Written beauty: Is it possible to sunbathe with a tattoo?

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  • What happens to the tattoo under the ultraviolet
  • How to protect the tattoos
    • An interesting option - flash tattoos. How to apply.
  • How to properly sunbathe on the beach. Video

I want to pamper myself with sunbathing, but do not know how your tattoo will react? Suddenly it will fade or cause an allergy? There are many conflicting opinions about whether it is possible to sunbathe with a tattoo and it is important to figure out who is right and who is not.

What happens to the tattoo under the ultraviolet

Safe sunburn It all depends on the individual characteristics of the skin and, especially, on the quality of the paint that was applied to the drawing. Any even the most qualitatively performed tattoo dims with time and is "blurred".Ultraviolet can accelerate this process. If cheap, unstable materials were used, then in the sun, such drawings burn out even faster.


It is believed that the most destructive effects of UV rays are green and red pigment, and white, in general, is beyond any competition. White parts of the tattoo can burn out in one summer.

Have you ever heard that someone has been sunbathing with tattoos for years and nothing wrong has happened? This is also possible for a person who has dark skin from nature. If you are a "pale-faced" representative of mankind, it is better to refuse such experiments, since no one will give you a guarantee that the tattoo will not fade in one summer.

How to protect tattoos

Having a fresh drawing on your body, you probably will be interested in when you can sunbathe after a tattoo? Experts recommend doing this after complete healing of the wound. Usually this happens in 2-3 weeks. Then boldly go to the beach or to the solarium.


Possible protection options:

  • Special decals for sensitive areas are sold in solariums. They you can also safely take advantage of the beach.
  • Sunscreen with protection level SPF 40-50.This is either a children's or a special cream for moles and tattoos. Apply it only on the drawing, otherwise you will not burn at all.
  • Colorless lipstick with UV filter. She also needs to lubricate only the tattoo.

To take such measures is necessary only if you are going to "roast" on the beach or in the solarium. In everyday life, body painting does not need protection from the sun, since the dose of ultraviolet is too small to cause any damage, especially since the tattoos are usually covered with clothing.

An interesting option - flash tattoos. How to apply. Instruction

If you want to try on your body tattoo, do not rush into the salon. Try a safe and easy to convert option - flash tattoos. This is a very comfortable decoration, which gives the same effect as a traditional tattoo, but it does not interfere with sunbathing and swimming. Flash tattoos are easy to clean, whereas a normal tattoo will remain with you forever.

Flash tattoo

How to properly sunbathe on the beach. Video

To prolong the drawing of life, you need to know the rules of how to sunbathe with a tattoo. In addition, the drawing needs to be updated periodically. Some in 3-4 years are sent for correction, other fans of such body art wear a drawing for 10 years, and a tattoo, like a new one.

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Published: 02-07-2015