How to knock down the temperature by popular methods

How to knock down the temperature by popular methods That's the time of the year, in which there is a high probability of getting all kinds of colds. It is not rare that a cold or flu is accompanied by a temperature rise, most people experience a fever and everyone knows what problems come with this ailment - fatigue, lack of strength, exhaustion, headaches, muscle pains, etc.

You can take advantage of numerous antipyretic medicines at elevated temperature - most people do so. But there is an opportunity to lower the temperature by popular means.

Some simple folk remedies / methods of lowering the temperature:

1) To knock down the body rubbing temperature with cool solutions( alcohol and water, dissolved in half) or compresses.

Compresses are made as follows: water is bisected with alcohol, a small amount of essential oil is added, a few drops will be enough. You can use eucalyptus oil, peppermint essential oil, fir essential oil. Such compresses will help reduce the temperature, and the evaporation of essential oils will help cure colds.

2) A warm drink will lower the temperature and alleviate the symptoms within 30-40 minutes, prepare it like this - take 1 lemon, cut into pieces, sprinkle with a small amount of sugar, after 5 minutes add honey, and a little hot water. All mix, drink in small sips, while inhaling the smell of the drink.

3) At a high temperature it is recommended to drink a large amount of water - water, therapeutic teas prepared on the basis of herbal dues. Milk with honey will bring great benefits, decoctions from febrifugal herbs, rose hips, elderberry flowers, ashberry fruit - will help bring down the temperature and restore the former healthy state.

It's important to remember that when you have a high temperature, young children should be very careful. After all, the temperature of the child can have terrible consequences, if it is not knocked over, or sold incorrectly.

We recommend that you consult with your doctor before using any folk antipyretics when you lower the temperature in small children, especially if the child is under 3 years old.