Choosing a baby carriage

Even long before the birth of the baby, Mom already has a list of those things that must necessarily be purchased. The stroller is one of the first, how to choose a baby stroller. To date, it is very difficult to manage without it, although there are alternative options - slings( slings - a sling for carrying small children), which will be discussed in another article.

What are the strollers


Represent a multifunction device. They are ideal for newborns, and easily transformed into a walking version. By purchasing a transformer, you can travel with it until the child abandons the wheelchair at all. However, there are some nuances. Wheelchair-transformers are bigger than their counterparts - they weigh more than 15 kg, - but they have a portable cradle, they have large solid wheels and a strong enough structure, there are necessary accessories such as: hood, basket, adjustable sliding footrest, etc. At the same timethey look very original.

The main advantage of wheelchair-transformers is that they can be used for sleeping and walking. They have a good ability to change position. Such a stroller will serve your child from birth to the moment when he can do without it. Also, this type of stroller is suitable for parents who like to go hiking in nature or to walk in the park on unpaved roads.


strollers-stroller This option is suitable for children older than six months, when the child can already sit on his own. The main advantage of such a stroller is its weight. When buying such a stroller, be sure that the backrest is adjustable and can take a horizontal position, otherwise it will be extremely inconvenient for your child to sleep for a walk. Unlike the transformer, such a stroller does not protect the baby from the wind and cold.


stroller This is a type of stroller. They are very light, and represent a piece of cloth stretched over the frame. This model is ideal for a trip to a clinic, shop or for a trip in public transport. When folded, they turn into a cane, from where they got their name. Very light and compact. Of their advantages, there are disadvantages - the wheelchair is very unstable, it does not overcome obstacles well, it is intended only for sitting.

Universal stroller

universal strollers This is a kind of transformer, only the walk and the cradle are separate elements, which allows not to overload the stroller with parts and assemblies. A newborn baby will be very comfortable in the cradle, and when the child grows up, the cradle can be replaced with a walking unit. By the way, in some models, a walking block is a car seat, without which moms-motorists can not do without.

Before buying, be sure to roll the stroller, ask the seller about all its characteristics. Perhaps for you an important criterion will be inflatable wheels, flip-handle or the presence of a bag for the mother. Currently, a huge variety of models will help you choose the ideal option for you.

And now make your choice. And let your baby in the carriage stare only the most beautiful dreams, and walks turn into pleasure.