How to get rid of freckles on the skin of the body and face

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How to get rid of freckles on the body and face? Despite the fact that tiny pigment spots are very relevant today, their owners see in their adornment a serious problem and want to get rid of. Some girls act wisely: they transform solar specks into their dignity. But what about those who are determined? Are there effective recipes that help get rid of annoying specks?

The all-powerful laser

Photodiagnosis of freckles The laser is considered the most effective remedy against ephelids( freckles).After the cosmetician examines the features of your skin, he processes the problem areas with a laser beam tuned to your parameters. The laser destroys melanin in the pigmented spots and does not affect the skin around the freckle. This helps to get rid of stains. Within a few days, the cones become as dark as birthmarks. Then, in their place, crusts form. When the crust disappears, white skin remains. Is it possible to rip off the crust? No, they must go themselves.

Many women who tried laser correction, were satisfied. However, the same statistics say that the percentage of satisfied patients is significantly lower than the disappointed.

A very serious problem is that the laser is a new phenomenon in cosmetology, its consequences have not been studied yet. Is it possible to risk your face for a service that may be unpleasant in the future?

To remove freckles from the face the laser easier, than a peeling or national means. And the effect of the procedure does not have to wait long. And if the result is "delayed", we can confidently assume that the correction is made unprofessionally.

Removing freckles with laser, postscript

After you have cleared the face of the freckles with a laser, the rehabilitation period follows. This means that within a few months you will have to take care of the body with special means and give up tanning in the solarium and on the beach.

Not every woman can boast of a lasting result. And those who have managed to remove freckles on the face with such a means as a laser, in the spring receive a new batch of specks. Therefore, to increase the chance, start the procedure in the fall. And when the spring comes, for prevention you can use creams from the sun with a high( not lower than 50) degree of UV protection. This same method of protection helps to get rid of early rashes in March.


Usually there are 3 procedures for complete purification. They are performed with a small break. Laser correction is recommended to be reinforced with chemical peeling and special creams that can be bought from a doctor.

Independent cosmetologists claim that the laser injures the skin in any case. Instead of cute and mischievous epheldids, you can get bumps, pits similar to pockmarks, persistent acne and even the opposite effect - increased pigmentation.

In addition, laser treatment of the skin has serious contraindications.

How to get rid of freckles on the skin of the body and face: Video

Peeling from freckles on the face

Chemical peeling removes the top layer of the skin. Acids affect a very deep level, reaching the melanin stain and destroying it. Most likely, the cosmetologist will remain silent, but premature aging is one of the main side effects of peeling. Early wrinkles, dryness and aging of the skin are the payoff for fighting nature.

Can I remove freckles from my face with a procedure like peeling for good? Independent beauticians are recognized: specks will appear again and again. Perhaps they will become lighter and their number will decrease. And perhaps, they will arise even where they were not there before.

It should be remembered that frequent peelings also provoke pigmentation. Efelids can be formed even in those women who are not prone to pigment rashes.

Other ways to remove epheline

We examined the most popular methods. There are several other ways to correct freckles.


The skin quartz method is not as popular as chemical peeling or laser resurfacing. Nevertheless, cosmetologists he had known for a long time. For several weeks, the beautician treats the skin of the patient with a quartz lamp. The procedures are repeated every other day, the number of treatments is ten. Quartz causes active peeling. This is based on the purifying properties of the method.

To remove freckles from the face forever quartz will not succeed. Like other methods, quartz treatment only acts for a short time. Quartz reduces the sensitivity of the epidermis to atmospheric phenomena. Therefore, it is recommended to those women who are often on the street.

Despite the fact that many quartz lamps are at home, a specialist should help get rid of specks.


Cosmetology of freckles With this method, the skin is discolored with a light beam. The device is configured in such a way that the darker parts of the epidermis - the Konopushka - absorb the intense light beam, heat up and break down. The newest equipment allows you to aim precisely at the "target" and reduce the risk of burning clean skin to a minimum.

As well as in the case of a laser, the ephelin darkens and disappears. Phototherapy more likely partially whitens, than allows to get rid of freckles on the face how the woman dreams - for ever.


When removing pigmented spots, this procedure is not very appropriate. The skin is literally burned with liquid nitrogen, where there are ephelics. A physician needs a truly jewelery job. Therefore, before you get rid of freckles with nitrogen, make sure that you trust your skin to a specialist of the highest class.

Cryotherapy, like a laser, is a young phenomenon in cosmetology. Often an inexperienced doctor treats the stain too hard and instead of dark freckles a woman gets white spots( hypopigmentation).The owners of swarthy skin light points can stay forever.


Microdermabrasion( micro-grinding) when removing pigmented spots is less aggressive than peeling with chemical acids. In the procedure take part microparticles of aluminum oxide( under the microscope they look like snowflakes or stars), which literally "bomb" the skin, scraping the top layer. When polishing the skin with crystals, the patient marks a painful tingling. Peeling of the diamond nozzle is completely painless.

The procedure is time-tested and has proven itself from the good side. Women compare the work of the device with a small vacuum cleaner, which thoroughly cleanses the skin.

Remember here what else. ..

Freckles and Beauty Pregnancy and health problems provoke the body to pigment rashes. All these cases can be defined as complex. Before taking on the treatment of stains, a good doctor will ask for a checkup in order to exclude pancreas and liver diseases, as well as other "risk factors".

Having decided to remove the pigment spots on the face and body, the woman goes for information on the Internet. Unfortunately, even true reviews on websites can be ordered by cosmetology clinics. The same applies to "abusive" posts - some such "reviews" are bought by unscrupulous competitors, and others. .. the owners of beauty parlors themselves for the image of honest professionals.

Before entrusting your face to a specialist, carefully study its reputation. The skin of negligence does not forgive. But this is YOUR beauty.

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Published: 27-10-2014