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Iodine Can I get a bronze, beautiful tan without leaving home? This issue is increasingly becoming relevant. Not every one of us manages to visit the sea in the summer and sunbathe. And you want to have a luxurious, bronze body! What we want to offer is somewhat unexpected. Have you heard of such a popular method as tanning iodine? Is it effective? Will it damage health?

Well-known from childhood friend of

Every person has used this tool for once in his life. A brown liquid that "smells of the sea" is a substance without which no one can do without.

Broken knees, elbows, scratches and wounds of my mother were treated with iodine. So today it is no longer a simple pharmaceutical tool that "pinches".Iodine is a real salvation for those who need to immediately tan.

What is iodine. Video

Is it harmful to iodine tan?

Iodine is a chemical element. It is a constant component of the human body. He comes to us with food, air and water. In large quantities, iodine is found in sea water. It is very important for the body:

  • is a constituent of thyroid hormones;
  • activates and normalizes the work of cells;
  • improves the circulation of oxygen in the blood;
  • affects the function of growth, the mental and physiological development of a person;
  • is a building element of the cardiovascular system, musculoskeletal;
  • promotes mental development;
  • without it, metabolic processes in the body are impossible.

It turns out that iodine in tanning is even useful! The danger is only its excess. If you have this all right, then this way to tan you just will not hurt. Especially because you will apply a very small amount of this drug.

If there are any doubts, then give an analysis, which will help determine whether everything is in order with you with health. Is there an excess or a lack of iodine in the body. How to tan with iodine, are there ready recipes?

Iodine for sunburn

Recipes of

It is very easy to prepare an iodine-based product. Here are two simple recipes that will help you get a tan no worse than sea. Such a folk potion will even be beneficial to the skin.

  • Lotion

Several drops of iodine dissolve in water. Pour the resulting liquid into a bottle with a spray gun and shake well. Evenly apply liquid to the body and rub it well with your hands.

The concentration of the solution depends on what shade you want to have. The darker it is, the more intense the liquid must be. On an average of 0.5 liters you will need 5-6 drops.

  • Oil

Add a few drops of iodine to the olive oil and stir well. Apply the mixture on the body with massage movements, carefully rubbing the body. Olive oil is an excellent natural remedy, which makes the skin silky, smooth.

As in the case of lotion, the intensity of the tan is determined by the number of drops of iodine. On average, ½ cup of butter 3-5 drops. If the solution is concentrated, dilute it with water or oil.

Products rich in iodine. Instruction

Products rich in iodine

Get a beautiful, even tan without visiting the sea, quite simply. Iodine and tanning are perfectly "friends" with each other. And with confidence we can say that the tan will not be any worse than if you were sunbathing under the sun's rays. Therefore, use this tool for health.

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Published: 13-06-2015