Rheumatoid arthritis - can I afford a tan?

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  • Rheumatoid arthritis, what is it?
    • How joints look with rheumatoid arthritis. Figure
    • Rheumatoid arthritis. A doctor's story. Video of the
  • The sun or the cold?
    • But what about the beach and sunburn?

Sunburn in the sun With the onset of heat, rheumatoid arthritis changes from acute to chronic. Usually in the summer, patients are much less likely to experience pain. In this regard, the question arises whether it is possible to sunbathe with rheumatoid arthritis, just in the beach season this ailment recedes? Or is it likely that the sun can further damage the sick joints?

Rheumatoid arthritis, what is it?

Joint pain, fatigue, weakness, stiffness of movements - all these are signs of rheumatoid arthritis. This insidious disease can affect not only the joints, but also the internal organs. Most often the disease progresses during the cold and damp season.


Arthritis is a disease of connective tissue. It has an infectious-inflammatory character, in which small joints, less often large ones, are affected. There is a destruction of the joint tissue, which can lead the joint to its complete immobility.

Such factors may provoke the disease:

  • viral infections;
  • injury;
  • surgical interventions;
  • allergy;
  • reduced immunity.

If you do not start a timely treatment, the disease can affect the internal organs, which will lead to their paralysis.

How joints look with rheumatoid arthritis. Figure

How joints look with rheumatoid arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis. A doctor's story. Video of the

The sun or the cold?

Despite the fact that cold and dampness are prerequisites for the development of the disease, many doctors claim that prolonged exposure to the sun can spur this ailment. So can I sunbathe with arthritis? It is believed that overheating also adversely affects the patient's body. But why? It would seem, on the contrary, the sun warms up all the joints well and everything will be all right?

In practice, the situation is quite different. Rheumatoid arthritis is referred to as autoimmune diseases. Its essence lies in the fact that the immune system perceives its cells as alien and begins to destroy them. Any ultraviolet exposure spurs and speeds up this process. As a result, the disease begins to progress with renewed vigor.

But what about the beach and sunburn?

In any case before the rest you should get a doctor's advice. But besides this you must remember the following rules:

  • for arthritis can not sunbathe under the open sun;
  • if you still decide to go to the beach, try to rest in the shade;
  • the total time spent on the heat should not exceed one hour;
  • drink plenty of fluids, but not cold;
  • bathe in the sea only if the water has warmed up to +26 degrees;
  • bathing time is not more than 10-15 minutes;
  • try to avoid sudden temperature changes;
  • follow the diet, even if on vacation you really want to "tear yourself away" to the fullest.


By following these simple rules, you will help your body fight arthritis. Before you do something, think carefully about the benefits. Remember that rheumatoid arthritis, a disease with which you do not joke, and then you will be all right.

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Published: 27-06-2015