How to treat corn on the foot: grandmother's methods in modern realities

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If a woman like shoes, then nothing will stop it from buying. What's wrong with it if it's bigger or smaller? Buying a beautiful appearance, the fair sex can at first do not pay attention that the strap or stitch rubs his foot. And only when the problem begins to bother to such an extent that it becomes painful to walk, the search for an answer begins, how to treat the callus on the foot.

Signs of Corn

Foot Feet Sometimes corn can be confused with plantar warts and it is completely wrong to treat them. In order for this to happen, before you start treating the callus on the foot you need to know how to distinguish one sore from another.

  • The body of the corn is dead, and the wart consists of living tissues. If you look closely, you can see that the skin on the callus is dry, hardened and insensitive. Pain causes a hard root that goes deep into the skin. The wart consists of a large number of sensitive papillae, on which blood is damaged if damaged.
  • Warts are usually a lot, they often merge into heaps, and corns are located apart from each other.
  • With time, the wart disappears by itself, even if it is not treated. The condition of the callus only worsens. The stale natoptysh brings a lot of torment and it is difficult to get rid of it.

Types of formations on the feet

  • Types of formations on the feet
  • Growing corn
  • Wet Corn
  • Plantar wart
  • Natoptysh

Causes of corns

It's easier to answer the question of how to prevent the appearance of calluses on the feet than to get rid of the ones that have already appeared. To understand what needs to be done, and what not, let's look at the reasons why calluses appear on the feet.

  • Uncomfortable shoes are the main reason why female feet are forced to suffer from calluses.
  • Sweating of the feet leads to the fact that they begin to creep back and forth in the shoes and it rubs the skin of the feet.
  • Flat feet.
  • Regular wearing of high-heeled shoes.
  • Deformities of the foot( congenital or due to trauma).
  • Metabolic or vascular problems.



As you can see, there are reasons that can be easily eliminated. In some cases, only special orthopedic shoes will help or you will need a doctor's consultation and serious medication. Based on the above, we will highlight several tips on how to minimize the likelihood of corns.

  • Always choose shoes that match the size of the foot. Before you buy something, put your feet on it and look a little like it. At the slightest feeling of discomfort, refuse to buy.
  • With excessive sweating of the feet, make a bath from the infusion of the oak bark and use a special drying spray or talc for the feet.
  • Do not wear high heels at all times. Let such shoes become festive for you. For each day, choose shoes with a heel up to 7 cm.

Follow these simple rules, and then you are unlikely to ever be interested in how to treat calluses on the feet.

Removing wet corns

The easiest way to cure a wet callus. These are watery blisters that most often appear on the toes or the heel. Contrary to popular belief, it is not recommended to pierce. You do not live in a sterile world and there are no guarantees that an open wound will not infect an infection that will aggravate the problem.

Lubricate the blister with a grease, cover with adhesive tape and wait. Very soon he himself will wither. If the bubble has already burst, then you can not use green, iodine or alcohol. Gently anoint with hydrogen peroxide and isolate with a bandage. To treat the inflammation, make lightly warm baths from the infusion of chamomile or marigold.

How to quickly cure corn: Video

What to do with dry corn

Treatment of dry callus is a troublesome and long process. The older the sore, the more difficult it is to clean it. The methods for this can be divided into three groups.

The first are medicines. They are a large number and they are sold in a pharmacy without a prescription. The basis of the composition of such drugs is salicylic acid, which softens the skin.

The most popular method to help get rid of a sore is a plaster of corns. It acts more slowly than cream and ointment, due to less acid, but it is easier to use. It is enough to steam out the corn, dry it dry and tape it with adhesive tape. It should not be removed a day or two, and then, if necessary, repeat the procedure.

Medical manipulations

There are corns with a hard core that deeply goes into the layers of the skin. It's very difficult to treat them at home. But medicine knows how to remove corn on the foot, which causes so much pain. For this, specialists have three methods in service:

  • Mechanical drilling with a grinding machine. The disadvantage of this method is that after it corn often appears again.
  • Liquid nitrogen. They are affected by corn and a couple of days later it disappears.
  • Laser treatment is considered the most effective. The heat ray softens even the deepest layers of the tarnish. When he disappears, a week or two in its place will form a new smooth skin. One procedure is enough.

Folk remedies

Garlic Corns did not appear yesterday, and for sure, if you ask the older generation how to heal corn on the foot, then they will give you a couple of time-tested recipes. Here are some of them:

  • Fresh corn can be cured with the crumb of bread, which must be soaked in vinegar and applied to the sore at night. At one time the callus is unlikely to go away, but after a few days, you will see clean skin.
  • Make a gruel by grinding fresh potatoes and onions. Apply to the carcase, wrap it with cellophane. About a week later the corn will come off.
  • Treatment with crushed garlic and lard. Make such a poultice at night. Repeat the procedure will have several times.
  • Undo the corn, attach to it a cut sheet of scarlet or a piece of lemon peel along with the pulp.
  • A good remedy is propolis. You need to warm it up a little on a water bath, add some fat and stick to the corn. Leave it for three days. You can repeat the procedure three times.

So, dear women, if you find yourself in a corn, do not delay her treatment in the long box. She herself will not go anywhere. But most importantly - do not neglect the rules of selection of shoes and then you will be ranked among those lucky ones who do not face such a problem.

Treatment of dry calluses: Video

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