Vitamin B2 for hair: useful properties and methods of application

Vitamin B2 for hair: useful properties and methods of application

Riboflavin - this is the name of the popularly named vitamin B2.Thanks to him, our skin, hair and nails receive nutrients and get healthier shine. When the body is deficient in this element, it immediately affects the condition of the hair.

They become fat at the roots and dry at the tips, which puts many women in a dead end, because caring for such problem hair is a lot of trouble. And complicating the situation is also the factor that, acting along with food, vitamin B2 is rapidly excreted from the body, so it is so important to ensure its intake from the outside.

Vitamin B2 for hair: properties of

Vitamin B2 for hair is of undoubted benefit to them. It is an excellent supplier of oxygen to cells, so with sufficient quantity in the body, the locks acquire lightness and airiness.

Its ability to regulate metabolic processes allows hair follicles to normally receive such important elements as proteins, fats and carbohydrates. In addition, vitamin B2 improves blood circulation, which increases the amount of incoming minerals and other vitamins to skin cells.

This complex effect allows you to restore hair, make it obedient, soft and silky.

Vitamin B2 for hair: properties

Application of vitamin B2

It should be noted immediately that for best effect it is best to apply vitamin B2 simultaneously from the inside and out. It is very easy to do this - you just need to include in your diet foods with a high content of it and make regular special masks, which will also be supplemented with vitamin B2.

Vitamin in 2 for hair is found in the following foods:

  • nuts;
  • mushrooms;
  • fish;
  • eggs;
  • by-products;
  • whole grain bread;
  • milk;
  • spinach.

In principle, all these products are used by us daily. Therefore, problems with providing the body with vitamins B2 from within should not arise. If in your diet the above products are contained in a small amount or completely absent, then you just need to adjust it in favor of them.

If for some reason you can not eat these foods( do not like or have allergies to them), then to replenish the supplies of vitamin B2 from within you will be helped by special pharmacy vitamin complexes. Accept them according to the attached instructions.

Externally provide the hair with this element can be very easy - just doing 1-2 times a week nourishing masks. They are prepared from a variety of products. Their selection is carried out in each case individually, depending on the problem that you want to solve.

The use of vitamin B2

However, adding vitamin B2 in the preparation of masks, is necessary every time. At the same time, you should buy in the pharmacy a buttered version of it( sold in ampoules).The mask should be carefully rubbed into the scalp and distributed throughout the length of the hair.

Remember, to achieve a positive effect from home masks, they should be prepared only from natural and fresh products. If you have left the remnants of the finished mask, you can safely throw them away. Keep them in the refrigerator they do not need, because after a couple of hours the mask completely loses its useful properties and its use becomes meaningless, and in some cases even dangerous.

Masks with vitamin B2 - this is an "ambulance" to your hair. Do not neglect them, because if you start using them now, you can prevent the appearance of a lot of problems with curls in the future!

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