Face mask from starch: action on the skin, application, recipes


  • Magic effect of starch on the skin
  • Tips for using starch as a cosmetic product
  • Starch facial masks

Starch is a tasteless white granular powder that does not dissolve in cold water, and when compressed, produces a characteristic creak caused by friction of the particles. It is actively used in the food and textile industries. Due to its chemical composition and properties, this substance can be used even in home cosmetology. Self-made face mask from starch, according to reviews, can be an excellent alternative to the famous Botox. It has an excellent pulling action on the already mature, wrinkled skin. In addition to this miraculous property, she has many other advantages that deserve the attention of all the beauties who seek to use natural cosmetics to care for their appearance.

Magic effect of starch on the skin

The rejuvenating and lifting properties of starch as a cosmetic product are caused by exposure to skin cells with the beneficial substances that are contained in this powder. In addition, it has the ability to swell when diluted in hot water, get an adhesive consistency, which also affects later the skin: it is smoothed, it becomes elastic and elastic. In this process, vitamins and trace elements are involved:

  • ascorbic acid( vitamin C) helps regenerate damaged cells, restoring them to life, protecting against further destruction, and also kills free radicals that actively hunt for living cells;
  • thiamin ( vitamin B1) is known for its anti-inflammatory properties, so face mask with face starch can be advised to use for adolescents who are tired of fighting acne and acne, which can not be avoided at this age;
  • riboflavin ( vitamin B2) improves complexion, as it normalizes cellular respiration;
  • pantothenic acid ( vitamin B5) smooths wrinkles, fights with aging of the skin, gives lifting masks their lifting properties;
  • pyridoxine ( vitamin B6) has a curative effect, saving the skin from various diseases and fungal infections;
  • niacin ( vitamin B3, PP) is involved in redox reactions, awakens cells whose development has been slowed down over time;
  • folic acid ( vitamin B9) maximally reduces the harmful effects on the skin of the environment;
  • tocopherol ( vitamin E) accelerates the synthesis of collagen and elastin fibers in cells, which are responsible for the elasticity and youth of the skin at any age;
  • choline ( vitamin-like substance) sets up the work of sebaceous and fatty glands, so the facial masks for the face are universal in their kind: they are suitable for care for both oily and dry skin;
  • iron is involved in the process of blood circulation, thereby uninterruptedly supplying oxygen cells;
  • potassium maintains a normal level of moisture in the skin, prevents the evaporation of moisture from the epidermis;
  • carbohydrates nourish the skin, return energy to it, if it is tired.
Such an impressive list of vitamins and other useful substances helps to understand why it is increasingly common in the home to use a facial mask from starch instead of botox: safely and effectively. Of course, you will not get such a result as from the injection of youth, but with regular application of such masks you will notice how your facial and age wrinkles become less noticeable and deep, gradually smooth out, and the skin becomes elastic and elastic. To achieve all these results, you need to be able to properly prepare facial masks from starch, since the substance differs from other usual products by its properties.

Summer masks from fruits - a find for home skin care. Try to make out strawberries and make sure that after a few treatments the skin will shine.

Protective face masks protect from many external stimuli: sunlight, frost, poor-quality cosmetics, etc.

Tips for using starch as a cosmetic product

Starch, if not handled correctly, can become completely useless as a cosmetic. This is due to its not very usual chemical and physical properties. Therefore, many young ladies just do not get to cook face masks out of him. However, those who learn to handle it will be pleased with the results that they will soon see in the mirror. Just consider the following nuances in the process of using starch care products at home.

