You give the perfect tan! Or how to sunbathe in a vertical solarium

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  • Reasons for the popularity of vertical tanning beds
    • Skin color types. Reminder
    • Drawbacks of the vertical solarium
  • Contraindications
  • Rules of sunburn in the vertical solarium
    • Doctor's advice. Video

The history of "solar brothers", solariums, began with low-power devices with a horizontal cabin. Nowadays, girls are increasingly preferring vertical solariums. They have a number of advantages over horizontal ones. Let's talk about exactly what and how to sunbathe in a vertical solarium, so as not to harm yourself.

Reasons for the popularity of vertical tanning beds

Apparatus for sunburn When tanning salons only appeared, lovers of tan seemed that this is the limit of dreams! Apparatus gave the girls an appetizing tan all year round and everyone was happy. Nevertheless, the developers did not sit idly by and invented new ways how to improve this miracle of technology. So there were vertical sunbeds, which immediately won the love of many, and that's why:

  • In a vertical booth you do not touch the walls, so it can be considered more hygienic than horizontal.
  • A tan in a vertical tanning bed is more even, due to the fact that you can move freely in it. Raise your hands, substitute your sides and even dance - no problem. Due to this, ultraviolet rays cover hard-to-reach places.
  • For people suffering from claustrophobia, a vertical solarium is a real find. The diameter of the cabins is large enough to not feel constrained.
  • If you have a non-standard figure or height, then in a vertical booth you will be more comfortable, because horizontal devices are created for standard dimensions.
  • Lamps in a vertical solarium have a high power, so the procedure time is shorter.

Skin color types. Reminder


Skin color types

Drawbacks of the vertical solarium

Despite the large list of advantages, there are vertical sun decks and flaws. Although the latter is much smaller.

  • You have to stand. In a vertical tanning bed, one can no longer lie down comfortably and relax after a day's work.
  • Many girls in a vertical position tans the sun worse than the rest of the body.
  • Lamps are more powerful, and, hence, radiation is more harmful.


There are contraindications for both types of tanning beds. They are important to know if instead of a beautiful tan you do not want to acquire different kinds of problems. So, let's start:

  • Pregnancy and lactation.
  • The first and second color types of the skin( see table).
  • If you have a large number of moles, you also need to refrain from visiting the solarium.
  • Risk of cancer. There is one if one of your relatives had cancer.

Vertical tanning

It is best before a session, especially the first, to communicate with a specialist. He will ask the right questions to find out if you can sunbathe in the solarium or not.

The rules of sunburn in a vertical solarium

No matter how progressive the adaptation, if you do not know and do not follow the rules for using it, then you can "chop wood."That is why it is important to understand how to properly sunbathe in a vertical solarium. Do not forget that with ultraviolet jokes are bad!

  1. Two days before the session, it is desirable to make a peeling that will remove the dead skin of the epidermis. Thanks to this, the tan will lie more evenly, but stay longer. But on the eve of the session do not use soap and other aggressive means of skin cleansing, so as not to wash off the protective fat layer.
  2. Consult a specialist in the cabin. It will help you choose the right program and make a schedule so that you do not burn out in the first session. Warn him about having any diseases and using any medications.
  3. Do not forget about protective creams and lotions. Only this should be special means for the solarium. Also you need to glue birthmarks and tattoos with stickers, which must necessarily be in the salon.
  4. Wear sunglasses. Sometimes they are offered in the salon, but not everywhere, so it makes sense to buy your own. When buying glasses, choose those that have a good degree of protection. Sunbathing in a solarium in the lens is prohibited, so do not forget to remove them.
  5. The face should not have any make-up.
  6. The use of hormonal ointments on any of the skin areas is prohibited.
  7. Protect hair with a cotton hat.
  8. For women over 30, it is recommended not to sunbathe without linen.
  9. After a while, do not take a cold shower for a while.

Doctor's advice. Video

Sunburn in a vertical solarium can be a real pleasure, despite the fact that you can not lie down there. Many modern devices are equipped with audio and aroma systems. You there not only get a beautiful tan, but fill the body with energy. A good mood from the result achieved makes the girl more attractive. So do not waste time, but go for a summer mood.

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Published: 22-06-2015