Diagnosis of hypothyroidism: can I sunbathe in the sun?

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  • What is this disease?
  • Is the sun an enemy or a friend?
  • How the sun's rays act on the skin. Illustration
    • And if there are nodules and neoplasms?
  • How to rest if the thyroid
  • "fails" Harm and sunburn benefits. The opinion of the doctor. Video

Approximation of the next beach season, some representatives of the fair sex are waiting with anxiety. The reason is hypothyroidism of the thyroid gland. Quite rightly the question arises: Is it possible to sunbathe with hypothyroidism? Will not the direct sunlight harm the body even more? What should we watch out for?

What is this disease?

Sunburn with thyroid disease Hypothyroidism refers to a persistent, prolonged deficiency of thyroid hormones of the thyroid gland. In fact, it's not even a disease, but the body's malfunctioning, its functional insufficiency.

If the treatment is wrong or completely absent, complications are possible. The most difficult of them, which can even threaten life, is the hypothyroid coma. It can provoke acute infections, intoxication of the body, trauma of the gland. To prevent this, one should strictly follow all the recommendations of an endocrinologist.

Is the sun an enemy or a friend?

Before going to the south, be sure to consult your doctor-endocrinologist. Only he can determine if the sun is harmful to you.

Having a diagnosis of hypothyroidism, can I sunbathe in the open sun? As many years of medical practice shows, the damage to the sun's rays in hypothyroidism is too exaggerated. It is the sun that activates the work of thyroid hormones, which provide the body with energy. The absence of such "recharging" can lead to an aggravation of the situation.


External heat significantly reduces the functional load on the organ. He begins to work more actively. The sun, on the contrary, "makes" the thyroid gland function correctly and as a pleasant bonus - it gives a coveted tan.

Most patients with this diagnosis experience chilliness, low blood pressure, a drop in body temperature to 35.5 degrees. All these signs just testify to the lack of external thermal energy of the sun, which is necessary for the full operation of the gland.

How the sun's rays act on the skin. Illustration

How sun rays affect the skin

And if there are nodules and neoplasms?

How to be in this case? Really it is possible to carelessly sunbathe at illness or disease of a thyroid gland in such stage? If education is not oncological, then a moderate dose of ultraviolet does not hurt you.

The appearance of nodules suggests that your gland is working "out of balance", trying to provide the body with the missing amount of hormones.

The cells of the organ overexert and begin to change their state. On ultrasound, they are usually defined as colloidal nodes, which are benign lesions. Such nodes never degenerate into malignant ones.

Excessive cell overstrain can sometimes provoke an increase in the gland itself. All these changes are clear evidence of one thing - the thyroid gland is working on wear, trying to maintain the optimal heat exchange balance of the body. And staying in the sun will help your body cope with the task.

How to rest properly if the thyroid

Hypothyroidism and sunburn

"fails" The presence of such an ailment will require you to carefully choose a place of rest. How it is necessary and it is possible to sunbathe at autoimunnom thyroiditis?

  • Choose places with a mild, dry climate. The coast, sand, benches, paths, parks, water should be well warmed up. And the heat should be dry. Heat and high humidity are undesirable in this disease.
  • Try to visit the open sun until 11am. Evening time for walks starts after 16.30.
  • Do not forget to drink plenty of water without gas. Very useful mineral water, which contains an increased amount of hydrocarbons and few chlorides. Water should not be icy.
  • Eat more watermelons and other juicy sweet fruits that contain useful sugars for the gland.
  • Do not overcool. Remember - cold and damp, your enemies.

Harm and benefit of sunburn. The opinion of the doctor. Video

Like any other disease, hypothyroidism can not deprive a person of small pleasures. However, the final verdict is made only by the doctor. It is your doctor who will tell you exactly how, where and how much you can luxuriate in the sun.

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Published: 17-06-2015