Proper nutrition after the operation to remove the gallbladder - what is it?

Removal of the gallbladder, as well as other types of surgical intervention - a forced measure, which doctors resort to when a threat to the life of the patient is created. However, even after carrying out this operation, a possible full-fledged life, if you carefully treat the requirements of doctors and comply with all the regulations and regulations. Particularly strict recommendations are given regarding food intake: nutrition after the operation to remove the gallbladder is one of the therapeutic diets that support a healthy metabolism.


  • 1 Nutrition in the first days after the operation
  • 2 Gentle mode for the first month and a half
  • 3 Diet after removal of the gallbladder
  • 4 Additional recommendations on the food regime

Food in the first days after the operation

The food after the operation will change drastically

Power after surgery will change dramatically

Such serious surgical intervention requires a particularly seriouscompliance with the regime in the first few days after surgery. If it is planned, the doctor will necessarily inform the patient about the upcoming changes in the diet, and if it was carried out in an emergency, it will be necessary to adapt to the new conditions as soon as possible. The main goal of therapeutic nutrition is restoration of the function of bile secretion and normal digestion of food. Some products will be permanently excluded from the diet, and in the first day the patient will have to undergo a long recovery course. Mode requirements:

  1. Immediately after the operation, complete fasting is prescribed, the patient in the first 24 hours can not take even simple water.
  2. You can only moisten your lips with water, after the first four hours you can rinse your mouth with a decoction of chamomile, in which there is no sugar.
  3. First day: it is allowed to drink water, also let's say broth of dogrose. The total volume of the received liquid should not exceed 1 liter.
  4. The second day: you can take only liquids, broth of wild rose can be replaced with fat-free yogurt, compotes, unsweetened tea. The total amount of liquid can not exceed one and a half liters, it is desirable to divide the daily rate into several receptions. The time interval is every three hours.
  5. Third day: from now on the menu can be significantly expanded, while the fractional power mode is always observed. The patient can be given mashed potatoes, apple or beet juice, mashed soups, boiled fish. You can also prepare an omelet from proteins, it is permissible to give fruit jelly and sweet tea. The amount of food at one time should not exceed 200 g.
  6. On the fifth day in the diet, you can enter the white bread of yesterday, crackers and biscuits. Further, from 6-8 days, you can give rubbed porridge as on water, and on milk, soups, chopped boiled meat or fish, low-fat cottage cheese. In addition, very dairy products will be very useful.
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Gentle mode for the first month and a half

Some products will have to be abandoned forever

Some products will have to be abandoned forever.

. Within the first 1.5 months after removal of the gallbladder, the patient should adhere to a sparing diet aimed at restoring digestion. The daily ration is necessarily divided into small portions weighing not more than 200 g, six meals is recommended. You can eat only cooked or steamed dishes, the food should not be greasy. In the diet can be introduced vegetable puree and various stewed vegetables, steamed meatballs, meatballs, boiled meat, juices, vegetable soups and stuff. In food, there should not be sharp seasonings, under the complete prohibition of sharp and smoked products.

Observance of diet during this period is especially important: removal of the gallbladder leads to the fact that the amount of bile released will be enough only for a small amount of food, and overeating can lead to unpleasant consequences. The accumulation of bile in the liver can lead to an inflammatory process - cholangitis, as well as colic and other negative consequences.

Regular diet stimulates bile ducts and prevents stagnation.

This will ensure good health, and the patient can gradually return to the usual rhythm of life. During the recovery period, it is desirable to completely stop smoking, and alcohol intake is excluded.

Diet after removal of the gall bladder

After the first month and a half, the recovery period passes into a new phase, and now the patient can follow the general recommendations for nutrition after removal of the gallbladder. To the listed products vegetables and fruits are added, from which it is possible to prepare various salads, vinaigrette, boiled sausage, low-fat soup. In addition, patients can drink whole milk, you can also eat one egg a week. What you can not eat after the operation? Since the restrictions are aimed at creating the most sparing regimen for the digestive organs, the following products are permanently removed from the diet:

  • Turkey, pork, lamb and other fat types of meat. They are difficult to digest even by a healthy body, and for the patient after the operation they become simply dangerous.
  • Various spicy seasonings, cocoa alcoholic drinks. They create a load on the liver, so they will have to be abandoned.
  • Pickled vegetables and canned goods( except fruit).Preservatives are poorly digested, they can lead to stagnation of bile. Fried, salted, smoked products. All this requires a lot of bile, so the patient simply can not digest many delicacies.
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This diet requires the most accurate observance, because it depends on the patient's well-being and its performance.

Additional dietary advice

Proper nutrition will ensure good health

Proper nutrition will ensure well-being

It is important not only to correctly select products that do not create an additional load on the digestive system, but also provide comfortable conditions for its work. Diet should be supplemented by lifestyle adjustments, this will greatly accelerate the process of recovery. To feel cheerful, and with digestion there were no problems, it is recommended to observe the following rules:

  • Any dishes should have room temperature. You can not eat any food directly from the refrigerator, too hot dishes are undesirable. Cold food can lead to spasm of the biliary tract.
  • The diet should be complete: the body should receive in the required amount of proteins, fats and carbohydrates.
  • As the amount of animal fats is minimized, vegetable oil should be present in the diet, the amount in fats can be gradually increased to 80-100 g.
  • It is desirable to reduce the consumption of sugar. Completely excluded cakes and other sweets with a lot of fat, candy is better to replace fresh fruit.
  • It is necessary to refuse carbonated drinks: they have an irritating effect on the digestive system, gas bubbles expand the stomach and intestines.

It is important to limit the use of mineral water. The total amount of liquid per day should not exceed 2 liters, in addition, you need to monitor the amount of excreted urine in order to avoid edema. Six months after the operation, the doctor can prescribe a course of treatment with mineral waters, and he will pick up the required content of trace elements. It is important to take mineral water only after examination of the digestive tract, as cholecystitis often combines with gastritis, pancreatitis and other diseases.

In practice, compliance with medical recommendations is not as difficult as it seems. Self-care prolongs life and significantly improves well-being, which is worth making some adjustments to the diet.

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