What should I do if my face is peeling off after a tanning salon?

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  • Why the skin is peeling after the solarium
  • The rules of sunburn in the solarium.
  • How to remove peeling
    • Ointment from any peeling on the face. Recipe

You decided to sunbathe, but the next day found that your face is peeling after the tanning bed? This phenomenon is very unpleasant and difficult to hide. The tonal cream on the dried skin rests unevenly and further emphasizes the flaw. Therefore, you need to do everything to restore the delicate velvety surface of the face.

Why the skin is peeling after the sun deck


There are three reasons why the skin on the face is flaky immediately after sunburn:

  1. After sunbathing Disregard for the rules of care. If you do not use a special face cream while staying in the booth or do not use daily moisturizers, it's no surprise that your skin is overdone.
  2. The most common reason that a face after sunburn is scaly is a burn. You spent too much time in the solarium and the skin was simply burnt. To prevent this from happening, always pay close attention to the length of the session.
  3. Allergic reaction to tanning agents or chemicals that are used to clean tanning salons. This happens very rarely, but you should know about it if you are hypersensitive.

Tanning rules in the solarium.

How to remove peeling

A gentle face So that the face does not peel off after sunbathing in a solarium, you need to take care of it properly. Here are some tips to help keep your skin in perfect condition:

  • Choose a good face moisturizer that you can use every day. Some girls use children's cream or butter for these purposes and are very happy with them.
  • Do not be afraid to apply scrubs, only need to replace them with those that have an oily base and small granules. Light peeling will help to remove the dead skin layer of the epidermis, giving the face a dimness. You can make a home scrub from oatmeal. To do this, grind it in a coffee grinder and fill it with warm water, kefir or cream. Wait for about five minutes, so that the mixture is infused and massage it gently on your face. Hold for 10-15 minutes, wash and apply your favorite cream.
  • If you are still scorched, and your face is red, like a tomato, then first use the products containing Panthenol. They will help to quickly remove the burn and restore the surface of the skin. Only when the redness comes down, you can do the peeling.
  • Apply moisturizing mask 2-3 times a week. Pick your own one so that it matches your skin type. For normal and dry, suitable masks based on fat cream, sour cream, olive oil, chicken yolk and honey. For fatty type it is better to prepare fruit masks. They will nourish the skin and will not weight it.

Ointment from any peeling on the face. Recipe

Ointment from any peeling on the face

If you constantly after sunburn scaly skin, then perhaps your phototype is not suitable for ultraviolet baths. This happens in very light and red girls. They should avoid tanning beds. For all the rest, you should not be lazy to look after your face and do not try to tan in one session. It is better to repeat the procedure several times with a duration of 5-6 minutes, or even less than to burn after the first trip to the solarium.

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Published: 12-12-2015