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Angelic kisses - so-called freckles in prudish England, pollen - say in France. And we say simply: freckles - it's beautiful. It's amazing that someone wants to get rid of them. ..

I have freckles! I love them

Girl with freckles According to statistics, one of the groups "Vkontakte", related to the "pollen" on her face different:

  • 47,7% of girls answered the poll love freckles and consider them their dignity;
  • 12.13% offended by nature;
  • 23.72% want to whiten the face;
  • the rest just do not pay attention.

It is a pity that there is no such statistics for those who dream: "I want freckles, it's very beautiful!".Otherwise, the number of fans of sunspots would surprise everyone.

The first freckles appear on the faces of 4-5-year-olds. And most often they are combined with red or chestnut hair. After 30 years, their number decreases, and freckles lose their bright color.

For the first time noticing the cute freckles on the face of a daughter or son, the young mother does not doubt whether it's beautiful or not, but simply loves the baby. In adolescence, young men and women come up with their beauty canons, which are formed by "caring" manufacturers of cosmetics. Impressive teens convince themselves that their "angel kisses" are a cosmetic defect and join the ranks of fighters with their own charm.

Beauty spots

Freckles are playful, like spring itself. It's not for nothing that these words have a common root. Lovely specks on the face disappear in the winter and blossom under the spring sun, as if at the command: I want freckles! The brighter the sun's rays, the more saturated the "flower pollen".Not without reason in some countries freckles on the face are considered magic.


The French have fallen in love with freckles and moles. They came up with the "language of flies".Starting with the era of Louis XIV, every self-respecting fashionista tried to get fly-freckles in the most tempting places, such as: chest, shoulders, near the lips and even where they could become a pleasant surprise!

Fashion light-mindedly crossed the border and won prim joke. There flies affectionately nicknamed "specks of beauty", "patches" and "specks".

"Angel kisses" are inherited, although science claims the opposite. Otherwise how to explain whole generations of the family, adorned with a charming scattering?

freckles - it's beautiful and very fashionable: Video

«A person like egg plovers»

- describes one of Conan Doyle's favorite Sherlock Holmes clients. If in the XIX century pallor was considered a sign of aristocratism, today many girls dream of learning to do with the help of cosmetics so that freckles appeared both on the face and on the body.

Manufacturers caught a new trend and came up with. .. tonal creams with the effect of "flower pollen".And even special pencils for the fans of the word "I want" to make specks with my hand right in front of the mirror. The most persistent seekers how to make freckles on the face, go to the tattoo parlor, draw cherished specks of henna, ordinary pencil, felt-tip pens and even iodine.

It turns out that girls who dream of whitening their face, brush away from nature? And also from the most fashionable trend in the culture of makeup - freckles? Yes, it is not for nothing that it is said that we do not know how to appreciate what has come from nature. And we do not understand the charm of natural beauty - a whole industry, cosmetology is built on women's complexes.

"A girl without freckles, like a night without stars"

- affirms the unique Sidney Sheldon. Who, no matter how a connoisseur of American bohemia, has the right to judge the real female beauty?

Brunette with freckles Many girls agree with the meter and hope to learn how to make themselves freckles, both by nature. For this, there are less cardinal ways than tattoos on the face. For example, drawing by self-tanning.

How to draw depends on what result you want to get: a few nice spots?decorate only the cheeks and nose?or to make a continuous placer?

In order for freckles to appear, it is necessary to do this:

  1. Find a porous sponge for sale.
  2. Buy a self-tanning cream.
  3. Read the instructions carefully.
  4. Check for an allergic reaction to the elbow bend.
  5. Lightly dip the sponge into the cream and apply stains to the desired places.
  6. Wait a few minutes and voila - your freckles!

Autosunburn is very convenient because the specks look natural, they do not wash off. You need to experiment on the skin, which is hidden under the clothes.

How to make freckles using other means? Just draw them with a brown eyeliner. The pencil is very convenient for the first experiments with "flower pollen" - it's easy to paint, and wiping an unsuccessful stroke is even easier.

Freckles - eternal spring

The lucky ones, marked by the sun, over the years understand: they seem younger than their peers. Spots of a chocolate shade give the face a fervent expression. Their owners look nice and direct.

Many men claim that there is nothing more attractive than freckles. They dream that their beloved should be covered with golden grains as thickly as possible and not only on the face.

"I want my lady to have freckles, ready to do anything, just to meet a sunny girl!" - these are the words of one of the men. So is it worth arguing with women's beauty experts? After all, on their side, Mrs. Nature.

How to be women desperate to defeat freckles? Change the attitude to yourself and to "specks of beauty."We love our eye color, are proud of our hair, lips, so that it prevents us from loving innocent angel kisses?

Women's beauty can only spoil one thing - sullen look. Smile, and every freckle on your face will seem like a beloved to the sun!

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Published: 20-10-2014