Diet 12 days for weight loss: one hundred percent result!

Diet 12 days for weight loss: a 100% result!

A diet of 12 days is a strict diet that includes a certain menu, adhering to which you can lose up to 8 kg. At the same time, the result remains for a long time, unless, of course, you overcrowd your diet with all sorts of sweets and high-calorie food.

The diet menu 12 days

The diet of 12 days of the menu has the following: for all 12 days it is necessary to drink daily herbal tea in unlimited quantities and eat a couple of tablespoons of sunflower refined oil. In addition, you need to eat the following foods that need to be divided into equal parts and consumed throughout the day:

Day Menu
1 1 liter kefir with 2.5% fat
2 6 pieces of large oranges
3 Low fat curd 300g
4 Cabbage caviar 250 grams
5 Dark chocolate with a high percentage of cocoa - 100 g
6 Green apples - 1,5 kg
7 Boiled lean beef - 400 g
8 Tomato juice - 1 l, vegetable salad( cucumbers + tomatoes) - 200 g
9 Hard cheese - 300 g
10 Vegetable salad( cucumbers + tomatoes + herringwhite cabbage + parsley + dill) - 400 g
11 Low fat curd - 300 g
12 Fresh plums - 1 kg

Rules and the result of a diet for 12 days

To ensure that the diet of 12 days results are positive, your diet should not contain other foods, except those indicated in the table.

Physical stress at the time of compliance with this food program should be excluded, as the body will be weakened and dizziness, nausea, headaches, abdominal pain and fatigue may appear.

If these symptoms appear at the moment of "sitting" on a diet, then you need to switch to a habitual way of life and show your doctor.

Diet 12 days

The diet menu is very strict, so before you "sit down" on this diet, you need to consult a doctor and be examined at any medical center. Since such fasting can lead to deterioration of well-being and exacerbation of chronic diseases.

People suffering from diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and housing and communal services, compliance with the diet is strictly contraindicated, as well as pregnant women and women breastfeeding. To adolescents, such a diet is also contraindicated, since it does not contain the amount of useful substances needed for a growing body.

After observing this diet, there may be side effects, including hair loss and fragility, deterioration of the skin, the appearance of acne, fragility and foliation of the nails.

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