Decrease of estrogens due to excretion of parasitic bacteria from the body

Staphylococcus aureus and streptococcus This article was written not by the author of the site, but by one of the readers. But it describes the problem of restoring the health of the gastrointestinal tract, which is one of the key ways to eliminate excess and normalize the production of estrogens in general. It is focused primarily on women.

Hello, I will explain the mechanism of releasing the female hormone Estrogen, and especially the excessive release of this hormone in the body. The increased content of the female hormone in the body needs mainly bacteria of the Staphylococcal and Streptococcal groups( possibly others, but so far about these 2 groups).Since directly in this article is associated with the increased content of estrogen in the body with cancer, I will explain the mechanism of creating increased estrogen. I'll start with the Staphylococcal group of bacteria.

Starting to parasitize in the human body, the bacterium of the Staphylococcus group( according to my data in this group of about 260 species) begins to affect various human organs. The liver( including hepatitis), the heart, 12 fingers, pancreas( including diabetes mellitus), there is an "de-mineralization" of the intervertebral discs and bone-cartilage tissues of the human body( bacteria sort them into material), etc. It is especially strong in the beginning that it begins to show its growth at the very bottom of the human small intestine, where we feed it ourselves( there are more detailed videos and articles about it).When a given bacterium creates large colonies, then it is oncogenesis. Staphylococcus grows better and divides in the human body when it contains as much of the female hormone as estrogen, first, it knocks down the detective work of the immune complex, where the immune cells should define the Staphylococcal bacterium as a parasite and suppress it. Secondly, this is what, as a result, and as a consequence of the first - staphylococcus grows well on the female hormone in the body. So oncology is still said that your cancer is hormone-dependent.

There is an increase in the number of female hormones due to the fact that the bacteria parasitize in the ovaries, eat up those substances from which the male hormone testosterone is to be produced. As a result, the female hormone is produced in large quantities, and the male is practically not produced. The body has a high content of a female hormone. About the connection between fat in this article and the increased content of estrogen. The fact is that fat is a water-fatty bacterium, both Staphylococcal and Streptococcal bacteria. Where differences in fat and parasites can be done in the following way. If the fat is such as dense cotton wool, you press it and it slowly rises or stays in place, so all the fat looks like an uneven uniform layering in the palpation - it's a water-fat colony of the Staphylococcal group. If the fat looks like an orange peel, where when probed and visually visible as pebbles, the nodules are weak in density water-fat colony bacteria of the Streptococcal group. This fat is sometimes called cellulite.

Naturally, when the male hormone is suppressed in productivity and a female hormone is produced, the bacterium grows faster in the body, as more favorable conditions are created for it for this. When a person's female hormone becomes more, it can be seen by external factors.

Contents of

  • 1 Symptoms of increased estrogen
  • 2 How does the heartburn and allergy reaction itself occur
  • 3 How to determine what is in the body of staphylococcus aureus?
  • 4 How to deal with Staphylococcus and Streptococcus bacteria?

Symptoms of elevated estrogen

  • may begin to change the voice toward a softer, especially in women;
  • infantility;
  • rounding corners of the body;
  • disruptions( mood swings);
  • vulnerability.

The body begins to develop more in female type, both in men and in women. For me it is necessary not to fight with what has already produced a body or more precisely with the fact that it has not reproduced, but with those who parasitize in the human body. I'll describe how you can determine what kind of bacteria are parasitizing in your body.

If you have heartburn from vegetation of red color, for example from tomatoes, red pepper, rowan, Kalina, maybe strawberries and tp. Allergy rashes on the body from light pink to red, such non-even spots. Just like if there is cellulite according to the type of fat described above, it means that it is more likely to say that the bacterium of the Streptokokova group( almost 300 species) is parasitized in your body.

