Monastic tea and father's collection of George 16 herbs - real products

Collection of 16 herbs of Father George At the moment there are many websites on the Internet where different versions of such widely advertised product as monastic tea are sold. He is credited with getting rid of raschlichyh serious diseases and some other problems related to health. But, unfortunately, most of these products are just a hoax, which can not only not be of use, but also harm if you use such tea instead of the doctor's prescribed methods of treatment. Why monastic tea is in most cases a divorce, described here. This was confirmed by real and ministers of monasteries, which scammers performed on sites with advertising, as producers of this product. But as it turned out, the courtyard of the Holy Spirit Monastery, located in the village. Solenom Mostovsky district of the Krasnodar Territory, does produce a special herbal collection and tea. The farmstead has its own autonomous economic activity, and in its process raw materials and production are produced, among which the monastery collection of Father George( Savva) from 16 herbs and monastic tea. It is then sold in the monastery itself, as well as in the Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin( Mostovsky village).

Monastic tea and a collection of 16 herbs - are two different drinks of in this case. To characterize them briefly, to denote the difference can be as follows:
  • Monastic tea from the Krasnodar Territory is a fortifying drink containing 5 ingredients. It is drunk in any quantity, like a usual hot drink.
  • Collection of Father George( Savva) of 16 herbs is a special and well-known medicinal product that is drunk strictly dosed a certain course.

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Monastic tea front view Monastic tea back view Monastic tea in spilled form Monastic collection of 16 herbs front view Monastic collection of 16 herbs from behind Monastic collection of 16 herbs in spilled form

Attention! This product does not apply to any site where it is offered to order it for a lot of money( 900-1100 rubles), and even supposedly at a discount. There are also no brand stores in Moscow and other cities. Approximate small price and real contacts are given in this article.

The history of the origin of the collection of 16 herbs

Father George( 1942-2011) was a very famous servant of the church who dedicated her all his life. He was awarded one of the highest monastic orders - in 1987 he was elevated to the rank of archimandrite. But fame among people was not due to this, but by the fact that fame went about him, as a healer. Many people came from distant lands to their father for help. George - this is the church name given in honor of St. George, with monastic vows. Before that, he was better known as Yuri Y. Savva. Being in the monastery as a novice as a novice, Yuri met with the ascetic( the highest degree of monasticism), who prophesied of him as a healer and a man with a great dignity. This person( unfortunately, the name is unknown) is an elder and a great herbalist, in his mundane life he was a professor of medicine, who also handed over to the novice Yury many unique ancient recipes for herbal medicine. They are unique in that they have not only a huge experience of the healed, but also rigorous scientific justifications. Thanks to this knowledge, a monastic collection of 16 herbs was created.

Composition the convent tea composition
the convent collecting
immortelle sandy
Artemisia absinthium
Suhotsvety annual

buckthorn bark birch buds

Recently, when they began to advertise fiercely monastic tea on the web with the help of untruthful information, people began to take an interest in this product. Some immediately bought, hoping for a miracle, while others searched more deeply before buying. So gradually began to learn about the collection of 16 herbs, as the only known real product, collected really in the monastery. It can be said that this mass advertisement of another product accidentally partially positively affected the collection of Father George. Also people who have been drinking this real collection for a long time are contributing to this, briefly describing its use in comments on websites, saving people from buying substandard products for inflated prices. Thanks to this collection of 16 herbs is becoming more popular, although the demand was earlier than the supply. It made sense to issue documents for sending orders abroad and increase production volumes, which complicates the fact that everything is done completely manually. If tea and collection will remain after the implementation in Russia, then it can be ordered by people from other countries. But this was also used by all the same scammers, selling their now "monastic tea of ​​16 herbs," indicating the end use of the name( for weight loss, cancer, diabetes, psoriasis, etc.).

Composition of

The volumes of monastery tea and collection and 16 herbs are small, because the harvesting of herbs is done exclusively manual, so that no impurities are lost and the active substances and essential oils are lost during treatment, otherwise it will be useless for the organism. It is these fees( where grasses are collected in an industrial way, and even worse if they made all possible hoods) are now selling online scammers.

Where can I buy monastic tea collection and from 16 herbs and how much does it cost?

The exact price should be clarified with the sellers, i.e.in the Holy Spirit Monastery of the Krasnodar Territory. Its price is several times less than those fakes that are sold on the Internet and cost about 1000 rubles, and at the time of writing the article was as follows:

  • Cost of 1 packet of monastic tea 250 rub.for 120 grams. This is enough for about 10 liters. It should be eaten 70 days without a norm, just like tea. The number of packages is calculated individually.
  • The collection of 16 herbs costs 350 rubles.for 100 gr. And the drink is already strictly dosed. Dosage depends on the disease. For example, if this is an oncology then you need 2 packs for 70 days. If prophylaxis or, something less serious, then 1 packet will last for 70 days.

Now mediators that implement the collection have already appeared. But if the price is too low for sellers( I met about 150 rubles for 1 package), it's hard to believe that this is a real product, not assembled on an industrial scale by other people.

Direct contacts:
Here are the real( confirmed) contacts for communication and ordering of monastic tea and collection of 16 herbs:
  • 8-928-88-19-335,
  • 8-918-418-41-15,
  • 8-86192-5-23-60,
  • 8-86192-5-42-39,
  • [email protected]( politely answer any questions).

Or you can purchase the product directly in such places:

  • Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary Mostovskoy Str. May Day;
  • metochion of the Holy Spirit Monastery in the village of Solenom, Krasnodar Territory.

I want to add that this article is not written on the rights of advertising. And just to make people want to buy monastery tea, they prefer the product that has the right to be so called. The article will be supplemented by a more detailed description, after I myself can try the effect of collecting on myself. It is also worth remembering that this is not the "miracle cure" that can cure almost any disease, according to advertisers on the web. But this is clearly a more useful herbal remedy.