Vitamin mask: the beauty and health of your hair!

Vitamin mask: the beauty and health of your hair!

Our hair is a mirror of our health. If it is in order, then the hair looks healthy and beautiful. But if only something goes wrong in the body, the first hair reacts to it. They lose their luster, become dull, cease to grow and begin to fall out.

The reason for this can be the usual diet, which many women use to lose weight. Their food is usually very much limited and the amount of vitamins, respectively, also decreases. As a result, avitominosis occurs, against which not only hair, but also nails and skin suffer.

And to maintain health and beauty in spite of anything, you need to regularly make vitamin masks that will provide curls with all the vitamins necessary for their normal growth and beauty.

Recipes for Vitamin Masks for Hair

If you want to pamper your hair with a vitamin mask for hair, you will first need to go to a pharmacy and buy there oil vitamins, which are sold in ampoules. Most often in the recipes of masks there are vitamins such as vitamin E, A and vitamins of group B( B6, B12).

Recipes for Vitamins for Hair

Vitamin mask for hair growth is prepared as follows:

  • in the container should be diluted 2 tbsp.mustard powder with a little warm water until the mustard has acquired a creamy consistency;
  • after to mustard you need to add any butter( castor or burdock) 1 tbsp.and one egg yolk;
  • after obtaining a homogeneous mass, you must also add vitamin A and E for one ampoule;
  • mixture is applied to the hair and left to act for half an hour.

Another very good mask, which also struggles with the problem of hair loss. To make it, you need a teaspoon of vitamins A and E, a couple drops of dimexide and ½ tablespoons.burdock and castor oils. The mask is spread over the entire length of the hair and held for about an hour.

Another beautiful hair mask, which will be very useful in the autumn-winter period. To prepare it you will need one ampoule of oil vitamins of group B( B2, B6, B12), one tablespoon of oils( burdock, sea buckthorn and almond), as well as one whole chicken egg.

All the ingredients should be thoroughly mixed with each other, applied to the hair and keep for at least an hour and a half. Wash off with warm water using shampoo.

And this vitamin mask against hair loss contains vitamins A, E, B6, B12 and D. Each vitamin will require one ampoule. They will need to be mixed with one raw egg yolk, with honey and fresh squeezed lemon juice( 1 tablespoon).It is recommended to keep the mixture on hair for at least one hour.

Video with prescription of vitamin mask for hair

Video about mask for hair growth with vitamins