How the heartburn and allergy reaction itself happens

In red plants, there are protective cells that protect these plants from being eaten, and to a greater extent they protect themselves well against Streptococcal bacteria. In the body, it all looks like this. A person eats red vegetation( especially strong wild plants, worms, etc.) along with plants, and those protective cells that protect these plants from bacteria of parasites get to the body. Inside, they begin to attack Streptococcus, and it begins to defend itself and secrete intensely toxins. The person feels this, as a splitting activity from their toxins, and poisonous. The organism, seeing it all, throws out these toxins through the lymph system to the surface of the body, then a rash is released, and in fact these are the same toxins. That is, the allergy in this case is the protective reaction of bacteria to the fact that they are trying to kill it. Where, in fact, with the right approach, these same plants, you can kill the same bacterium in your body, cleaning it from this parasite and thereby restore your normal weight and cure various diseases( consequences of parasitizing this bacterium) and it is natural to return the hormonalthe level is back to normal.

How to determine what is in the body of staphylococcus aureus?

I'll explain how to determine what is in your body parasitized by the Staphylococcal group of bacteria( quite often seen by me in the onco section, as it can create large dense colonies and is difficult to treat, especially if patients do not follow all recommendations). Staphylococcus is more resistant to external environmentand there is less that can destroy it. But such "allergenic reactions" to chlorine are noticed, some have a very strong reaction to painkillers, where the bacterium, according to my observations, just gets furious at the time of pain medication and begins to strongly parasitize in the body. In my practice there are cases with a fatal outcome from this. People have bleeding, fainting, coma, dissolving from toxins of bacteria, parts of organs, intestines.

There is also such that some of those who strongly parasitize the Staphylococcal bacterium, there is an allergy to cold( although many do not believe them when they tell someone), there may be a strong headache, the skin begins to "pound out", as eaten up, the legs are swelling, breathing problems, etc. This is due to the fact that the Staphylococcus cultures, in the case of their epidemic halo, are mainly northern bacteria, and when the body begins to freeze something, that is, all the processes in this part of the body stop, this does not affect Staphylococcus; on the contrary, it begins to strengthenits activities in this place. After all, he is opposed to much smaller protective functions of the body than usual. Staphylococcus itself strongly shows in the cold. In the same way, a protective reaction of the bacteria to bee honey( an allergenic rash) or to a bee sting was observed in some people.

I will give a practical example. A person with a dense colony in the cervix( onco-section) bites the bee, and he immediately has a large swelling in the place that gradually drains down the body. What happened? The so-called bee venom began to act on the bacterium of the Staphylococcus group, and she began to defend herself by isolating many toxins. Most of them are a toxin like lipase conglomerates( a kind of organic acid) and poison-destroying toxins.

The body needs to save itself, so that during the cleavage of toxins do not poison yourself. And he takes it all away from the organs through the lymph system into the subcutaneous tissue. This is manifested as swelling. Staphylococcus is inhibited by plants that have yellow flowers. That is, these plants should be eaten raw, as usual food in large quantities. At the same time it starts with a small amount, and so on increasing. But provided that this is all done with a full understanding of what is described.

If the body has weners - such a dense formation on the skin for consistency, like cotton wool, then this is also one of the confirmations of the water-fat colony of Staphylococcus. Often known to all species of golden Staphylococcus mutates and passes into onco and other parasites in the human body. With Staphylococcus there are still rounded sores on the body, legs.

But do not forget that this is observed not only with Staphylococcus, so consider this only as an addition to other symptoms.

Still there is such a weakly-verifying method, which somewhere gets, where that is not present. Bacteriophage Staphylococcus, and that is, protective cells tuned exclusively to the bacterium of the Staphylococcal group. Of course it is tuned to the more famous types of Staphylococcus, but it happens that it gives a reaction to the less studied types of Staphylococcus, including onco partitions( able to create dense colonies). That is to say it is easier if you have no parasitic Staphylococcus bacteria, or this type of Staphylococcus is not configured, then you will not have anything if you drink half a milliliter of the bacteriophage Staphylococcus. That is, you will not feel any special changes in your body at all. If you have Staphylococcus to which these bacteriophages will go to suppress, then you will have defensive reactions of Staphylococcus, according to descriptions, as if an unpleasant wave passes through the body on the spine from the bottom up, abdominal rupture, diarrhea, the appearance, the aggravation of any pains, difficultyrespiration and the like.- then you definitely have Staphylococcus.

How to deal with Staphylococcus and Streptococcus bacteria?

Now I will explain how to deal with these parasites and thereby with the increased content of the female hormone. Estrogen. Although this is only the tip of the iceberg, believe me, and is only one of the consequences of human disease and the defeat of bacteria in its body.
I'll start with the fact that these bacteria like what we say let them create a large nutrient medium from our whole body.

