Wrinkles around the lips: the causes of the appearance and the way to get rid of it

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  • Causes of wrinkles around the lips
  • Wrinkles around the lips: Video
  • What are the types of wrinkles around the mouth
    • Mimic and age wrinkles
    • Deep and superficial
    • Depending on the direction and location of grooves
  • Ways to prevent wrinkles that are near the mouth
    • Proper nutrition
    • Healthy lifestyle
    • Proper facial care
  • Facial mask of wrinkles for aging face skin: Video
  • What are the ways to combat wrinkles aroundmouth
    • Folk remedies
    • Professional cosmetics
    • Salon procedures
  • Effective folk remedies for wrinkles under the eyes: Video

The causes of wrinkles around the lips

Wrinkles around the lips Wrinkles around the mouth are those wrinkles most afraid of the fair sex. This happens because they are very conspicuous. Moreover, their appearance can not be avoided at all. Why is this happening? Anatomical features of the structure of the muscles around the mouth. This is the part of the face that is constantly in motion. The circular muscle of the mouth is attached not to the bone, but to the dermis. Because of this, it stretches. In addition, in this part of the face there is a minimum amount of subcutaneous fat, and the skin itself is very thin, so wrinkles over the upper lip appear early enough.

  • As you have already understood, wrinkles are formed near the mouth due to various reasons. Reducing the production of collagen, which with age occurs in all women.
  • Wrong position of the head during sleep. Those violations that occur with the skin every night, and the next morning are smoothed out, with the passage of time are fixed forever.
  • Very fast weight loss.
  • Smoking and unhealthy lifestyles. All doctors agree that smoking women find wrinkles on their face much earlier than those who do not smoke.
  • Unfavorable weather conditions. This includes prolonged exposure to wind, cold and excess ultraviolet.
  • Wrong skin care for the face. We will discuss this point in more detail below.
  • Lack of teeth. Every woman should watch her whole body and health. It is not necessary to postpone fixing the order with the teeth, as their absence leads to changes in the lower part of the face as a whole, not to mention wrinkles above the upper lip.
  • Genetic predisposition, when wrinkles from smiles and other emotions easily appear.
  • Chronic diseases. Any disease reduces the ability of our body. His main goal is to fight for health, and such things as the maintenance of youth retreat into the background.
  • Wrinkles around the lips: Video

    What are the types of wrinkles around the mouth of the

    High pillow Based on the reason, location and depth of the distressing age-related "wrinkles", their species are also called.

    Mimic and age wrinkles

    • Mimic wrinkles around the mouth. As the name suggests, these are wrinkles that are formed as a result of the movements of the muscles of the mouth when emotions are manifested. Are formed from smiles, weeping, various grimaces.
    • Age or static wrinkles occur due to the natural aging process of the skin, reducing the number of female hormones and producing collagen.

    Deep and superficial

    • Deep wrinkles, in other words, folds and furrows, around the mouth. This is a more complex kind of wrinkles, they can not be completely removed, but there is a significant reduction in the chances.
    • Superficial wrinkles near the mouth that are in the upper layers of the skin. They can be successfully combated.

    Depending on the direction and location of the grooves

    • Kisetnye wrinkles - a small mesh near the lips, which is located perpendicular to the line of the mouth. Usually they appear after 40 years, as a consequence of a deficiency of collagen. Injection methods of wrinkle removal successfully manage them.
    • Marionette wrinkles are wrinkles that begin at the corners of the mouth and are directed down toward the chin. They are also called wrinkles of sorrow. This is also an example of static wrinkles, which often give the face an expression of sadness or even anger.
    • Transverse wrinkle on the chin.
    • Wrinkles that form in the corners of the lips.

    Ways of preventing wrinkles that are near the mouth of

    Everyone knows that it is much easier to prevent something than to deal with an already existing problem. This also applies to wrinkles. Unfortunately, we rarely follow this rule. But when a woman has wrinkles around the lips or over the upper lip, then she starts to fuss and test all sorts of means to eliminate them.


    Still, to begin with, it is worth to find out what should be done to make wrinkles appear as late as possible.

    Proper nutrition

    If you want to keep your skin youthful and elastic for longer, it is very important to eat foods that supply the body with the necessary vitamins and microelements, this prevents wrinkles on the lips.

    The diet should be high-grade and contain enough "correct" fats, which are original bricks for building a healthy skin. Such fats are found in the following foods: eggs, butter, deep-sea fish varieties, cod liver, olive oil, nuts, avocado. Do not forget about the water - the source of life. Water should be consumed at least 2 liters per day.

    Healthy lifestyle

    Proper nutrition This item guarantees you not only a minimum number of health problems, but also an excellent skin condition. It is worth to refrain from smoking and excessive drinking. One should know that the causes of the early appearance of wrinkles above the upper lip are smoking and excessive facial expressions.

    The lack of sleep contributes to the production of a stress hormone, to which our skin is very sensitive. A person needs 7-8 hours of sleep. It should be remembered that the most useful sleep is from 9 pm to 1 am.

    Proper facial care

    Facial care products should always match your skin type and age. With proper moisturizing of the skin near the lips, the wrinkle of the wrist will not bother you for a long time.

    Excessive use of decorative cosmetics, as well as poor-quality cosmetics, contribute to the formation of wrinkles on the lips.

    Face mask from wrinkles for fading skin:

    videos What are the ways to combat wrinkles around the mouth of

    ? All methods can be divided into several types.

    Folk remedies

    The undeniable advantage of such tools is that they consist exclusively of natural components. These are various creams and masks that you can make yourself. Since you yourself prepare them, you can not worry about the composition. They quite well cope with small wrinkles above the upper lip and around the mouth. The only drawback of folk remedies is that they can not eliminate deep wrinkles.

    Professional cosmetics

    Is a more powerful weapon that can cope with quite complex tasks. Companies invest in the development of such funds a lot of money. It is advantageous for their products to bring results. Therefore, you can always trust the professional tools of well-known manufacturers. They are perfect for older women, whose wrinkles are already deep enough.

    Salon Procedures

    This is the cardinal method of wrinkle control. Not every woman decides to do this, but it should be noted that modern aesthetic medicine has reached great heights in this field. For example, the elimination of wrinkles formed when smiling is not difficult with the help of different injections.

    There are many salon procedures that will eliminate wrinkles around the mouth. In this you will only help a professional doctor.

    Having understood a little in the essence of the matter, it is possible to sum up. You have to start looking after your face before the appearance of the disease of "old age" and then you can still admire your reflection in the mirror for a long time.

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    Published: 14-11-2014