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  • Normal skin type: Video
  • Typical "behavior" of normal skin type
  • Mask of plum for normal skin. Ideal skin care: Video
  • Risk factors for normal skin
  • Is special care needed for a normal skin type?
  • Basic care instructions
  • Recipes for masks from honey and eggs for oily, dry and normal skin:

Video Normal skin is the perfect skin."So is the ideal achievable or is it only a dream?" You ask. Imagine that a fifth of humanity has such an ideal - these are healthy children."Then it is necessary to call such a skin simply: childish?" The thing is that many lucky people retain normal skin type up to 25. .. 30 years. The first wrinkles on the face of these minions will appear only after 35 years.

How normal skin type looks

Definition of skin type Normal skin is soft, smooth, supple, elastic, velvety, healthy soft color matte pink or beige. On it there are no comedones, peeling or other flaws, there are no dehydrated plots. Almost no noticeable pores( can be seen on the chin and wings of the nose), blood vessels and wrinkles are not visible. Occasionally, the resulting irritations, abscesses or shiny areas quickly pass.

The beauty and radiance of the face is explained by the balance of the chemical composition in all layers of the skin, good blood supply, correct, stable metabolic processes. Normal skin consists of 60% water, 30% protein and 10% fat. The chemical reaction is acidic, the pH level is 5.5.Water-lipid mantle without disturbances.

Skin, which has minor deviations in the direction of dryness or fat content, but corresponding to the above description, cosmetologists also consider normal. It should be noted that the owners of the combined type at a young age, most likely, having matured, will have a normal skin type.

It is interesting that there are some people who manage to maintain and maintain their "natural prize" and up to 60 years. Surely you have met such older people, of whom they say: no wrinkles, like frozen! Of course, many factors play a role here, including genetic predisposition.


The advantages of a normal skin type are explained by its ability to self-moisturize, self-protection against the destructive effects of the environment. It is capable of self-supplying itself with nutrients and self-renewal at the expense of internal resources.

Normal skin type: Video

Characteristic "behavior" of the normal skin type

Normal skin of the face Response to external effects:

  • washing with water even with soap leaves the skin smooth, no discomfort;
  • skin is fresh at any time of day;
  • a healthy complexion at any time of the year;
  • walks only improve the complexion;The
  • tan on the face falls quite evenly.

Reaction to cosmetics:

  • face is perfectly refreshed and cleaned with tonics, without any problems;
  • application of greasy cream before bedtime without undue consequences;
  • unproblematic use of decorative cosmetics;
  • small pimples can appear only on the eve or during the critical days.

Warning! Skin type can vary under the influence of various factors.

Having normal skin, you need to know that over the years it will become drier and will have to make adjustments to care for it. In addition, normal skin changes under the influence of adverse weather events. For example, in the winter it behaves as a bit dry, and in the summer - as a bit greasy.

On the exterior reflects the hormonal background of the body, directly affecting the work of the sebaceous glands. Since this is natural, it is necessary to slightly change skin care, since it has a good ability for self-regulation and regeneration. However, sometimes, when there are no obvious ailments, the skin can signal the onset of serious disorders in the endocrine system. In such cases, experts will help.

Plum mask for normal skin. Ideal skin care: Video

Risk Factors for Normal Skin

External enemies:

  • excessive solarization. This is a long stay in the sun and a thoughtless visit to the solarium;
  • illiterate choice of cosmetics or abuse of it;
  • long-term exposure to harmful substances;
  • unfavorable weather( frost, wind, dry weather);
  • air dryness, its dustiness indoors.

Internal Threats:

  • Disease and Drug Administration;
  • hormonal disorders;
  • stress;Age-related changes in the human body;
  • is a debilitating, unbalanced diet and improper diet, for example, an excess of sweet.

And, of course, recall that bad habits negate the multi-day efforts to care for the face.

If you ignore the presence of adverse factors, then two years will be enough to have problems such as enlarged pores, spider veins, persistent dehydration and flaking, noticeable wrinkles, uneven complexion and others.

Do I need special care for a normal skin type?

How are those who say: "If the skin is normal and there are no faults, why should it be dealt with, why should it be taken care of?"She's already perfect. "That's it in order to maintain and keep the skin for a long time in this state, it should be dealt with now. While there is no dryness, fat content or flabbiness, while you are "blood with milk".

Did the beautician determine your skin as normal? Are you sure of that yourself? Allow me to congratulate you on the "natural prize" and. .. to warn about vigilance. Congratulate because such a skin is the most problem-free and it needs minimal care. And to warn that, having lost vigilance, you risk losing the ideal type of skin. And, perhaps, you will be in a worse situation than those who have problems from birth.

According to statistics, about 60% of owners of gorgeous normal skin carelessly refer to their natural gift. And as a result, nullify all its unique characteristics. Remember that the road "there" is shorter than "back".

Care of a normal skin of the face Normal type of skin for its health, too, need cleansing, nutrition, moisturizing and protection. As for problem types, for this type there are rules and secrets of care. You should closely monitor the condition of your skin and respond to its needs in time."Some kind of kremik" is a mistake!

Basic care instructions

  1. using soft cleansing;
  2. prevention of overdrying and application of light, low-fat moistening;
  3. carrying out cosmetic activities that slow the process of aging and aging of
  4. ;
  5. use of lines of cosmetics with age-related binding( after 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55 and 60 years);
  6. protection against harmful effects.

The goal of the lucky ones is to catch the moment, appreciate the time and do skin support in its normal, healthy state today.

In the beginning it was already said that normal skin is possible only in healthy people. The most wonderful tonic, cream or mask is powerless before poor digestion, disorganized work of internal organs, sedentary lifestyle. Leather is the card of the general health of a person. That is, the maintenance of its normal type should be taken care of from the inside, doing its own sanitation.

In the end, you must piously believe that a great person can be saved for many years. Just in time, create a "commonwealth" of good health, competent daily skin care and a minimum of harmful external influences. And this "commonwealth" should begin work in youth, continue daily, accompany you all life and. .. victory will be yours!

Recipes for masks from honey and eggs for oily, dry and normal skin: Video

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Published: 04-10-2014