  1. Indications : facial mask is recommended for use to those who already have the first signs of aging, wilting, with oily and dry skin, with beriberi in the cold season, if acne and acne are tortured if the skin is thin and sensitive. But the most important property of the starch mask is rejuvenation and lifting.
  2. Contraindications : cracked, flaky skin, open wounds and cracks on the face, serious infectious skin diseases.
  3. Testing : starch in fact very rarely causes allergic reactions, but just in case, however, the prepared composition should be applied to the most sensitive and thin area of ​​the skin that is on the wrist. If after him within 4-5 hours there will be no unpleasant and painful sensations in the form of itching and redness, you should not be afraid of side effects and you can safely apply the mask on your face.
  4. The most important rule that must be observed when preparing starch masks: the main substance should be diluted in a warm liquid. This can be ordinary water, milk or infusion of herbs, but they must all be warm when touched with starch! If they are cold, the powder will not dilute, the mask will be grainy and will not lie on the face. It will be even worse if you take a hot liquid, because in it the starch will dissolve so much that, in the end, you will get glue that will pull your skin off and prove to be more harmful than useful.
  5. To obtain a quality cosmetic paste it is not recommended to leave starch in the liquid used for a long time .Divorced - and then put on the face, and otherwise again, as a result, get glue.
  6. To enhance the cosmetic effect, add to the starch facial masks a variety of products. If you have oily skin, it can be citrus, berries, protein or skim milk. To care for dry epidermis, use moisturizing ingredients: yolk, vegetables and fruits, cream, fatty sour cream.
  7. To make the starch mask as effective as possible and to please you with its anti-aging properties, pre-prepare skin for this procedure. First with it you will need to remove all cosmetics( mascara, foundation, powder, etc.).Then steam it: make a steam bath on the herbs and hold your face over it for 5-7 minutes. Pores will open and be able to absorb the maximum amount of nutrients. After that, do not be too lazy and clean the skin with a scrub. Now you can be sure: it is ready for the procedure.
  8. The starch mask needs to evenly distribute over the skin surface. This can be done with your fingers or a cosmetic brush. Do not forget that you need to apply the miracle composition exclusively on massage lines, while massaging the skin with circular rubbing movements.
  9. During the action of the mask you will need to lie down and relax. You should not exert any tension on your facial muscles.
  10. Once the starch on your face starts to dry out( after 5-7 minutes after application), the composition can be applied again to the skin, and you can immediately wash it off. The optimal time for the mask is 10-15 minutes.
  11. It is best to wash off the dried starch mask from the face with a warm liquid. Again, this can be herbal infusion, milk or the most common water. Any low and hot temperatures at the contact with starch and at this stage should not be - remember this!
  12. After that, remove the stress from the strained skin with the usual daily cream.
  13. If skin problems are neglected( many wrinkles, pimples, the epidermis is very dry or too greasy), it is recommended to do a starch mask a couple of times a week. If you use it more for prevention, then once a week it will be quite enough.
  14. The course of treatment of ( i.e., elimination of serious cosmetic problems) should be at least 15 masks. The course of preventive procedures can be limited to only 10 masks.

If competently, with the knowledge of all these nuances to use starch for the preparation of cosmetic masks, their effectiveness will definitely please you and inspire you to new tests of this amazing powder. A variety of recipes will allow you to pick up something to your taste and individual preferences.

Recipes for facial masks for face

Starch as a cosmetic is universal, because it can be combined with anything, just to make it not hot. Therefore, there are a lot of recipes for masks with his participation. Usually they indicate not only the composition, but also the purpose, that is, for what type of skin this mask is designed and what cosmetic problem it solves. Be sure to be guided by this when choosing a recipe.

  • Milk mask for sensitive skin

Mix starch( 1 tablespoon) with fresh fatty milk( 1 tablespoon), add peach cosmetic oil( 1 teaspoon).

  • Protein mask for oily skin

Starch( 1 tablespoon), dilute with warm water until a sticky paste( called starch paste), which will have to be grinded with 1 fresh egg white. For greater efficiency in the mask, you can add 1 teaspoon of fresh lemon juice.

  • Honey mask with salt for aging skin

Mix starch( 1 tablespoon) with plain salt( 1 teaspoonful), dilute with warm milk, add liquid honey melted to warm state( 1 teaspoon).It turns out an effective mask-scrub, which does not leave wrinkles and toxins a chance of existence. It is recommended to apply on the skin in circular rubbing movements, which will enhance the lifting effect of the mask.

  • Kefir-protein mask with pulling effect

Starch( 1 tablespoon) diluted in warm kefir medium-fat( 1 tablespoon), add 1 raw, whipped into a foam protein. Already after the first application of this starch mask, you will feel that your skin has become more elastic, softer, the yellowness has gone, fine wrinkles have smoothed out.

  • Lemon mask against pigmentation

It is common knowledge that lemon juice irritates the skin properties, it is considered a very active ingredient. However, starch softens its aggressive effect, enhancing its rejuvenating properties. Dilute the potato starch( 1 tablespoon) in the same amount of fresh lemon juice. The whitening effect will be noticeable after the first procedure: the pigment spots of any origin will become noticeably lighter. Often 2-3 drops of tea tree aether are added to this mask, which also has a whitening effect.

Usually, every hostess in the kitchen has starch, as it is actively used for cooking various dishes. Now you can safely apply it in another area: to rejuvenate and improve your fading, wrinkled skin. Do not neglect this substance, because it produces tremendous cosmetics - inexpensive and very effective. Now you can forget about many of your defects and troubles associated with skin: starch masks will save you from complexes and increase self-esteem.

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