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Two grooves coming down fromthe wings of the nose to the corners of the mouth, there is every person, every day, applying make-up, we see their reflection. But one day, when we look in the mirror in the morning, we notice: these folds become more and more obvious. Yes, and not skladochki is at all, but the most real wrinkles! Of course, most women at one time experienced a real shock from this "discovery" on their face. And thoughts of how to remove nasolabial wrinkles( preferably at home!), Of course, just swirled in my head. Is it worth it to worry so much?

The appearance of the nasolabial triangle

How to remove nasolabial folds. It is sad, but nasolabial wrinkles are the most accurate "indicators" of the female age. Located in the most prominent place, they can greatly upset her mistress, her constant presence recalling the past years.

Fortunately, there are many different ways that help to almost permanently remove these "uninvited guests" from the face. Including, do it yourself.

Nasolabial wrinkles are mimic. That is, to the faces that formed as a result of the active activity of the muscles: smiles, lovely grimaces, gloomy brows. .. But it is not necessary that such folds on the skin of the face be a reminder of the leaving youth. There is a wealth of opportunities to "earn" such an "ornament" much earlier than a predetermined time.

Here are some of the main reasons for the early appearance of wrinkles:

  1. Anatomical predisposition. In many people a pronounced or very early manifestation of sharp features is due to the shape of the facial part of the skull. A huge role is played by facial muscles, features of their location.
  2. The way of life of a person always leaves a mark on appearance, especially on the person: alcohol, tobacco and drugs have not been adorned by anyone yet.
  3. Inhabitants of industrial centers and regions have every chance to get such wrinkles much earlier than their rural counterparts. The reason for this - the unfavorable living conditions in the polluted atmosphere of large cities, including - and at home.
  4. The irrational use of liquid before bedtime leads to stretching of the facial skin, and, accordingly, to the rapid formation of wrinkles.
  5. If you have a habit of sleeping on your stomach with you or with your family - in addition to the early nasolabial wrinkles, the risk of bagging under the eyes is added.

Of course, today there are many ways to get rid of such folds, either in salons, or completely radical, surgically. But let's look at how nasolabial wrinkles can be removed in a home environment.

Exercises from nasolabial folds( reminder chart)

Exercises against nasolabial folds

How to remove nasolabial wrinkles at home: Video

Your assistant - cosmetics


Let's consider those procedures that any woman can carry out by herself to remove or reduce folds at the nose and mouthand pharmacological agents.

Rejuvenating agents

When choosing an anti-aging remedy, it is necessary to remember: if you are 50 years old - never take a cream with the inscription "30+".This will not only help, but significantly exacerbate the problem. In the preparation that is planned to be purchased, the basis must necessarily be hyaluronic acid, collagen and coenzyme Q10.Do not be lazy to carefully read the composition of the ointment, cream or gel.

Such cosmetics will help the skin of the face to become firm and tight, wrinkles are smoothed out and become hardly visible.

It's not difficult to prepare a mask for face rejuvenation yourself. The gelatin spoon should be mixed in milk whey( 100 g) and heated in a water bath until complete dissolution. Add there three drops of wheat germ oil and jojoba oil. The cooled mixture should be applied to the face and held for 15 minutes, then rinse.

Try using other folk remedies for wrinkles.

Mesorrollers These massage rollers with small, up to 1.5 mm, needles like a laser cause the body to fill the damaged collagen with damaged grooves. Such a somewhat harsh massage can be a good way to remove small nasolabial wrinkles yourself. The procedure is based on the stimulation of the activity of the upper layer of the skin. Excited nerve receptors and blood flow awakens sleeping processes and triggers rejuvenation mechanisms.

Like physical exercise, the mesoroller massage should be performed regularly, according to the "training schedule".

Folk remedies for face wrinkles: Video

Gymnastics - against wrinkles

Since the main reason for the formation of nasolabial mimic folds of an age nature is the loss of muscle mobility and elasticity, they need to be trained. For this type of wrinkles, specialists have developed such exercises, which will certainly help in their elimination. But any exercise for the face will reduce nasolabial folds only under one condition: it needs to be done constantly. Without interruptions. Otherwise, all classes lose their meaning.

Gymnastics usual

  • Maximum inflate and deflate cheeks.
  • Say with one lips, not closing them, vowels.
  • Pull out the lips with a tube as far as possible.
  • Pushing forward the lower jaw, compress the lips until the sensation of full tension of the muscles of the face.
  • Roll the air from the cheek to the cheek in the mouth.
  • Make the deepest breath in your nose and, holding your breath, inflate your cheeks. After a few seconds, through the mouth, exhale the air with sharp jerks.
  • The same exercise, but with a delay in breathing the cheeks retract.
  • Relaxing, nasal air calmly and slowly exhale with your mouth.

Exercise with a plastic bottle

The usual plastic bottle, no more than 0.5 l. She will have to keep her lips at the neck for at least 2 minutes. But it will be empty only on the first day. On the next, after pouring 50 g of water, also hold the bottle with your lips on the weight. Add a little water every 2-3 days. Deliver the weight to 250 grams - no more.

These sessions should be conducted regularly, at least 10 minutes a day. After 2-3 weeks of such gymnastics, you will be surprised to find that wrinkles have significantly decreased and do not go deeper. But in any case, do not stop training! Only with a systematic constant load can you maintain the desired muscle tone.


St. John Excellent helps to get rid of nasolabial wrinkles massage problem areas. There are many types of face massage. First, try to do Japanese shiatsu massage on a regular basis. After all, no matter how the Japanese geishas became famous for their wonderful porcelain skin?

Click on the corners of the mouth with your forefinger and thumbs. Hold for 7 seconds. After that, for 30 seconds, massage the upper and lower edges of the lips from the center to the edges with pressure. Up and down the folds, make pressing movements. Lubricate the nasolabial triangle with a moisturizer.

Grandmother's advice

Back in the ancient centuries, our women knew how to reduce deep nasolabial wrinkles with the help of various herbs and plants. These funds are not forgotten now. Remember, they not only perfectly combined with gymnastics and massage, but also significantly complement and enhance their effect.

Herbal compresses

Of St. John's wort, mother-and-stepmother, marigold and chamomile make a decoction.2 tbsp.l.dry mixture pour hot water( 1 tbsp.) and bring to a boil. After 3-4 hours, strain the broth, soak the bandage, gauze or other light tissue and apply to the folds daily for 10 minutes.

Fruit appliques

A significant amount of vitamins, organic acids and antioxidants in fruits make them simply irreplaceable in the fight against wrinkles on the face. Apply slices of fresh, ripe apples, pears, banana, peach to problematic places for 10-15 minutes.

Ice cubes

Ice from wrinkles Freeze the decoction of chamomile and daily rub ice cubes with nasolabial wrinkles.

Using folk recipes, be careful: some herbs or their combined decoctions can trigger an allergic reaction. And even at all to cause harm to a thin skin of the face. Remember, everything is good in moderation!

Anti-wrinkle face mask for fading facial skin: Video

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Published: 11-12-2014