Masks for hair with vitamin E

Masks for hair with vitamin E

If you dream of beautiful, long and healthy hair, then you just need to regularly make homemade masks based on vitamin E. Its other name is the vitamin of life, and not in vain. He is able in a short time to transform hair, make them thicker and more obedient.

Effect of Vitamin E on Hair

What benefits does vitamin E have for hair? Yes, just great! After all, it is a kind of antioxidant that softens the negative impact of the environment on curls. Because of what the cells cease to damage, the blood flow to them increases, resulting in the hair becoming healthy and strong, and also begin to grow rapidly, as the regeneration processes in them begin to occur more actively.

Agree, every day our hair is exposed to negative effects from the outside: cold wind, scorching sun, sudden temperature changes, use of a hair dryer and ironing, etc. Naturally, all this is very bad for the condition of the curls. They begin to break down, grow dim and grow poorly.

Plus to all this - a wrong food in which obvious deficit of vitamins is observed. And they are also necessary for our hair. Especially useful is vitamin E. It is able even from the simplest home mask to make a professional cosmetic product that in a short time can transform curls.

Vitamin E:

  • will restore the structure of the hair;
  • will "glue" the scales;
  • will strengthen the roots;
  • will eliminate the split ends;
  • will prevent brittleness;
  • will give a natural shine;
  • will improve blood circulation;
  • will accelerate hair growth.

Effect of vitamin E on hair

And for this hair mask with vitamin E should be done regularly. It is necessary to pass a whole course consisting of 10-15 procedures( you need to do the mask 2-3 times a week).

Oil mask with vitamin E

It is possible to prepare an oil mask for hair from ordinary vegetable oil( it is better to take odorous, it contains more useful substances).If you have jojoba oil, burdock or castor oil, you can use them, either individually or mixed in equal proportions.

In total, you need 2 tablespoons of oil, which needs to be slightly heated. It is better to warm it up in a water bath, since you can control the temperature rise, in a microwave oven it will not be real.

As soon as the oil warms up to 40-50 C, add a teaspoon of the vitamin E oil solution to it. Mix the oils thoroughly so that they "connect" with each other and massage them into the scalp. The remainders are spread over the entire length of the hair.

The duration of the mask is 50-60 minutes. Wash it off with warm water using shampoo 2-3 times.

Vitamin mask with Dimexid

Dimexide is a medicinal product that promotes rapid regeneration of the skin. It is used, as a rule, with various injuries, which entailed the appearance of deep wounds.

On the hair, it also acts - regenerates and regenerates. Therefore, its use will be useful for those who have hair repeatedly painted and subjected to other chemical influences.

In combination with vitamin E, this drug simply works wonders. To make this mask, you need to mix 2 tablespoons.burdock and castor oil, after which add 1 tsp to them.oil solution of vitamin E and Dimexide.

Vitamin mask with Dimexide

The resulting oil mixture is applied to the scalp with massage movements, and the remainders are spread over the entire length of the hair. The exposure time is 1 hour.

Vitamin mask

Vitamin E for hair growth can also be used in combination with other oily vitamins. Thus, the curls will be deeply affected, which will help restore them in the shortest time.

To prepare this mask, take( all vitamins oil):

  • vitamin B3 - ½ tsp;
  • vitamin A - ½ tsp;
  • vitamin E - ½ tsp;
  • egg yolk - 1 piece;
  • linseed oil - 2 tbsp.

Connect all these components in one bowl( do not use metal and enameled dishes) and apply them to the hair. Rinse off after about 1-1,5 hours.

Mask with mustard and vitamin E

You can use a vitamin E solution for your hair, both to prevent them from falling out and to enhance their growth. However, if you combine it with mustard, which also has a stimulating and strengthening effect, you can achieve excellent results.

Mask with mustard and vitamin E

Take 2 tbsp.dry powder of mustard and add to them as much boiled water. Mix everything well so that there are no lumps, and then add 1 tsp to the prepared mustard.oil vitamins A and E, burdock oil and one egg yolk. Once more, mix everything and apply the mixture to the hair.

When applying this mask, special attention should be given to the roots. After all, they should be strengthened if you want to have a thick and long head of hair. Rub the mask into the roots with massage movements for 5-10 minutes, and spread the remainders along the entire length of the curls. The exposure time of the mask is 20 minutes.

Warning! Mustard can dry hair, so it is not recommended to apply the mask to the ends, they should be handled separately with some cosmetic oil, well, or vegetable.

Egg mask with vitamin E

This mask is perfect for dry curls that lack shine. To cook it, take 2 tablespoons.butter burdock, warm it lightly, and then add a teaspoon of vitamin E. It is necessary to beat the egg yolk in a separate cup, and then combine it with the oil mixture. If the hair is very dry, then you can add 1 tablespoon to the mask.a spoonful of fatty cream or sour cream. Apply the mixture to the curls. The exposure time is approximately 50 minutes.

Some tips for the use of hair masks with vitamin E

Vitamin E from hair loss and growth, it is necessary to apply by some rules. Its action will be most active if, after applying the mask on its basis, you put a shower cap on your head and wrap it with a towel, that is, create a greenhouse effect. After washing off the mask, it is advisable not to use a hairdryer. The hair must dry itself.

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