Psoriasis: Can I sunbathe?

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  • What is the disease?
  • Provocators of the disease
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  • And if the solarium?
  • What is psoriasis. A doctor's story. Video

Sunburn in the sun This disease, like psoriasis, causes a lot of trouble. His manifestations certainly affect the quality of life. Not only that appeared on the body of psoriatic plaques cause itching, burning and other troubles, their appearance does not add any attraction. With the onset of the beach season, many women are worried about the question, can I sunbathe with psoriasis? After all, this disease is treated long enough. It turns out that for all this time you should forget about beach rest? Or is the sun not so terrible for this ailment?

What is the disease?

In another way, psoriasis is called scaly lichen. The most "favorite" places of localization of the disease are the knee and elbow folds, the scalp. In a complex form, bright pink debris can cover the entire body and grab even nail plates.

The causes of the appearance of psoriasis are not fully understood. However, it is precisely known that the disease is not contagious. Simply put, psoriasis is not contagious. The most important and the main cause of the disease doctors called stress, nervous disorders, weak immunity.


There are also other causes:

  • dysfunction of skin cells;
  • genetic predisposition;
  • bad ecology;
  • alcohol abuse;
  • mental disorders.

Although this disease does not belong to the category of life-threatening, it is treated for a long time and persistently. One of the main factors of successful treatment is the correct diagnosis and clarification of the true cause of the disease.

Provocators of the disease


And what can trigger an exacerbation of psoriasis? Here you can list several factors:

  • permanent stresses and being in stressful situations;
  • some medications that the patient takes without consulting a doctor;
  • subcooling;
  • damage to the surface of plaques, their combing;
  • bathing in the sea or pond;
  • and of course, the sun's rays;their moderate amount will not hurt you, but here an excessive stay under the ultraviolet you are strictly contraindicated.

Especially the sun is harmful in the stage of exacerbation of the disease. So be especially careful.

Causes of psoriasis. Instructions for

Causes of psoriasis

And if the solarium?

In the treatment of psoriasis, the phototherapy method is used. But only here are rays of a certain type A and B, which are harmless. Sunbathing in a solarium is much safer than on the beach. The thing is that the lamps do not radiate C-rays that are dangerous to the skin.

So, what happens in a solarium you can sunbathe with psoriasis without harm to health? In the initial stage of the disease, such a tan will even be useful. It helps to suppress the growth of rashes and inhibits the formation of new ones. However, when visiting the solarium it is worth to be cautious, since the power of the lamps and their combination may be different.

What is psoriasis. A doctor's story. Video

Remember that conquering psoriasis will help perseverance when implementing the recommendations of a doctor.

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Published: 27-06-2015