Necessary vitamins for diet

Necessary Vitamins for the

Diet How often do women take a diet? The next attempts to achieve the desired forms can not be counted. Nutritionists have long warned about the dangers of short-term diets alternating with disruptions.

Better, they believe, to adhere to such a diet that without problems and suffering can be observed throughout life. But not many follow this wise advice.

Often, women sit on mono-diet: kefir, apple, buckwheat. A drinking diet is popular, six petals. But they are short, and it is impossible to keep weight after the end of hungry days.

These diets have a significant drawback: they undermine health. Nutrients are excreted, and there are too few new ones. The complexion is spoiled, small wrinkles appear, nails are fractured, and you should not talk about dizziness and weakness.

To prevent this and not treat the consequences afterwards, you should take care of beauty and health in advance. To do this, you need to eat, observing a balanced diet, rich in all the necessary vitamins.

What vitamins to take with a diet

Adding the necessary vitamins when dieting in your diet, you "kill" several rabbits at once:

  • enrich the body with useful vitamins and microelements;
  • intake of vitamins does not prevent weight loss, but, on the contrary, accelerate it;
  • normalizes the metabolism;
  • improves the appearance of the skin;
  • increases the immunity and defenses of the body.

What vitamins to take with a diet?

Vitamin A. Its deficiency can aggravate the health situation of a woman. In addition to impaired vision, flabbiness and skin faintness, there may be a decline in strength. Muscle mass does not grow, and metabolism worsens.

But these are the main criteria for correct and full-fledged weight loss. To prevent this from happening, the food should be enriched with chicken and beef liver, dairy products, carrots, vegetable oil.

Vitamin E. Supports immunity, has a beneficial effect on the endocrine system, improves reproductive function. And on this his positive influence does not end.

Keeps the skin hydrated, prevents aging, regulates carbohydrate and lipid metabolism. Normalizes the nervous system, which is especially important with nutritional restrictions. Therefore, no matter how strict the diet was, you still have to add it: nuts( pistachios, almonds, hazelnuts), dried apricots, sea buckthorn.

Vitamin C. It is considered a local immunostimulant. Helps to get rid of excessive cholesterol in the blood, normalizes metabolism, saves energy. Actively removes toxins from the body, improves the appearance of the skin. Its a lot in citrus( lemon, orange, mandarin), kiwi, apples, black currant, Bulgarian pepper.

Vitamin D. Its main merit is the help in digestion by the intestines of calcium and phosphorus. Calcium is needed for strong bones, teeth and nails. You can get this vitamin by taking walks in sunny warm weather, or by eating the liver of cod, yolks of eggs, fish oil.

Vitamin D

Vitamins of group B. Normalize metabolism, improve metabolism, promote proper GIT.In addition, a lack of vitamins can adversely affect muscle mass.

Vitamin B1. Improves carbohydrate metabolism, reduces appetite. In the diet should be added meat products, liver, honey, buckwheat.

Vitamin B6. Normalizes blood sugar, which is especially important for people with diabetes. Sunflower seeds, seafood, walnuts, bananas - are rich in this vitamin.

Vitamins B2, B12. Nutritionists consider them the most necessary for diets. The main role of vitamins is in the effect on hemoglobin indices in biochemical blood analysis. In addition, their lack leads to lethargy, memory impairment. To prevent this from happening, it is necessary to normalize the diet with the help of dairy and meat products, eggs.

Magnesium. Helps the metabolism and does not allow it to break. For a full intake of magnesium into the body you need to eat oat flakes, beans, cocoa, bran.

Omega-3. Do not be afraid to take Omega-3 food during a diet. Even the most fatty fish will not harm the figure, but the well-being will significantly improve. In addition, the feeling of hunger recedes.

This may be an incomplete list of vitamins for weight loss. Each organism is unique and the needs for vitamins in it can differ from standard ones. But the main vitamins, the lack of which can lead to disastrous consequences, especially during the diet, are listed above.

What are the best vitamins for a different diet?

