How to sunbathe after Botox?

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At any age a woman always wants to look stunning. In the fight against hated wrinkles, Botox takes the leading position. Injections of this drug help to effectively smooth out wrinkles, give the skin a fresh, well-groomed appearance. With the onset of the beach season, many women are eager to do this procedure. This is understandable, because on the beach so you want to look perfect. But is it possible to sunbathe after Botox? Will not it hurt your health? Can, all the same, it is necessary to make an injection after rest? Or is there nothing wrong with that?

What is Botox?

A tan Strangely enough, but "Botox" is called a trademark, which produces this drug. It is produced by bacteria. The main mechanism of action is the blocking of muscle impulses. The drug is injected into muscle tissue, paralyzing the action of nerve endings. There is a temporary relaxation of the muscles, the activity of which is minimized.

Thus, muscle tissue does not move, hence does not form wrinkles and wrinkles. Thanks to Botox you can laugh, be surprised, irritate, rejoice - there will be no wrinkles on your face.


Botox procedure is simple, but it must be done by an experienced doctor. In a few days you will notice that once irritated wrinkles begin to disappear. Sessions are recommended not to be done more than two or three times a year. The effect lasts for an average of 4-6 months.

Botox injection points. Reminder

Botox injection points

Beach and Botox

As practice shows, the prohibitions and restrictions after the procedure are completely not rigid. How much you can not sunbathe after Botox is yours, should the specialist who injected respond. However, often such a restriction is 10-15 days.

This is the number of days you are forbidden to be in the open sun. That is, just walking along the street, shopping, resting in the shade, no one forbids you to go in the car. But lying on the beach or visiting the solarium during these 15 days you are not allowed.

Why Botox does not work?

Many women ask a question, but why not sunbathe after Botox? What happens if you allow yourself to soak up the sunshine? It's all about the composition of the drug, which is very sensitive to heat and ultraviolet rays. Summer heat, and even more so the sun destroy botox and reduce the entire effect to zero.

Tan after Botox Some cosmetologists even advise their clients to refuse injections in the summer. Do not do Botox before flying off to warmer areas. The sun in other countries can warm differently and your beauty will not remain a trace.

What should I do?

Well, if you really want to inject botox, and it is in the summer and before the trip? What to do in this case? Only your self-organization and discipline will help here. Here's what you need to do:

  • after the procedure, be in the shade, hide from the bright sun and heat;
  • if you go out into the street, wear a hat with wide margins, which will cover your face well;
  • if possible in these 15 days do not go out into the sun and the heat;
  • does not apply sunscreen on your face;
  • must ask your cosmetician how and what to do in order to preserve the effect after the procedure.

The doctor answers. Video

Take the constraints seriously and responsibly and then you can enjoy your flawless appearance even in the strongest summer heat.

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Published: 27-06-2015