Protect your tummy - use cream from stretch marks during pregnancy

A woman is waiting for a wonderful event - the birth of a new life. Many people say that this state decorates it. But she should not be seduced and relaxed. The physiological changes that occur with it at this time can negatively affect its appearance in the future. For example, the stomach and chest may hang, stretch marks and pigment spots may appear. To avoid these troubles, you need to do yourself constantly, for example, use cream from stretch marks during pregnancy.



Good, our modernity provides girls with a whole arsenal of remedies that eliminate these cosmetic imperfections. But the main thing in such a significant period of life is not to harm the future child. After all, our skin is an excellent conductor, it absorbs everything we saturate, and these substances can be harmful to the baby. Because to choose products from stretch marks you need to competently and only from well-known manufacturers.

Recommendations for choosing creams from stretch marks

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These simple tips will help you make the right choice:

  • funds from stretch marks during pregnancy are better to buy in pharmacies or branded stores;
  • this should be a specific product, authorized for use during pregnancy;
  • open the package and smell the cream, its aroma should not be sharp and unpleasant for you - let it be easy and unobtrusive;
  • study the composition of the cream, it should include emollients such as shea butter, wheat germ oil, jojoba oil, olive oil and others, good moisturizers of the skin are aloe vera, hyaluronic acid, chitosan.
  • is excellent if the components in the cream are collagen, amino acids, minerals, blood circulation improving agents, vitamins - they will promote the fastest skin regeneration and make it smoother;
  • first buy a sample of the cream if possible and check the skin reaction to it, the cream should be hypoallergenic.
Cream for stretch marks during pregnancy

Creams from stretch marks during pregnancy

The hormonal reorganization that occurs in women waiting for the appearance of the baby makes the skin very sensitive. Therefore, far-sighted future moms from the first days begin to do a light massage zones, subject to the appearance of stretch marks, with natural oils. And later, when striae( stretch marks) are actively beginning to appear, they use pre-selected and tested cream from stretch marks.

A brief overview of anti-stretch creams

It's great that the market is now quite full with such a product, but it is the similarity of creams and their incredible amount that make the choice very difficult. Therefore, we bring to your attention popular and safe products for pregnant women.

AVENT stretch cream has moisturizing and toning properties and makes the skin more elastic due to the content of seaweed extracts. Contained in it shea butter nourishes the skin and softens, sweet almond oil soothes and moisturizes it, and papaya oil helps to get rid of swelling. If you use it regularly in parallel with the massage, you can not be afraid of the appearance of striae. In addition, having a rich and low-fat formula, it helps to fight weight fluctuations. They can also be used during lactation, avoiding application to the nipples. The cream is safe for the baby.

Cream for stretch marks AVENT

Cream from stretch marks AVENT

Cream SANOSAN with olive oil and wheat proteins responsible for the elasticity of the skin. This wonderful cream can be used to prevent stretch marks for pregnant women and immediately after childbirth. It can be used by girls in the teenage period, when skin problems often occur.

Cream from stretch marks MUSTELA, after passing clinical testing with the participation of gynecologists, has well proven itself for preventive purposes. But this is not his only advantage - it reduces the already emerging striae. Mustela contains emollient oils, humectants of ANA, stimulants of elasticity, vasoprotective complex of microelements, silicon and extract of Japanese Sophora. These components stimulate the skin and prevent the appearance of stretch marks and scars. The cream is hypoallergenic and can be used safely with breastfeeding. Its texture is creamy and suitable for massage, and on clothes does not leave traces.

MAMA COMFORT is designed for pregnant women with very sensitive and dry skin. It contains emollient and moisturizing ingredients: olive oil and tea tree oil, horse chestnut extract and chamomile extracts. It penetrates deep into the skin, so that the components enter the bloodstream, improve microcirculation and stimulate metabolic processes. With regular application, the skin condition will really improve - it will become elastic and smooth.



Cream from stretch marks VICHY - a universal tool that can be used as a preventative and as a corrective. It contains ingredients that help restore skin elasticity. According to reviews, not all women are suitable for the cream, but this is not an indicator of its quality, because we are all different and each needs its own individual means. Vichy restores the skin elasticity, and the earlier stretch marks, makes it less noticeable. With a view to prevention, they begin to use it from the fourth month of pregnancy, for correction it is used 2-3 months regularly.

LIERAC cream is used not only for stretch marks, but also for other skin defects that can appear during periods of hormonal changes. He manages to reduce the number and size of fat cells and align the structure of the skin, improve its color. Therefore, it is used in the fight against cellulite. The correction period from stretch marks is at least three months. Apply twice a day with massage movements.

Cream stretch marks CHICCO is considered the safest for your child, which is confirmed by many clinical tests. Its impact is superficial and can not harm either mother or child. Nevertheless, the skin from it becomes elastic and moisturized. The cream is rich in PP and E vitamins, and also contains wheat and rice bran oils. It is well applied and quickly absorbed. Apply twice a day, massaging the skin.

The GUAM cream contains 10% glycolic acid, thanks to which the epidermis is much faster updated and stretch marks become almost invisible. Also in its composition there is vitamin C and natural oils, beneficial to the skin. In addition, the cream produces a tightening effect.

Oriflame cream, like all products of the Swedish company, consists only of natural products and is absolutely safe for future mothers and their babies. This innovative product contains provitamin B5 and vitamin E, sweet almond oil and soy protein - components that improve skin regeneration and stimulate the production of its own elastin.

WELEDA cream contains vitamins and vitamins, as well as arnica extract. The cream has a pleasant aroma of orange and rose. Use it as a prophylactic, but can also be used after birth to correct stretch marks.

Many of these products can be used as a cream from stretch marks after childbirth. This is indicated by special inscriptions on the packages, which allow their use in the period of breastfeeding.

We remind you that before using the cream, you need to carefully study its composition and all recommendations.

Of course, the products listed are from stretch marks, not all that is presented on the Russian market. But you got the initial knowledge about these facilities and, we hope, will be able to find the best option for yourself.
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