Super diet for weight loss

Super diet for weight loss

Super effective diet gives an astounding result, every day those who want to lose weight lose one kilogram each. Is it safe for health? Is super-diet really so effective?

Features of the diet for 10 days

The super diet is designed for 10 days, the result varies between 8-10 kg for the period of dietary intake. The secret of the diet is that in one day only one product is allowed in the amount of 1 kg. Many nutritionists probably get their hands up and say that such a diet will be unsafe for health, but if this is the only way to become slim and beautiful, why not try it.

Caution: , at the first sign of malaise and ill health, it is important to immediately seek qualified medical attention.

Super diet for effective fat burning

The diet menu looks like this:

  • the first day - boiled potatoes;
  • second - fresh cabbage;
  • third-cooked beetroot;
  • the fourth - raw carrots;
  • the fifth - apples;
  • the sixth - fresh cucumbers;
  • seventh - repeat the fifth day;
  • eighth - 1.5 liters of milk;
  • the ninth - kefir 1,5 l;
  • the tenth - boiled rice - 100g.

Numerous reviews of those who lose weight testify that it is easy to sustain such a diet, most importantly, to adjust yourself morally and physically, not to think about sweets and not to drink alcohol, which completely crosses out all attempts to become slim and fit.

Super diet for effective fat burning

And for those who want to lose another 10 kg for the next week, there is another menu by the day that will help to easily survive the whole period and get stable high results.

  • Monday - a piece of boiled beef - 200 grams, one egg and 2 tomatoes.
  • Tuesday - half the beef, 2 apples, salad with tomatoes and cucumbers, seasoned with lemon juice, unsweetened herbal tea.
  • Wednesday - as much beef, a piece of rye bread, 2 pears and apples.
  • Thursday - beef, bread, 2 eggs and half a liter of kefir.
  • Friday - a serving of potatoes, 700 g of apples, kefir.
  • Saturday - boiled chicken meat, 300g, 2 eggs and 2 cucumbers, unsweetened green tea.
  • Sunday - 2 apples, 4 boiled potatoes, a cup of yogurt.

Features of nutrition for super-diet

Before embarking on such a crucial period in life as losing weight, it is important to take into account several basic points of the correct and effective way of "depriving of excess weight".

  1. This super diet gives a real result only in cases when, in addition to nutrition, simple training is also conducted to strengthen the muscles of the body. You can lose weight by 20 kg, but to bring your body in order after that - the task really is not easy.
  2. All the diet of one day should be divided into 4-5 servings, there is little, but often. Then the body will be well fed, but the excessive desire to eat a camel from the slimming will not arise.
  3. You must have dinner no later than 6 pm. Of course, this rule is now being tried by many nutritionists to refute, they say, the role of when the last piece of food was eaten - does not play in the process of metabolism, but it's not entirely comfortable to sleep on a full stomach.
  4. The diet must be accompanied by positive emotions, good mood, communication with friends, morning or evening jogging.
  5. For one day you need to drink at least 1.5-2 liters of water, the liquid must be present in the body, this way toxins and harmful radicals will exit faster, the digestive channel will be cleared, fats will be burned more efficiently.

Attention: Before starting the weight loss process, it is advisable to consult with a nutritionist, paint an individual scheme of eating, exclude allergens, and read contraindications in order to avoid negative consequences after this diet.

Features of nutrition for super-diet

Super diet - minus 15 kg for 14 days

To super diets of fast growing weight you can include buckwheat and kefir diet. When a long period of slimming uses the same product until the desired results are obtained.

Liquid diets are safe for the body, they contain a full list of useful vitamins and microelements that get inside when you use freshly squeezed juices, home smoothies.

Here is one of the most stringent diets, which is famous for its high weight loss - for 2 weeks - minus 15 kg. Diet for each day consists of oat broth without salt, a glass of juice, vegetable broth and boiling water, which must be drunk every two to three hours in a cooled form.

The main thing is to hold on for the first two days until the body adapts, if the losing weight has the strength to continue the diet, then the following days will be much easier to tolerate, there will be a certain satiety after each meal.

It's just impossible to get out of the diet, you need to add one dish every day for a week and gradually increase the load on the intestines. If this is not done, then the most deplorable results, stopping the intestines, constipation, intoxication of the body are possible.

Necessarily, copious drink. And also the reception of multivitamin complexes, to maintain the vital activity of the whole apparatus. For constipation, one per day of dry bran should be consumed per day, washed down with water.

Super diet - user reviews

Karina, 20 years old.
"At that age it seems that every kilogram on your body is superfluous. So I decided to lose weight with this diet, but that only lasted two days, maybe I do not have so much willpower, or I'm just not yet ready for this step. I was not able to lose weight, but the body cleared and "refreshed."So I'm still happy with the result! ".

Victoria, 45 years old.
"And for me, losing weight became the main part of life, because the extra pounds started to pour from the sky, I had a hormonal failure, and against this background I gained an extra 20 kg, in addition to my 70 kg. So my motivation was strong, that's why I tried the super-diet, which turned out to be not only super effective, but also not very difficult.

Just before that, I often spent unloading days on kefir, buckwheat, milk, apples, cabbage, watermelons, so my body probably already prepared for it. For two weeks I lost 13 kg, and after a long withdrawal from the diet - 2 months( I was afraid to return the discarded centimeters, and therefore I was eating about the same as during the diet), I still lost 15 kg. So now my weight is in full combat readiness.

I am very pleased with the result, and it became easier to breathe, and the work of the internal organs improved, I began to feel more happy and confident woman! All the most beautiful to you! "

This is such a super-diet. Who wants to - try on health!

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