Three Day Diet

Three-day diet

How to lose weight in three days and realize your dream - minus 2 cm at the waist and 5 kg of excess weight? Features food and a detailed menu for three days. Recommendations of specialists and feedback of slimming.

Three-day diet for weight loss

This food system is quite strict, at this time the body will experience a lot of stress, which will be the key to half the success. It is better to carry out such a diet in the summer, in the heat there is not really want to, only to drink, but this is a good indication of the effectiveness of the three-day food system.

Before you begin the process of losing weight, you need to gradually reduce the calorie content of foods and eat low-calorie food. The products of the dietary table stimulate metabolic processes, promote better fat burning, normalize the digestive tract.

The first day of the three-day diet

Breakfast should start with a glass of freshly squeezed apple juice, carrots. Before dinner, nothing more is not recommended. Only drink otsuzhennuyu boiled water. During lunch, it is allowed to use vegetables and fruits in boiled, baked or raw form. The main thing is to exclude potatoes and bananas. For dinner - unsweetened juice or green tea.

Warning: judging by the menu of the three-day diet to lose minus 5 kg is possible, because the food is so light that nothing will linger in the stomach, the digestive system will start to work faster, burning subcutaneous fats, transferring them into energy. There will be a useful easy run, or irregular gymnastic exercises.

The second day of the diet

The second day of the

diet Even more strict. On this day it is allowed to drink only water, for lunch - a glass of kefir low fat. It is advisable to exclude physical activity on the second day of the diet, rest more, walk in the fresh air, read positive literature.

The third day of the diet

Almost the same as the first, in the morning a glass of juice or vegetable smoothie is drunk. During lunch, it is allowed to eat salad with cabbage, carrots and greens, season with lemon. In the evening - 2 green apples and one orange. Drink a glass of water.

Effective three-day diet will be high only if you completely revise the diet, high-calorie dishes replaced with vegetables, fruits, salad from vegetables and greens. Moderate physical load will always be in favor. Thus, the result will be preserved for a long time, the complexion becomes better, the skin will become elastic.

This diet can only be observed by adults without health problems. But teenagers and pregnant women such a system of weight loss is strictly prohibited. The same prohibitions apply to people with high arterial division, kidney and liver problems, and cardiovascular disorders.

Cucumber three-day system

Provides fast weight loss, but not all can withstand it. For the entire period of dietary nutrition it is allowed to eat only 2 kg of cucumbers a day, washing vegetables with a copious amount of water. You need to drink green tea or herbal decoctions, but not in any cases, fizzy drinks.

Kefir three-day diet

Kefir and buckwheat work wonders, for three on such a mono diet you can lose weight by more than 3 kg. All the time it is allowed to drink a low-fat fermented milk product and eat buckwheat steamed with water without the addition of salt.

Watermelon diet for 3 days

Watermelon diet for 3 days

For summer - it's just lovely, and the body is saturated with vitamins, and the process of losing weight will move from the dead point. The main thing is not to stop at what has been achieved, but to go further, not to eat high-calorie food, drink more liquid and exercise.

Reviews of experts about the three-day diets

Volkova Maria Aleksandrovna, a dietician

"Such kind of diets are aimed at unloading the body from harmful food, heavy microelements that people use for a long time. The process of losing weight is due to the withdrawal of fluid from the body, and kilograms are unlikely to go away. And for 3 days, the subcutaneous fats do not ruminate and split into energy.

One thing I will say for sure, such diets are useful, especially for those who regularly eat semi-finished products and other heavy carbohydrates. Hardly it will be possible to save the result, but to update the digestive system - it is necessary! »

Three-day diet - user reviews

Katerina, 33 years old.
"I constantly give time to unloading days, and once a month I spend a three-day diet on apples and carrots. I do not complain about the excess kilogram, I just always support the body in the norm. And after the holidays, such diets are not only useful, but also necessary. The digestive system is cleared and the work of the intestine is established. I advise! »

March, 23 years.
"I can not stand a long system of losing weight, I always break down and gain even more weight. And thanks to a three-day diet on cucumbers, she finally began to bounce back. The main thing is to drink plenty of fluids and not be tempted by high-calorie foods! »

Health to you and perfect well-being!

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