The child's diet for colds

The question of how to feed a child with colds, every caring mother asks herself. The vagaries peculiar to a sick child, a poor appetite and an increased need for vitamins force parents to think seriously about the optimal diet, which includes dishes that are tasty, attractive, full of composition and contributing to an early recovery.


Pondering the menu for a sick child, you need to take into account a few nuances. First of all, do not offer the baby new, untried foods and dishes, even if they are very useful. While the child's body is under stress, fighting a cold, potentially dangerous new dishes can cause allergy or vomiting. For example, a pomegranate juice or a broth that is unfamiliar to a child is capable, for all their benefit to the baby, when he is healthy, to aggravate the disease of a weakened organism.

Food should be as balanced as possible in terms of fat, vitamins, proteins and carbohydrates. Do not overestimate the role of food in the period of illness and force the child to finish everything, against his will, especially if he has a fever. Listen to the wishes of the child, if he already speaks well and can say what he wants to eat.

Do not forget to always keep a warm drink near the baby's bed, which cleanses the body of germs and toxins, and therefore is more important than food. Let it not be simple water or sweet tea, but compote, herbal tea or other drink with which vitamins will come into the body. Which vitamins for children with colds will be their best helpers on their way to recovery? Vitamin C, which, as scientists have found, is not an effective preventive measure, can reduce the time of a cold and relieve its unpleasant symptoms. Vitamins A and B excellently improve immunity, in addition, vitamin A protects the mucous membranes and skin from penetration of microbes. Broths of nettle, chamomile, linden, as well as echinacea and valerian contribute to the production of interferon in the body, a substance that boosts the immune cells in the bone marrow.

All of us in our childhood, for a cold, were treated with milk with butter or with honey. Useful when taking antibiotics, oil and milk should not be offered to a sick child less than one and a half years old, since they are able to overload the liver. Honey can be given to a sick child over the age of the year, provided that he tried it before. Raspberries and jam from it can be given to a child on the same conditions as honey, as it sometimes causes allergies. Antibiotics are well combined with sour-milk products, they are easier to digest, and they restore excellent microflora.

If the child complains that it is painful to swallow, do not offer him too hard food - crackers or nuts. Those who often suffer from pain in the throat, they know that the pain when swallowing will be less noticeable if you hold your ears tightly together with the gullet. Sore throat with difficulty transfers hot, salty or spicy dishes. From sweet it is better to limit the pastille or marmalade, and with the use of chocolate and caramels to wait.

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