One of the big bacteria lover, both Staphylococcal and Streptococcal groups - is sugar and most of all sweet. The same Staphylococcus breaks down sugars and makes with it its own favorite and very strong in its parasitic activity, a toxin like the lipase conglomerate, it actively splits living cells, maims and kills immune cells. That is why the Staphylococcal bacterium climbs with its parasite to the top of the pancreas and splits and suppresses there the so-called islets of Langerngans, which are responsible for the release of substances that regulate sugars in the human body. That is, they release substances that break down sugar. And when these islands become few or production functions are strongly suppressed, then in the human body becomes an increased level of sugar. With practice, I will say that until all the cases of diabetes mellitus that I came across, in the end it turned out that it was the Staphylococcal group of bacteria. To a greater degree I will say that if you have diabetes and there are some other diseases, for example, problems of the spine, bones, liver, heart, etc., then in most you develop the parasite of the Staphylococcal group of bacteria. Also, while I can say the same about hepatitis C, as the practice has shown that basically it is a parasitic bacteria of the Staphylococcal group in the liver.

Streptococcus also likes sugar in the body - on sugar it is faster divided and also produces toxins from it. For example, there is such a controversial yet still some claim that the sweet quickly break down teeth. Which is correct in principle and I will explain why. A person, putting something sweet into the oral cavity, thereby strongly stimulates Streptococcus to reproduce and gives them substances from which the bacterium makes its toxins. Thus, there is an intensive analysis and dysmenogenesis of the teeth, where they blacken and collapse, become dark and fragile - this is caries, if it is easier in a name better known to you. Staphylococcus behaves in a similar way, especially when stimulated by its sweet, in accelerating the disfunction of the teeth. Therefore, the frequent problem of curing people with oncology is that they can no longer only eat raw, especially wild vegetation, since they already have almost no teeth, they have to "blender" everything to a very small size so as not to chew.

Even more love for most parasitic bacteria( including the Spirochete group of bacteria, which also shows itself well in the construction of large dense colonies,( onco-section)) shows itself meat and all animal protein in particular.

I'll explain how this all happens. For example, take this group of experiments: we have a closed chamber, where there are known species of any parasitic cultures, such as Rem, or Anthrax. So, for example, a bacteriological weapon is made-they take it and the animal protein( basically either beef or lamb) is brewed into this chamber to the liquid broth and fed to these parasites( often near the underground bacteriological laboratories there are meat-packing plants, from which they are fed in the right amountnecessary meat).The bacterium grows fast on this meat, starts to share as quickly as possible, it becomes very gluttonous because it is all in abundance, and then, if such a bacterium is released into humans, it quickly infects all the human organs and eats, poisoning the person from within. As a result, a person can die in a few days. Such an example was in Sverdlovsk-19 in 1979 when, with the negligence of staff, an anthrax was released from the cell, which led to an epidemic where people died very quickly. If, for example, a bacterium in the chamber was fed raw meat, then it is not a fact that it would quickly multiply and become very voracious, because in raw meat there are immune cells, which this meat protects from parasitic bacteria. In heat-treated meat, such defenders are no longer - they are dead. Animal protein, and this is meat, milk, eggs and their derivatives are a good nutrient medium in which parasitic bacteria develop well.

Where is the very first headquarters, where do they begin their serious procession through the body? This is the smallest intestine of a person - its very bottom.

