Acne rash - causes, treatment. Rash in adolescents

acne Acne( acne, acne) is a disease of the sebaceous glands, nearby tissues, and often of the whole organism.

Often, acne occurs on the face, chest and back.

Causes of acne


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  • 2 How to get rid of acne( treatment)

Acne vulgaris on the body and face can appear due to the following predisposing factors:

  • hereditary skin characteristics( genetic factors);
  • seasonal and climatic factors;
  • hormonal disorders, here also include fluctuations in the level of hormones in adolescents during puberty and disruption of the hormonal background during the menstrual cycle in women;
  • liver and gastrointestinal diseases( acute and chronic gastritis, kidney stones, dysbacteriosis, liver disease);
  • unbalanced power;
  • frequent stresses, depression, disrupting the functioning of endocrine glands;
  • poor or abnormal skin care: to cause and provoke the appearance of acne may be a foundation, powder;
  • excessive obsession with sun exposure and sunburn leads to the appearance of the acne rash on the back of the ,
    , on other parts of the body and on the face.

How to get rid of acne( treatment)

The most effective way to treat acne of medium and mild severity is a combination of drugs for external use and application( various therapeutic gels and creams) with a thorough daily care and skin cleansing.

Modern, safe and effective drugs for acne are Skinoren and Baziron. basorial

  • Baziron ( another name Benzoyl Peroxide) has been used to treat acne for many years.

    The drug suppresses the reproduction of bacteria, exfoliates the skin, oxidizes it, prevents the appearance of comedones.

    The agent is applied once or twice a day. The effect is noticeable after about a month, and persistent changes - after three months of treatment.

The main side effect of the drug is dry skin. Begin to use the product you need from small concentrations and doses, and as you get used to the skin, apply it a little more.

  • Skinorene ( also called Azelaic acid) has a complex mechanism of action. It suppresses the growth and multiplication of bacteria, exfoliates the skin, relieves inflammation. In addition, Skinoren weakens the pigment spots on the skin after acne.

In the first days of treatment, some tingling, redness and irritation are possible. Allow the skin to get used - use the product once a day, in small quantities.

The improvement will be noticeable after four weeks, and persistent changes in six months. Side effects from this drug are quite rare.

Using any non-prescription acne remedies, observe the following rules:

  • carefully read the instructions and the annotation to the drug, follow all of its directions;
  • to begin with, clean and dry the skin of the face;
  • do not apply funds to individual rashes, but to the entire area of ​​the lesion;
  • treat regularly( once or twice a day).

You should be patient. After all, no remedy can not get rid of blackheads not only in one day, but even in a week. Regular and correct use of the drug guarantees improvement in a month. Two months of application give effect. And further use is the prevention of repeated exacerbations.

Diarrhea with acne

  1. The very first principle is a complete refusal of alcohol! Intoxication with the cleavage in the blood of alcohol poisons can lead to the fact that acne on the forehead and other areas of the face and body can appear even in completely healthy people.
  2. Drink plenty of water. She is our helper and friend! Comfortable work of the body involves the use of at least two liters of water daily.
  3. Do not eat fried food! Cook steamed, cook or bake products.
  4. Eat more soups.
  5. Eliminate flour and sweet, smoked, spicy and salty, and cheese.
  6. More vegetables, fruits and greens.
  7. Kefir - the enemy of acne and the best friend of the body;
  8. Say "no!" To fast food and fizzy drinks.

Acne teenage rash

"School years are wonderful. .. Freedom and a holiday of life!" However, being a teenager is not so easy. Especially when there are pimples and acne.

During puberty, sweat and sebaceous glands work more intensively than usual. Pores of the skin with sweat open, skin fats come to the surface. Acidic medium is neutralized, conditions for multiplication of microorganisms arise. Namely, they cause acne, pustules and acne.

Cosmetic care at this age should necessarily be supported by observance of a regimen of the day and the balanced food.