, suppositories, baths), and many different effective operations. This helps many patients quickly return to life without pain. The patient remains to choose a method of treatment, based on the recommendations of the proctologist. Today, about 10% of the population suffers from this disease, which is quite a lot. In many clinics, patients can be assisted in the treatment of this disease, at whatever stage it is located. And quickly to cure hemorrhoids at home, you can try only at an early stage, and then after consulting a proctologist.