Mastopathy: can I sunbathe or not?

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Every third woman knows about mastopathy, not by hearsay. This disease is not a verdict at all. Strict adherence to the doctor's recommendations and certain precautions will help to minimize all risks. However, with the onset of the beach season, women are increasingly questioning: Is it possible to sunbathe with mastopathy? And in all cases is this permissible?

What is mastopathy?

E Tanning with mastopathy is a benign dyshormonal disease of the mammary glands. It is characterized by a specific proliferation of glandular tissue in the mammary gland. Thanks to high technologies in the field of medicine, this ailment is successfully treatable.

However, success directly depends on how accurately and clearly the patient fulfills all the prescriptions of the doctor. A high probability of recurrence and occurrence of breast cancer is possible only if a woman ignores precautions.

Mastopathy. Illustration


Slimness of sunburn with mastopathy


But with the diagnosis of mastopathy can I sunbathe at all? Or is it better not to risk and forever forget about the beautiful bronze tan? Only your doctor can answer this question. It is he who can assess the severity of the disease, allow or prohibit you to take sunbathing.

When is sunburn contraindicated?

Is it possible to sunbathe with mastopathy during an exacerbation of the disease? In some cases, stay in the sun is strictly prohibited. These include:

  • cystic disease;
  • appeared pain in the glands;
  • presence of seals, nodules, tumors;
  • discharge from the nipples;
  • breast swelling;
  • increase its size.

In all these cases, it is better to give up the beach. It is not necessary to hope for "maybe, it will carry".Better insure yourself, than you will later regret what was done. Mastopathy - can I sunbathe?

A tan

In principle, mastopathy and sunburn are not incompatible. Even with such a serious illness, you can afford a light tan. Moderate exposure to the sun is very beneficial for the body.

But how to determine the very amount of sunlight that will be safe? In this case, the following rules will help, which should be strictly adhered to:

  • Before you go to the beach or to the solarium, be sure to get advice from your doctor-mammologist. Only a doctor can really determine if the sun will not hurt you.
  • You are in the sun only in a swimsuit. About any topless can not be and speeches! Breasts should be protected from UV rays.
  • Sunbathing and swimming with mastopathy can be up to 10 am.
  • In the evening, you can go out to the sun no earlier than 16 hours.
  • Under no circumstances should you be under the open sun from 12 to 15 hours.
  • Use as much water as possible.

Mastopathy, sunburn and solarium

Can I sunbathe in a tanning salon with mastopathy? Here, too, everything is good in moderation. When visiting a solarium it is necessary to adhere to the same criteria as when visiting the beach. Minimize the number of sessions and time spent in the installation.

Despite the fact that it is possible to regulate and dose UV radiation in a solarium, this kind of sunburn should be treated with caution. The risk here is, of course, much less than in the open sun, but the danger of getting a lot of trouble still exists.

Harm and benefit of sunburn. The opinion of the doctor. Video

Remember, everything is good in moderation. You can sunbathe with mastopathy, but only carefully. Do not take your health lightly, and then you will always be nice and calm in your heart.

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Published: 17-06-2015