I'll explain.the acids that were released in the duodenum as a result of mixing bile from the liver and pancreatic enzymes, for the breakdown of food, reaching the very bottom of the small intestine, have already practically precipitated and become inactive. From the large intestine, where there is active splitting of our food by various cells, the lower part of the small intestine is separated by a valve. As a result, the small intestine is practically sterile from those bacteria that disassemble human food - there is constantly the same temperature and there it can be said that the immune cells do not appear. That is the ideal environment for the development of parasitic cultures. With "proper nutrition, of course, in fact the same bacteriological laboratory, where we ourselves choose who will eat us. For example, we feed into the small intestine various types of meat and bacteria are forced to split this meat, but in fact there. And we ourselves are composed of something with you? Also consist of meat! And why is the bacterium supposed to draw conclusions that I will eat all these types of meat, but for some reason I will not eat this kind of meat? The bacterium also grows on our body, parasitizing our organs, tissues, and eating it from the inside. Hello new diseases! That is, in fact, it is desirable to dispense altogether from all animal protein. This is all food for those who kill us from within, parasitizing our bodies. I will say otherwise - many complex diseases are almost impossible to cure if a person does not give up animal protein. It is extremely difficult to cure a person, removing parasitic cultures from his body, if this person feeds them personally. This is some kind of more training for the bacterium than its withdrawal from the body. The body does not really need protein, it needs the simplest vegetative fiber, which is abundant in various plants, which in turn just as well protect themselves from all kinds of parasites.

An even greater factor in stimulating the growth of parasitic cultures in the human body is environmental problems and food poisoned by various chemicals or rich in genetically modified products. When a person enters into the body any poisons - his cells are forced to split these poisons and remove them. As a result, they are often poisoned themselves, or become very weakened and thereby become a breeding ground for the development of parasitic cultures. As a result, the number of parasites in the body, their parasitism and the increased suppression of the production of the male hormone in the ovaries and the predominance of the female hormone in the human body again increase.

I will give an example where people without understanding it, took part in the investigation. For this, I will take the city of Kostanay, that in Kazakhstan. A little more than 20 years ago there were only a few pharmacies for the whole city( and this is a little closer to 300 thousand people), and if you go into them, they are mostly empty. That is, there were no queues. Now, a pharmacy under a hundred and, going into them, you see there is a queue. What happened in the last 20 years? Ecology has improved. After all, the city is practically clean, except for cars it is more polluting that there is no one else. Those large-scale production that polluted our city under the Soviet Union, collapsed quite successfully during the disintegration and have long since ceased to function. The air has become much cleaner and the land is relatively clean, relative to what they were before. But the main negative change for 20 years has happened in the food, where the situation has developed such that in stores there is practically nothing to take - most foodstuffs are poisoned and have various toxic chemicals in their composition. Where we buy it all, we etch our organism constantly, thereby weakening it and substituting it for the growth of parasites. In addition, the norms of meat consumption per person are constantly growing, which again stimulates the growth of parasitic cells. About GMOs it is generally a separate story. After all, it added to the plant along with the gene a parasite bacterium that previously parasitized in some animal, and then when it was eaten by a human, begins to develop already in it. And, at best, meets the immune response of our body. Just over the past 20 years, people have greatly reduced their physical activity. That is, they began to move little, thereby ceasing to purify their body, helping to work the lymphatic system and excrete toxins of bacteria and lead the lymphocytes( immune cells) to the parasites through the lymph channels.

Another such factor that affects human health and its resistance to parasitic cultures is his attitude. That is our mood. When a person has a positive attitude of his body, then all the cells are well-charged and set for a long happy life, and the body is all built, there is a good tissue regeneration, a good protective function. When a person is upset, then his immune complex immediately starts to work worse. His cells become lethargic, they are not given the mood for a long positive future. That is, in the body there are a number of not quite desirable processes, which is pretty well proven by many people. In the body, destructive processes begin to occur when a person is upset, where assistants in many respects are precisely parasites making up the facts in this process. You yourself know that you can not upset old people, they can seriously get sick, or even die. There was a case where for several bad psychologically days, people not only developed various diseases, but also developed large colonies of parasitic bacteria in the body. That is, weakening your body with your mood, they stimulated and helped the parasites to develop in their body.

So you always need a positive attitude, everything is good, you do not need to have a reason to ruin your own health, do not feed your body with mucks, feed the parasites with animal protein, play sports, sweat more, help the lymph to remove toxins from the body and eat right,which helps to suppress our bacteria.

By the way, about drugs, do not poison your body with various drugs. Such as alcohol, smoking, coffee( and this is the section of opiates), tea, etc. You can write a lot about it, but if you want, you can see my videos and articles. Be healthy, with you was Vladimir Sanfirov.

P.S.And remember, a bacterium strong with our weaknesses. Never give in to them, be above all this. A healthy, strong body is much higher than anything else, and there are some gourmet preferences and other things that prevent us from being healthy.