Each restriction in diet requires a thorough review of the diet. During this period, it is necessary to add a complex of vitamins in the diet. Consider the main types of strict diets.

The best vitamins for a diet:

  • Protein diet. Its main cunning is that it deprives a person of plant and cereal food. As a result, internal organs suffer. Often, women can not stick to the protein diet for a long time, as there are problems with the kidneys. Therefore, before choosing a diet for yourself, where the advantage is given to proteins, you should consult your doctor. And it is better to pass inspection. The restriction in proteins causes the body to lack ascorbic acid. It is necessary to pay attention to this and add good vitamins during the diet to make up for the deficiency. Still need to start eating bran, which is rich in fiber.
  • A diet that excludes meat products. Vegetarians should pay close attention to the additional intake of vitamin complexes with vitamins A, B and E. They are enough in meat, liver and by-products that are not available with such a diet. Vegetable food, unfortunately, is not able to make up for the lack of these vitamins.
  • Low fat diet. The low fat content of food is also a problem. Immunity decreases, the skin loses its elasticity and becomes dull. Admission of Omega-3 will solve this problem without harm to the figure.

Proven vitamins to help lose weight

Proven vitamins to help lose weight

What vitamins to drink when you lose weight? Below are the proven vitamins for weight loss. Reviews of people taking these multivitamin complexes during diets are benevolent.

  1. Aevit. Enriches the body with vitamins A and E, which may become insufficient with severe dietary restrictions.
  2. Vitrum. Collected in one tablet vitamins affect the variety: A, B, D, E, C, PP, as well as calcium, iron, zinc, magnesium, potassium. A person sitting on a strict diet will appreciate this composition.
  3. Multi-tabs. Designed for people suffering from seasonal vitamin deficiencies and with restriction in the intake of nutrients.
  4. Comply with Glow. Restores the body after a strict diet. Effective with long restrictions in nutrition. Contains all the necessary vitamins and trace elements for a radiant appearance.
  5. Duovit. Contains the daily norm of all vitamins. It is prescribed for pregnant women, sportsmen, during intensive training, for people with a poor( vitamin-poor) diet.

You should not mindlessly take several vitamin complexes, in the hope of replenishing the missing vitamins. After all, the excess of some of them can be detrimental to health.

Recommendations on nutrition while dieting

Do not chase the number of skipped kilograms. The main rule of a correct diet, which has a long-term effect: gradualness. Still fat with fast weight loss will not go anywhere. But it's easy to lose your muscles. Yes, and undermined health will have to be restored for a long time.

Drink at least 1.5-2 liters of water per day. Otherwise, dehydration may occur. And this is a dangerous state. Only pure non-carbonated drinking water and herbal infusions are considered to be water. And tea, coffee, juice, cocoa - this is food.

Recommendations for nutrition during the diet

When do women most often decide to go on a diet? Of course, in the spring. After all, summer is ahead, and, therefore, it is necessary to quickly get into shape. This is an erroneous position, which leads to an aggravation of spring vitamin deficiency. The organism and so after the winter needs nutrients, and strict restrictions it can not bear. Begins weakness, insomnia, loss of strength, impaired vision, skin becomes dry and lifeless. The best solution for starting diet therapy is autumn. During the summer, the body in excess received all the necessary vitamins and diet will be easier to bear.

Consult a physician before starting a diet. Very few people go to this step, and in fact it prevents side effects from a diet and helps to avoid complications. Even a simple therapist is able to choose a literate diet, balanced by protein, fat and carbohydrates.

Take the vitamin complexes correctly. Many carelessly refer to this issue, ignoring contraindications. Most often it takes more than two to four weeks to drink vitamins. More details are written in the annotation. And if you have already begun to take an additive to food, then bring the course to the end, without taking a break for weeks.

Who is not allowed to sit on strict diets?

  • to people who have recently undergone complex operations;
  • to people with chronic diseases( only after consulting a doctor);
  • for the elderly;
  • for women during pregnancy and lactation.

Keep track of your health and be smart about choosing a diet!

Video on the importance of vitamin C when losing weight